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Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 Games --> 2 Draws

After close to a month, I finally able to go to Games Castle and make war with my Raven Guard. Arriving there at around 9.20pm, I dont have to wait long for my 1st game.

The list I brought is as follow:
2nd Captain Vulture - count as Shrike
Dreadnought - MMelta (Drop Pod)
5 Terminators - 2 Claws, 5 TH&SS
2x10 Tacticals - Flamer, Missiles, PFist&CMelta (in Rhinoes)
10 Assault Marines - THammer
Typhoon Speeder
2 Attack Bikes - MMelta
2xPredator - Lasscannon side sponsons
Predator - HBolter side sponsons

1st GAME

My 1st opponent is another marine army, controlled by Shawn. His list is as below:
Biker Captain - Relic&SS
Chaplain in Terminator Armour
5 Terminators - Cyclone Missile
5 Assault Terminators
10man Tacticals - Plasma Cannon and PFist (in Rhino)
Troop Bikers complete with MMelta Attack Bikes - Meltagun, PFist
LR Crusader

Mission : Seize Ground, Dawn of War
Highlights : Nothing much to say, just that I make a lot of mistakes and it pays me dearly. But in the end, both of us has no more troops to capture objectives.
Result : Draw

2nd GAME

My good buddy Danntoh came just as I was about to leave GC (close to midnight). He brings his much awaited Hive Fleet Zavulon and we soon the game was already running.

Hive Fleet Zavulon
Flying Tyrant
HQ Tervigon
2 Hive Guard with Impaler Cannon?
2 Big Brains in Spore
3 Warriors
20 Termagants
Troop Tervigon
A Lictor
CC Carnifex in Spore
CC Carnifex in Spore

Mission : Capture and Control
i. It was a hard list to fight. Monsters and monsters and some more monsters is killing my marines.
ii. The Carnifexes landing close to my home objective means there's no way I can hold that objective anymore. Which leaves me only one option available. Capture the Tyranids home objective!! More importantly, that makes the game a lot more fun than just defending my own turf.
iii. Things get messy very fast, the Tervigons keep on spawning countless Termagants to block my forces.

iv. Luckily The Vulture and his unit is around to support them. v. But jumping out of terrain kills 2 assault marines, enough to force morale check and guess what.. They failed and led by The Vulture, they flee of the table.

vii. Seeing their leader fleeing the battle cracks the morale of my other marines. The Tacticals suddenly decide to abandon their cause and run away from battle, just as they are several inches from enemy objectives.

viii. But the Terminators keep on fighting. They killed a Tervigon, slaughter Termagants and contest the objective by the end of turn 6.

Result : Draw. Despite all the monsters and the difficulties, this is by far the funniest and enjoyable game I've ever had with my Raven Guard.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

2nd Captain Khalis "The Vulture" Asrar

2nd Captain Khalis "The Vulture" Asrar. A sadistic man, but overly efficient on the battlefield.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Raven Guard Assault Squad I - Finally!!

This is a lil bit shame to me. I have begin doing them long time ago but has never been able to finish them. This is mainly becaused of their not so great performance on table. Last week, alone, I pick them up and restart the painting process and after a few while begin picking up the speed again.

Here they are..
RG Assault Squad I, getting ready for a charge

The Sargeant used to wield a pair of claws before, but i want him to have the chance to kill ICs, take out vehicles and stun monsters. So I takeout the claws and give him a Thunder Hammer instead. It was a TH from the Assault Terminator sprue, cut at the elbow and attached to a right bolter arm. With a small conversion to the left bolter arm, he now look as if wielding the TH with 2 hands.

Sargeant Ahmad Shah leads the charge

Monday, March 1, 2010

RG Land Speeder "Typhoon"

After doing some recalculation to my list, I find out that i can squeez in another unit worth 100pts into my list. There is a few options that i like:
i. 2nd unit of 2 Attack Bikes with Multimelta;
ii. Land Speeder Typhoon;
iii. 5 man Snypers with HBolter and Camo;
iv. a Librarian.

Though i like the Attack Bikes the most, I choose the Typhoon for the simple reason that i already have the model. A Typhoon is also actually quite effective on the battlefiled for both anti-armour and anti-infantry roles, making it very versatile for all our need. All that i have to do is to paint it into my Raven Guard colour scheme (It was painted Blood Angel before).

After a week of painting, I'm finally done. Enjoy..