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Friday, November 26, 2010

The 3rd

Today at 0045 hour, my wife gave birth to my 3rd child, a baby boy.
I love my wife :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Go to Hobbyforge. Was hoping to fight Syamel's Space Wolves. But he cannot make it. So I end up playing my World Eaters against Shaun's Space Marines. Manage to kill everything except the Captain and Cassius (This guy with only one wound left, survived countless lasscannon and Dakkashots. His saves and FnP rolls are damn good!!) Could have win it, but the game goes on to turn seven, in which he manage to pull a draw with his lone Captain.

Bought myself some stuffs -
  • The WFB rulebook (It's damn heavy!!);
  • Dark Elf Corsairs - now my Corsairs is complete;
  • The SW Battleforce - Time to get serious with the Sons of Russ; and
  • The Thunderwolf Cavalry set from Philipines - Thank god it finally arrives.
My wife is due to deliver my 3rd child in November. Which means, anyday from now the contraction might suddenly kicks in. So I dont think I'll be able to visit Hobbyforge nor Legio untill everything has settle down here. Hopefully I may be around for Legio Tournament, but who knows kan.

I'll post up some Corsairs that i've been painting soon. Untill then, cheers :)..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lorkir Fellheart

Hi all,

I remember last year when Alvin ask me about this guy and I said, "He is useless". Well.. I changed my mind about him already. This guy simply rocks in the 8th ed.

With boost in Terror rules and the rise of big blocks of troops, his Helm of The Kraken (Terror and Regeneration)and The Red Blades (Attacks = 3 + enemy ranks) is now very effective and his Slaver (double victory points for captured units) rules may turn the game result from Draw to Win. All this makes him a worthy buy at 250pts.

As I am about to paint my Black Ark Corsair, might as well start with this guy. Even if I don't usually play him, I can always use the model as the Unit Champion. I dont like the colour scheme in the DE Army Book (too many colours) and choose a full red colour scheme instead as to look more like an Octopus.

Lorkir Fellheart - Captain of The Tower of Blessed Dread

Not bad eh.. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Supreme Sorceress on Dark Pegasus

Supreme Sorceress
Level 4
- Dark Magic
Pendant of Khaeleth - reverse ward save based on enemy's Strength
Dispell Scroll - automatically dispell a spell
Black Dragon's Egg - one use, gains T6 and Noxious Breath for a turn
Dark Pegasus
Total : 405 points

Some more pic (WIP)..

Coming soon..

The Straw Hat Pirates?!?

Witches of Khaine

12 Witches of Khaine with Full Command and Banner of Murder (Armour Piercing).

I dont really like the GW witches. Not sexy enough, unlike the artworks of them in the rulebook. So for my witches, I used the Lanyfs model instead. Nothing screams SEXY louder than these models!! :)

Painted 10 girls, but then decided I wont be using them in favour of Shades and Cold One Knights. So enough lah for now.

"One pretty lady - fun at the party,
Two pretty ladies - trouble in the house,
Twelve pretty ladies - run to the hills!!"

Full Command
The Blonde got Manbane on her weapon

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dreadlord Akkarin

With the coming of the 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I decided to stop all my 40k project and have a relook at my Dark Elves. There is still so much to do since last time half of the army was borrowed from Nik Kamal. Now that he is going back to Sabah, I need to finish my DE quick in order to participate in the future WFB event held by Legio.

The very 1st thing I look at is the Dreadlord Akkarin I painted for last year's tourney. A Dreadlord deserves better look than this. So I decide to repaint him to befit a magnificent Dreadlord of Naggaroth.

Having reread the DE Army Book a few time, I decide to paint the armour as "Armour of Midnight" own by Malekith himself. Black shining armour that glitters like the night sky even during the day using the same technique I used on the Raven Guard Master of The Watch. I hope I captures the essence of the armour correctly.

As for the blade, I painted it to be "The Crimson Death" - sword version. It can also be "The Destroyer" if I want to use this model to represent Malekith on Cold One.

At first I thought I wanna repaint the whole Cold One model too. But looking back at the number of unpainted model I have to paint, decided enough is enough lah.

I hope you guys like him. Have a nice weekend :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another month passed..

After a month I finally regain access to Blogspot. Yeay!! Not much time so I'll do a simple recap on what happened since my last post.

Legio Birthday Event, 3rd July 2010

Legio Birthday Bash - The Tournament of Skulls (1.5k) is a blast!! It was the very 1st time I entered my Raven Guard for a tourney and I must say, they performed quite well with a draw, a defeat and a lost. But winning is not the most important thing in this tourney, it is the slaughter that counts the most. My Raven Guard able to grab 8 Skull Tokens (lovely counters for my World Eaters - thanks Legio ;) ) even with my sloppy playstyle hahaha.

