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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RG vs Eldar

Play vs Sukai's Eldar last night. This is my RG forces:
Dread MMelta (drop pod)
10 Tacticals Plasmagun, Lasscannon, PF&CombiMelta (Rhino)
10 Tacticals Plasmagun, Lasscannon, PF&CombiMelta (Rhino)
10 Jumpacks TH&SS
10 Jumpacks TH&SS
2 Attack Bikes MMelta
Predator Autocannon, Lasscannon Sponsons
Predator Autocannon, Lasscannon Sponsons

Mission: Capture and Control (Eldar go 1st)
Result: I am one inches away from the winning objective. It's a draw.

I like this list. Not enough vehicles though and need to use my WE Rhinoes and Preds. Still waiting for the shipment of my 2 Rhinoes to arrive. Then, I'm thinking to get 2 Predators to complete the list.

Did testplay the TH&SS for Assault Sargeant and fell in love with them instantly. I'll keep them in the list for now.

RG record: 2 wins, 1 draw

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Inquisition Wars - Aftermath

It is finally over. The war between the two Inquisitor is finally over. The Reds has triumphed over the Black ones. And my World Eaters has played a large role in bringing down the Black Inquisitor.

It was quite funny actually. When i made this tourney list, i was aiming for a fun and fluffy World Eaters list. I also drop my 2 Daemon Princes just because i want people to see my lovingly crafted Winged Lord Ammar.

Even at a glance, people can see straight away that this isn't a very strong list. And the loses I suffered during playtest just shows that my list belongs to the middle tier.

Lord Ammar's Eastern Barbaric Skullcrusher

1st Game : VS. Ceiran's CSM
My 1st opponent was Ceiran's Khornate Army.
I was the Defender and he, the Attacker. We fought untill turn 6 and I manage to kill/destroy everything in his army except his Terminator Lord who is hiding inside his Land Raider. I only lost my Termies, Oblits and a Dakka Pred.

Result : WE win 16 - 5

2nd Game : VS Iz's Mad Mobz
My 2nd game was against the Defending Champion - Warboss Iz's and his mad mobs of bullies. I never had a chance to fight him before and suddenly it happened, in a tourney. Just look at those Nobz Bikers, 9 of them!!
Iz won the 1st turn but gave it to me, so in the 1st turn i decided to forget about the mission. I moved all my key units into the stonehenge, as close as possible to his bikers and the Ard Boys (led by Mad Doc Grotsnik). It was an open challenge, a challenge that the proud Warboss cannot run away from.
"the battle at the Stonehenge"

Lord Ammar, 24 Berserkers, 8 Khorne Raptors
Warboss Grimfang and 9 Nobz Bikers, Mad Dok Grotsnik and 30 Ard Boyz, Snikrot and his Commandoes
Result: World Eaters WIN!!!

By the 3rd turn, Iz conceded the game after losing all his key units. Not to mention, his Gretchins (in reserve) failed to come in (prolly ran away after watching their great Warboss slain in battle is my guess heheh). In the end, I still have all my units except for the Lord and 2 Rhinoes.

Result : WE win 18 - 6

3rd Game : VS. Saim Han
After our mishap that hobby night, Khairul and me was destined to fight in tourney. I hate fighting Eldar, my army cannot handle the mobility of Eldar and this is proven in my testplay at GC where i lost 2 games vs Eldar.

Much worst, this list has Eldrad, and he seized the Initiative. Truly the worst case scenario.

2 of my Rhinoes were Wrecked in the 1st turn and that greatly demoralised me. But i just keep on playing as usual, runing my Berserkers (in between ruins) towards the Eldar. Luckily for me, Khairul tends to make a lot of mistake (some are big enough mistakes) and I use that to my advantage and grab my 3rd win.

In the end, only a Prism and a Falcon (Saim Han) survive the game while i only lost a Lord and 3 Rhinoes.

Result : WE win 18-6

In the end, I was placed 3rd under my brother, Din, and the New Grandmaster - Sujin (All hail the Grandmaster!!). I lost by Appearance (6/9 points) and Sportsmanship (3/9 points).

It was a great event. Ave Legio!!

Din's Space Hulk Boarding Party (Blood Angels)
- remember that Dante? :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

The very 1st..

The servants of the Star Gods, the soulless Necrons are my very first army. It all begin waaay back in 2004, thanks to my brother Din.

The centre Wraith is the very first model i painted in this hobby. Followed by the other two, These Wraiths are the very first full squad i painted. I was very new to this hobby and was so unskilled with the brush. My idea was to give a very ghostly robotic look to the Wraiths which ended pretty good for a noob :lol: Done with the 3 Wraiths, i proceed to the core of the Necron army, The Necron Warriors. After painting a few models, i got bored and decide to have a try at some conversion work. The model below is my very first conversion. I have converted 4 more warriors before i was satisfied and decided to continue with the painting. Quite nice eh.. firing gauss blaster with one hand :)
My Necrons have been out of the spotlight for a very long time. Guess i should post something about them every now and then to keep the engine warm enough untill the new codex arrive.


Solution : Play Both!!

Okay, I've made up my mind... I will keep my Raven Guard.. and if it happens that I wanna play SW, I'll play them as a SW 3rd Founding Chapter - Clan Blackhawks instead :)

Of course i'll keep them WYSIWYG for both armies. Like these models below, they'll be the Clan Blackhawk's Grey Hunter with Mark of The Wulfen.
Clan Blackhawk's Wulfen paying tribute to their ancestors.. The 13th Co. Wulfen

Besides the four Wulfen above, I have 2 more unpainted wulfen. Do call me if you want them for your own SW army.

Now back to my RG, i manage to grab a game last Saturday with my Raven Guard. Played against Andy's Eldar, this time lead by Yriel and Eldrad.
Mission : Annihilation (1750pts)
Deployment : Pitch Battle, RG goes 1st
Result : RG wins by 5 - 4 = 1 kill point