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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dark Eldar Raiders

A Raider is compulsory for every DE raid, hence the name. They are fast (the 2nd fastest transport in the game), has a small footprint (easy to hide), good for assault (being open-topped) and carries a Dark Lance/Disintegrator Cannons as standard.

It is to me, a vehicle with the coolest design ever to come from GW. I like every aspect of it, from gameplay to it's look, and currently have 5 of it to have fun with.


At 60 points they are very expensive for a AV10, open-topped vehicle. But then again, when you take into consideration, the cost for Dark Lance or DC into account and then you'll realize that a Raider actually costed 35 pts naked, not so bad for a Fast Skimmer if you ask me.

Weapon of choice

It is hard to choose between Dark Lance and Disintegrator Cannon because i really like both weapons. The former is good for anti-armour while the other is bane of all kinds of MEQ.
Things that influence my weapon choice is the current meta of the game. If say I foresee a lot of armour to handle, of course it will be stupid not to maximize on the Dark Lance. But in all the game I've had far, I always include 2 with Disintegrator Cannon to help with crowd control.

Colour Scheme

As you can see from the picture below, I go for the standard looking colour scheme in the rulebook. For now, my aim is to complete the army as fast as possible for the upcoming Ghemehaal campaign. So I'm not going to do any highlights on it until I have a fully painted army ready. After that.. maybe if I don't jump to another project, I will return to them and finish things properly.
That's it for today. Next I am going to share several tactics that I have about using a Raider. But that is for another day.

Till then.. happy gaming :)