Best of all, my Raven Guard army won Best Appearance, Raven Guard Command Squad won Silver Medal for Unit Entry and The Master of The Watch --> People's Choice Award. All that extra effort, to be appreciated is a great boost to me. Not to mention even with just one win, my Raven Guard able to reach the 4th place in overall for the Tournament of Skull. It just proved that my decision to let go of my "Overly Competitive" approach and adapt to "Fun Hobby Gaming" as a right choice after all.

3rd Co. Raven Guard - Best Appearance

Shrike vs Defiler --> Shrike win!

The Chaotic Eldar --> Warning! These are not Eldar!

Proud winners of the 2010 Legio Birthday
(Me - the green shirt on the left)

Farseer Oliver - we all bow to your awesomeness!!

The 8th Ed., Warhammer Fantasy Battles
The long awaited "new" game system is finally here. Much changes has been done and I must say, I like them all!! It was a good move by GW after they almost kill the game with the 7th Ed. Too bad coz WFB has always been my favourite (several times more than 40k). And so i decided to put my 13th Co. Space Wolves project on hold and take out my Dark Elves instead. Time to battle with might and magic! Hopefully I can go grab some fantasy games soon.

Home Sweet Home
I will be moving to my new house in Putrajaya in a few days. New and bigger house = new and bigger hobby room for myself! Starting from next month, the new Skullthrone will be ready for action. I wellcome all who comes to Putrajaya to give me a call, and we can have a nice game or two :).

That's all for now guys. Cheers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A month have passed ..

.. since the last post. The month has not been very productive. I manage to paint several models, sculpt some raven skulls for a yet unnamed RG character, but not as much as I as planned to do.

I bought Din's Iron Warriors consisting of:
  • 20 Warriors - 2 Plasmagun, 2 Flamers, 2 PFist
  • 15 Havocs - 8 HBolter, 3 Missile Launchers, 1 Lasscannon,
I dont know yet what to do with them.. but the plan is to convert them into The 13th Co. Space Wolves. We'll see.

I am still waiting for my 5 Thunderwolves from Philipine, bought as a batch along with Cookie_Yip and Salleh. The seller has been taking so long to deliver our goods. Luckily, Yip has been able to contact the guy, and all we can do now is wait for it.

I had to put my Venerable RG Dread on hold coz I'm out of Chaos Black already. Need to go get some more paints this week. Will visit Games Castle this weekend.

Talk about GC.. the place will close down soon. I hear by the end of July. It will be one of the saddest moment in my life. I simply love GC very much. My hobby grew with GC. It was like my 2nd home before getting married. I pray Richard all the best with his life.

That's it for now. I'll post up some pic soon. Till then, cheers.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RG Rhino - upgrade complete

1st Raven Guard Rhino to be upgrade with the FW upgrade kit.
Chapter insignia on the left door

View of the right door

The pride of the chapter, there are four Insignias per Rhino in total

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rhino Front Armour

The new Raven Guard Rhino kit

Base for RG Ven Dread

In preparation for my Raven Guard Venerable Dread, I prepare this base for it to fit the theme of my army. The Berserker head was a try at different gold NMM method as done by Boltman. I see a lot of space for improvement and will do better next time. Promise :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some conversion work for my RG

I spent 2 nights doing some Razorback turrets. Until last night, i have made :

i. Left Razorback - magnetized turret : TL Lasscannon, TL HBolter (not finished yet) and the Lasscannon+TL Meltagun. Can also become a Whirlwind if i want to.
ii. Right Razorback - swappable turret : TL Assault Cannon, TL Lasscannon, TL HBolter

I also bought myself the Sanguinary Guard models. Assembled them to be my RG Honour Guards. The Chapter Champion wields a Thunder Hammer taken from the Masters of the Chapter set.
That's all for now. Have fun guys.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Single Parenting

My life changed so much since the birth of my twins. No more luxury time for painting and gaming. After, 2 months of rest, my wife went back to work some 120 km away up North, taking my twins along with her. Only during weekends, do I have the opportunity to be with my kids. Sometimes, I went there after work to spend the night with them and drove back to work the next morning. It goes on like that for about 5 months.

It was difficult for my wife, taking care of my kids alone. So I've decided to ease her burden a bit by taking my baby girl to live with me. It was difficult at first, but as the time goes by, I'm now used to it.

So now everyday after work I spent my time with my daughter untill around 9 pm, and then try to put her to sleep so that I can do my hobby thing. My schedule was tighter than before, but it was worth it. It was fun in fact.. and I love every second of it :).

Note: Picture is from Google

Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 Games --> 2 Draws

After close to a month, I finally able to go to Games Castle and make war with my Raven Guard. Arriving there at around 9.20pm, I dont have to wait long for my 1st game.

