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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Necron Doom Scythe

I really like the Necron Doom Scythes. They are good on table, and very easy to assemble. For their colour scheme, I choose silver+gold to fit in with the rest of my Necrons. The silver part was Tamiya Gunmetal followed by Tamiya Light Gunmetal while the gold parts was Tamiya Gold. Once done with the details, I weathered them a bit with Forge World Dark Earth weathering powder and sealed with Tamiya Matt Clear.

Here are some shots on them. Have fun.

The pilot
with all the technological wonders in their possession,
I always wonder why Necron vehicles need a pilot

The Death Ray and Twin-linked Tesla Destructor. Scary.

The Doom Scythes of Isya's Dinasty. Soon to wreck havoc across the KL Sector

Sunday, January 13, 2013

AOBR Terminators : Raven Guard

Hello guys, 

Here are some pictures of my newly painted, fresh from oven, Raven Guard Terminators. I've had these guys since the Assault On Black Reach first came out, painted 2 guys (detailed done but still unfinished), then dropped them for another project. 2 weeks back, I took them out for a test play with my own 13th Company Space Wolves and they performed quite good. I was quite impressed with them (I know it's all pure luck hahaha), and so decided to reward them with a proper paint job :-)

Took me almost a week to finish all of them. Here is how they look in the end.

The Rocketman

Full Squad
The Assault Cannon guy is the same guy in the 1st pic
Veterans of many war, their Power Fist are all adorned with the White Rosarius
Hope you guys like them. 
Have a nice day and thanks for your visit :)