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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bloodthirster of Khorne

The coming Chaos Space Marine codex pulls my attention away from the other armies and now I'm concentrating on my favourite army of all --> The World Eaters.

I've done several adjustment to my existing models to fit the new 6th Edition and in preparation for the new codex, have some games of 6th Ed. (and WIN!! :lol:), paint more Red and even do some budget for the release :).

Today, I'll be showing you my Bloodthirster. I've bought this guy looooong time ago back in the 4th Edition. Back then the Bloodthirsters and Bloodletters are still part f the CSM codex and are always included in my list. Then the current codex came by and I had to shelve this model.

The coming af 6th Ed. and the new Ally rules allow me to include the Bloodthirster and Bloodletters in my list. So last Saturday I took out this model and start painting. It took  me a whole day to finish this big brute and took it to gaming on the next day.

I present to you all, the Bloodthirster of Khorne.

That's all. Happy painting :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back from the warp.. AND VERY PISSED OFF!!

I've been away from the Skullthrone far too long already and it was all thanks to the 6th Ed. Reading, playtesting, making list, playtest again, back to reading and then playtesting other armies. These things has been keeping me away from the painting table. That, followed by holy Ramadhan and Aidilfitri further the delay for another month.
But now I'm back and to pay back for all the time lost, I've been doing 3 vehicles at the same time since last week.


The first one is the World Eaters Land Raider that I assembled some couple months back. The 6th Ed. hurt my Rhino-based WE so badly now I need a LR to help ease the pain. Here is how the thing look right now. The Red colour was Tamiya Italian Red over a Matt Black primer. I think I like the colour enough so the next step is to go into detail and adding some spiky bits here and there.


I bought this thing to be a Catacomb Command Barge since it was so cool in 5th. But then again, an Annihilation Barge is also a cool unit to have on table with its twin-linked Tesla Destructor. So I magnetised the cannon and the Command Console so I can change between them whenever I want. As for colour scheme, it was nothing grand like the Necron infantries. Just Tamiya Gunmetal over Matt Black primer followed by Light Gunmetal. It was later weathered with Dark Earth and Orange Rust weathering powder. All I need to do left is finish up the crews, paint all the green glowy bulbs and then it'll be good for gaming.


The Triarch Stalker is one fine looking model. The only problem with this thing is the pointcost and the fact that it only has one weapon to play with. BUt I would still take it to gaming just for fun. It follows the same colour scheme as the Barge.



Me and my brother Dean went to hobby with 1750 points list ready to spent the evening with. But people over here are getting so tourney oriented they no longer play 1750 points game. Everyone has been doing 1500 points since the next tourney (in November) will be set at that point. Come on lah Malaysians!! Why so serious?!? I even saw one guy playing Ork-IG Ally WAAC netlist on Friday. You know, the one with Nobz Bikers troops, and 5-6 Flyers.
What the hell.. I wish we were several years back in GC when Nik Kamal was around. Back then we used to play funky builds just for pure fun, trying out some stupid unit doing stupid things and laugh out loud. Nowadays it is all about optimising a list. Bring casual list and you are just asking to be bullied.



Just a couple days back, we celebrate our  MERDEKA!!. I love my country, I love Malaysia, I love my Jalur Gemilang. Our Jalur Gemilang was there right in front of my gate, standing straight against the wind since the 1st of August. I'm very proud of it.

So when the news shows some stupid fellas in yellow shirts holding some red-white flag to replace Jalur Gemilang, my blood boils. It felt like someone just spat over my face. If I ever saw that flag raised anywhere right in front of my eyes, I will take it down and if I have a lighter, burn it right there. If you guys really are Malaysians, I would expect you guys to do the same.

We wargamers knows and understand just how important a flag/banner/standard is. It is our honour. Spitting on it is like spitting on our honour. Our dignity. It isn't funny and very much unacceptable.

Barua betul!!