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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RG Rhino - upgrade complete

1st Raven Guard Rhino to be upgrade with the FW upgrade kit.
Chapter insignia on the left door

View of the right door

The pride of the chapter, there are four Insignias per Rhino in total

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rhino Front Armour

The new Raven Guard Rhino kit

Base for RG Ven Dread

In preparation for my Raven Guard Venerable Dread, I prepare this base for it to fit the theme of my army. The Berserker head was a try at different gold NMM method as done by Boltman. I see a lot of space for improvement and will do better next time. Promise :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some conversion work for my RG

I spent 2 nights doing some Razorback turrets. Until last night, i have made :

i. Left Razorback - magnetized turret : TL Lasscannon, TL HBolter (not finished yet) and the Lasscannon+TL Meltagun. Can also become a Whirlwind if i want to.
ii. Right Razorback - swappable turret : TL Assault Cannon, TL Lasscannon, TL HBolter

I also bought myself the Sanguinary Guard models. Assembled them to be my RG Honour Guards. The Chapter Champion wields a Thunder Hammer taken from the Masters of the Chapter set.
That's all for now. Have fun guys.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Single Parenting

My life changed so much since the birth of my twins. No more luxury time for painting and gaming. After, 2 months of rest, my wife went back to work some 120 km away up North, taking my twins along with her. Only during weekends, do I have the opportunity to be with my kids. Sometimes, I went there after work to spend the night with them and drove back to work the next morning. It goes on like that for about 5 months.

It was difficult for my wife, taking care of my kids alone. So I've decided to ease her burden a bit by taking my baby girl to live with me. It was difficult at first, but as the time goes by, I'm now used to it.

So now everyday after work I spent my time with my daughter untill around 9 pm, and then try to put her to sleep so that I can do my hobby thing. My schedule was tighter than before, but it was worth it. It was fun in fact.. and I love every second of it :).

Note: Picture is from Google