The list I brought is as follow:
2nd Captain Vulture - count as Shrike
Dreadnought - MMelta (Drop Pod)
5 Terminators - 2 Claws, 5 TH&SS
2x10 Tacticals - Flamer, Missiles, PFist&CMelta (in Rhinoes)
10 Assault Marines - THammer
Typhoon Speeder
2 Attack Bikes - MMelta
2xPredator - Lasscannon side sponsons
Predator - HBolter side sponsons

1st GAME

My 1st opponent is another marine army, controlled by Shawn. His list is as below:
Biker Captain - Relic&SS
Chaplain in Terminator Armour
5 Terminators - Cyclone Missile
5 Assault Terminators
10man Tacticals - Plasma Cannon and PFist (in Rhino)
Troop Bikers complete with MMelta Attack Bikes - Meltagun, PFist
LR Crusader

Mission : Seize Ground, Dawn of War
Highlights : Nothing much to say, just that I make a lot of mistakes and it pays me dearly. But in the end, both of us has no more troops to capture objectives.
Result : Draw

2nd GAME

My good buddy Danntoh came just as I was about to leave GC (close to midnight). He brings his much awaited Hive Fleet Zavulon and we soon the game was already running.

Hive Fleet Zavulon
Flying Tyrant
HQ Tervigon
2 Hive Guard with Impaler Cannon?
2 Big Brains in Spore
3 Warriors
20 Termagants
Troop Tervigon
A Lictor
CC Carnifex in Spore
CC Carnifex in Spore

Mission : Capture and Control
i. It was a hard list to fight. Monsters and monsters and some more monsters is killing my marines.
ii. The Carnifexes landing close to my home objective means there's no way I can hold that objective anymore. Which leaves me only one option available. Capture the Tyranids home objective!! More importantly, that makes the game a lot more fun than just defending my own turf.
iii. Things get messy very fast, the Tervigons keep on spawning countless Termagants to block my forces.

iv. Luckily The Vulture and his unit is around to support them. v. But jumping out of terrain kills 2 assault marines, enough to force morale check and guess what.. They failed and led by The Vulture, they flee of the table.

vii. Seeing their leader fleeing the battle cracks the morale of my other marines. The Tacticals suddenly decide to abandon their cause and run away from battle, just as they are several inches from enemy objectives.

viii. But the Terminators keep on fighting. They killed a Tervigon, slaughter Termagants and contest the objective by the end of turn 6.

Result : Draw. Despite all the monsters and the difficulties, this is by far the funniest and enjoyable game I've ever had with my Raven Guard.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd Captain Khalis "The Vulture" Asrar

2nd Captain Khalis "The Vulture" Asrar. A sadistic man, but overly efficient on the battlefield.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raven Guard Assault Squad I - Finally!!

This is a lil bit shame to me. I have begin doing them long time ago but has never been able to finish them. This is mainly becaused of their not so great performance on table. Last week, alone, I pick them up and restart the painting process and after a few while begin picking up the speed again.

Here they are..
RG Assault Squad I, getting ready for a charge

The Sargeant used to wield a pair of claws before, but i want him to have the chance to kill ICs, take out vehicles and stun monsters. So I takeout the claws and give him a Thunder Hammer instead. It was a TH from the Assault Terminator sprue, cut at the elbow and attached to a right bolter arm. With a small conversion to the left bolter arm, he now look as if wielding the TH with 2 hands.

Sargeant Ahmad Shah leads the charge

Monday, March 1, 2010

RG Land Speeder "Typhoon"

After doing some recalculation to my list, I find out that i can squeez in another unit worth 100pts into my list. There is a few options that i like:
i. 2nd unit of 2 Attack Bikes with Multimelta;
ii. Land Speeder Typhoon;
iii. 5 man Snypers with HBolter and Camo;
iv. a Librarian.

Though i like the Attack Bikes the most, I choose the Typhoon for the simple reason that i already have the model. A Typhoon is also actually quite effective on the battlefiled for both anti-armour and anti-infantry roles, making it very versatile for all our need. All that i have to do is to paint it into my Raven Guard colour scheme (It was painted Blood Angel before).

After a week of painting, I'm finally done. Enjoy..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Raven Guard Attack Bikes

My Attack Bikes have been performing well the past few games. So I decided to put my Predator on hold and paint the Attack Bikes instead. With my wife and twins around for the holiday, It took me 9 days just to finish this two bikes. But I am satisfied with the result.

So here it is. 2 Attack Bikes with MultiMelta.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Victory Unto Death!!

