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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Army Throwdown Week 2

Warhammer Fantasy Battles

The 7th Edition of Warhammer 40k is coming. I hope they do it right this time as I find that the 6th is really killing all the fun out of 40k and I find myself looking for more and more games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. 

Sadly, even with the increase of new fantasy players, I still find difficulty getting casual friendly games at Hobby Forge. Many times did I went there for fantasy games, but couldn't find any opponent and were forced to play 40k instead. I now have allocation to start a new fantasy army (Tomb Kings!), but the fact that I may not find any opponent to play with put that idea on hold. 

Lucky my elder brother suddenly had the urged to make a comeback into the game with his Beastmen army. We had 3 games so far and the latest game was had on Friday, Mei 16th. After two games of which we both had a fair share of win, Din wanted to see how his Beastmen would fare against my tournament list. So I gladly brought out Hellebrone to lead my DE and teach the Beastmen some lesson.

The Beastmen ventured too far into the land of chill,
and so Hellebrone was sent to teach them a lesson
Din brought along a new unit, a flying Jabberslythe. It has a passive ability to cause wound with it's mere presence within 12 of enemy units. With that ability it killed one of my War Hydra, and caused several wounds to my chaff units. Such a pesky unit shouldn't be left alone so I sent my Dark Riders to hunt it down. With strength 3 crossbows, there's nothing much they could do to stop the monster. But still they managed to slowly took it down to the last wound.

Unlike all my opponent in the tournament which chose to face my large blocks directly, Din avoided Hellbrone and the Black Guards to go after my weaker troops. A duo consist of a Beastlord and a Doombull destroyed my Corsair Blocks. Nearby a pair of Chariots slammed into my DE Warriors, killing many with Impact Hits. The Warriors fled from combat and were destroyed by sweeping advance. In their pursuit, the Chariot came into contact with a Dark Rider unit that stay 12 inches behind the Warriors and destroyed them with Impact Hits. It was a massacre and the Beastmen were leading by about 700 points.

But the Seasoned Beastlord made a huge mistake on that last turn, charging a Doombull and the Jabberslythe (with 1 wound left) into my Cold One Knights which was pursuing his block of Minotaurs. The Doombull single handedly destroyed the Knights, but not before The Knights slayed the 275 points Jabberslythe (Yeay!). With the Cold One Knights destroyed, the Doombull (costed 400+ points) was now within the charging arc of Hellebrone and her Black Guards.

In my last gamble to go for a win, I sent my Battle Standard Bearer (BSB) to charge into a rallying block of 4 Minotaur (worth 300+ points), ALONE. My Sorceress then casted the greater version of Word of Pain on the Minotaurs, reducing their WS, BS, S and I by 2 points. With strength of 2, the Minotaurs couldn't harm my BSB who were clad in a 1+ armour and so the BSB managed to win combat by 3 points. The Minotaurs failed their break test and were cut down by sweeping advance.

At the same time, Hellebrone and the Black Guards charged the Doombull. In an act of defiance the Doombull issued a challenge which was gladly accepted by the Hag Queen. 8 swordstrokes later, the Doombull was slain and ready for Pasar Malam. With that final push, I was able to pull some 900 points to put me at the front by 205 points.

It was a tough and a fun game indeed. Din brought 3 Bray Shamans with Shadow Magic. They were there to stop me with the 48 inch hex Signature Spell that reduces my M, WS, BS, and I by D3. Such a simple spell with power level 14 but really works to help his Beastmen against my Dark Elves. Here is the funny part, 2 Shaman were killed by Irresistable Force (IF) and the last one standing lost all of it's magic level, also from IF :lol:. But thanks to all that IF, his Beastmen were able to lead the game all the way into Turn 6.

With the Beastmen threat pushed back into the woods, my DE went back into their casing to mend their wounds. Will they be able to find other worthy opponent soon? I surely hope so. I'll bring them to HF again this week and find out.

The 40k Army Throwdown Challenge

Two weeks into the Army Throwdown, I have gotten more work into my Eldar-Raven Guard Alliance. I finished painting a unit of Dire Avengers, but had no idea what to paint on the Exarch Banner other than the Biel-Tan and Dire Avengers Temple sigil on one side. Then I watch the movie 47 Ronin and something came to me. I'm going to do a Japanese art.

5 minutes browsing the internet, I found what I want. A set of 5 paintings, on geisha. I choose the easiest one for trial, spent the Sunday morning on it and it's done. Not bad for the first try I think :-)

These Avengers fight for love and peace.. and the elven ladies
With one unit done, I moved into Karandras. I had fun painting this lobsterhead. I love painting gems and this one had many large ones. I think I spent about 5  hours on  this guy and now he is done and ready for battle. 

Karandras, The Shadow Hunter
Damn huge lobster, I wonder how he able to hide/infiltrate with that thing on his head. I guess that alone is prove enough that he really deserves to be a Phoenix Lord.

Next will be some Raven Guard loving. But who to begin with? Shrike perhaps.

That's all for today. Thanks again for visiting. Have a nice day.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Legio Malaysia 40k Army Throwdown

Legio Army Throwdown began last Saturday, Mei 3rd. This is the first time I join the throwdown and I've been looking forward to it. Expecting this would take place, I've been saving up some Raven Guard models from last year. Then my elder brother, Din's sudden retirement of 40k (TBH, with all the madness of 6th, I too feels like retiring from 40k sometimes) left me in possession over some of his Eldar stuffs. My Shadow Captain Shrike arrived at Hobby Forge several weeks back, and now I have an army ready for the throwdown.

This is my list for the Throwdown:

Primary: Eldar
Phoenix Lord Karandras The Shadow Hunter (230)
5 Avengers - Exarch with Power Weapon and Shimmershield (95)
5 Avengers - Exarch with Power Weapon and Shimmershield (95)
Crimson Hunter Exarch (180)
Crimson Hunter (160)
Crimson Hunter (160)

Ally: Raven Guard
Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike (185)
5 Vanguard Veterans (250)
5 Snipers with Heavy Bolter (76)
Whirlwind (65)

Total : 1496

Dont think the list would do any good on table. But it got units for all catagories of throwdown. So okay lah kot. Some progress pics since Saturday.

Karandras, The Shadow Hunter
Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike
Raven Guard Scouts: Sargent with Bolter, 3 Snipers, 1 Heavy Bolter 
My first attempt at the Dire Avengers. Until now, have finished painting 2 of them.
Let us see if I can finish all this in time :-)

Have a nice day bros!