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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dressed to Kill

 The Deathmarks of Isha's Dynasty is completed at tabletop standard. Ready for action.

The combo was 5 Deathmarks with 2 Harbingers of Despair attached (they benefit from the Hunter From Hyperspace special rules). So in general, there's 10 Sniper shots + 2 template weapon (ignore armour, cover and Feel No Pain) from the unit, all wounding on 2+ (at their one selected target). I'll attach Obyron to the unit for super accurate Deepstriking combo with Zahndrekh.

I've had two testplay with them. From the playtest, I've found several weakness on them. But I'm keeping it to myself for now.

Now that they're done, I'll continue working on the VenDread. Cheers :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WIP Dread.. and more


The work on the awesome RG Vendread models continues at a very slow pace. Hopefully I can finish it in time for the upcoming event.
The whole part from the waist and below was done
The Raven Guard insignia on the left leg 
The right leg

I've been playing my DE for a couple of months already. They are fun to play, very much different than my other armies (MEQs). One thing for sure, the Raider and Ravagers is prone to be blown up spectacularly during the game. Because of that, I take up a few CDs from some very boring movies I had and turn them into these easily portable and practical craters for use in game. I'm almost eager to use them in the next game hahaha.
DE specialty.. explosion!!
Having read the Necron FAQ, i've had an idea how to fully utilised the Deathmarks' Hunter From Hyperspace special rules. So without giving much thought, I stop my RG VenDread project for a while and jump over to completing this 5 models. The colour scheme is very much different that the other Necrons. They are assassins after all, so don't need any colour other than black. With such a simple colour scheme, I think I can finish themvery quick and continue the RG Vendread in no time.
The Deathmarks of the Isha's Dynasty.
For some reason, I had difficulty putting comments to other's blog post. Have been trying to post comments since 3 pm but none gets through. Maybe something to do with my browser or internet connection. I've had the problems with IE since half a year ago, never thought the same problem would occur when using Safari.

That's all for today.. Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 9, 2012

WIP - RG Venerable Dread

I know I haven't been active these lately. But no.. I've not been lazy. Although my time is very limited, I managed to finish 13 Raider/Ravager crew for my Dark Elves. There's 4 more crews to go but I've been bored already with them and hop on to another project. Something that has been put on hold for about 2 years already.. The Raven Guard Venerable Dread.

Assembling was fun. I love doing movable joints coz I really enjoy doing cool poses with my minis. So I spent quite some time magnetizing the shoulders, waist,  elbow (left arm), the banner and the head. Once everything was done. I straightaway proceed to painting.

 The progress so far..
I did it from below. Both feet was done, currently painting the legs. 
I'm aiming for realistic shining metal look. I think I achieved it somewhat.
Stay tune for more update :-)