My Raven Guard won again. This time was against Andy's Eldar led by Eldrad. His list:
Eldrad and Seer Council in Serpent
Farseer and Banshees in Serpent
Dragons in Falcon
2x12 Guardians with ScatLass
2 Vipers
3 Warwalkers

My Raven Guard:
Dread in Drop Pod
5 Assault Termies - 2 LC, 3TH&SS
2x10 Marines - Plasmagun, Lasscannon, PFist+CombiMelta (in Rhino)
10 Assault Marines - TH&SS
2 Attack Bikes
3 Predators - Lascannon Sponsons

Mission: Seize Ground (5), Pitch Battle, Eldar goes 1st
i. Shrike lead the 5 Termies right in the centre of table. Fleeting gives them the 1st turn charge on 3 Warwalkers. Later, they were doomed and charged by furious Banshees. But luck is on my side that day and Shrike+2 Termies remains as the victor of the great melee.
ii. They were later shot by 2 Guardian squads, killing Shrike and a terminator. The lone Terminator Sargeant climbed a low mound and jump right on the Guardians. The high ground proves to be an advantage as he single handedly fought and win every round of combat. But the Guardians are too stubborn and held their ground.
iii. In the end, Eldrad, his Seer Council and 4-5 Guardians left alive while Raven Guard loses their Commander, 5 Terminators and 5 Marines.

Result: Raven Guard wins by 3-0 objectives. It was a great victory for the Sons of Corax.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drop Pod 01 : Extra Effort

I went to GC that Saturday. But I arrived too late (10.30 pm), there's no game to be had :(. Luckily, gaming isn't my only reason to be there. I was also there to get some hobby stuffs --> Iyanden Darksun, Adeptus Battlegrey, Sunburst Yellow and a Standard Brush.

Around 12.30, me, The Warboss Nik Kamal and Kai The Great Devourer lepak² at mamak with eating satay and chat about the new kids on the block --> The Tyranids!! Kai seems so happy with the new codex, I can only hope he'll pick up his brushes and begin painting his huge collection of Nids.

Arrived home at 2.00 am. My wife and kids were sound asleep and so i decided to do some painting while I can. I took out my newly finished Drop Pod and the Iyanden Darksun, and begin doing the yellow stripes. About an hour later, satisfied with the Drop Pod improved paint job, I went to sleep besides my babies.

Simple yellow stripes to improve the overall look

Monday, February 8, 2010

Iron Warriors for Sale!

This is some of Dean's Iron Warriors, the same one he used to win the finals vs Rizal's Dark Eldar in the 40k GT, GAMECON 2004. He wanna sell this army.

A Daemon Prince
Iron Warrior Warsmith - with Combi-melta, PW and Servo-arm
10 man Iron Warriors - 2 Plasmaguns
10 man Iron Warriors - 2 Flamers, Champion with PFist
5 man Havocs - 4 HBolters
5 man Havocs - 4 HBolters
5 man Havocs - 3 Missile Launchers, 1 Lasscannon
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

Dean's Iron Warriors

A good looking start for a CSM player who hates painting (like Ivan hahaha!). All you need is to find some transports for these troops and you are all set for a game. And like Dean, you'll sure win a lot with them heheh.

Interested? Contact me or Dean.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RG Drop Pod

The 1st of the 2 Drop Pods given to me by my wife a year back, finally completed. I use only a single Drop Pod in my current list, so this Drop Pod will be the only one painted for now.

This Drop Pod will be the ride for Brother Kumbang a.k.a. Dreadnought 01 in battles.

Raven Guard Drop Pod

With Deathwind Missile Launcher (can be replaced with Storm Bolter)

The White Raven

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plans for this and the next week

Nothing much of a plan actually. Just enough to keep my hobby going.
... ... ...

Painting :
A drop pod for Brother Kumbang a.k.a. my Dreadnought. Currently at 50%. Next in schedule is a Predator. The progress is slow coz hey.. Family comes 1st :)
... ... ...

Gaming :
I'll be going back to Tg. Malim this Friday evening. Luckily, Legio is along the route from here to there so i might be able to drop by and roll some dice. I'll bring my Dark Elves for some WFB action. My list as usual will be:
Heroes: Lord on Cold Ones, 3 Assassins
Core: 20 DE Warriors, 10 Dark Riders
Special: 18 Black Guards, 12 Shades, 5 Cold One Knights
Rare: a War Hydra

If there's no WFB player around, I'll play my RG instead :
HQ: Shrike
Elites: a Dreadnought, 5 Terminators
Troops: 20 Marines
Fast: 10 Jumpacks, 2 Attack bikes
Heavy: 3 Predators.

Any takers?

EDIT : Seems like i cannot make it to Legio this week. Got things to do with my wife and kids. Another week without gaming for me. You guys have fun alright..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tactical Rhinoes completed

Two Rhinoes for my 2 Tactical Squads. Named "Jebat" and "Kasturi" after 2 of the legendary Malay fighters during the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka (how do we say that in English?).

Jebat and Kasturi patrolling the city

Parked side by side for a snack at nearby Mamak

Notice the differences?

Raven Guard insignia, the pride of the Chapter