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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Necron Destroyers

Necron Destroyers of The Undying Legion. Ready for action.

5 Destroyers of all living things

- 2 Gauss Cannons
- 3 Heavy Gauss Cannons. 

Destroyers with Heavy Gauss Cannons

I always take at least two of them in my list. Give them Tank Hunters veteran skills (with Zahndrekh) and you'll have a mobile S10 platform at your disposal. Nasty.

Destroyers with Gauss Cannons

I never get it why Matt Ward decided to downgrade the Gauss Cannons. The previous version is so much better.

Thank you :-)

Canoptek Scarabs

Canoptek Scarabs.. dont know why but from what I read, they seems to be the scariest thing since the new Necron codex came out. Of course, the Entropic Strike rocks, and beast status help them much. But with only T3, it is just so easy to counter them.

I so far had only one playtest with them. 5 of them at 75 pts is enough to eat any vehicle you sent them to. But of course, they'll die afterwards. I'll try them more often now that i've painted some :-)

Anyway.. here is my scarabs. 

With the current price of gold, 
you would wanna catch some of these bugs
Have a great day.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update : The Undying Legion

It has  been a month since my last post. In that time, I managed only one game with my Necrons. It was a game against a combination of Grey Knights and Tyranids. The mission was Annihilation with Dawn of War deployment. I wont bore you guys with a batrep, but the result was yet another win for my Necrons with 9 to 1 in KPs. That makes it 3 straight wins for my Necrons. All was won through close combat. Necrons.. close combat.. Funny isn't it :-)

Onto the hobby side, I finally bought myself some new Necrons. Hurray!! It was 2 boxes of Immortals and a box of Lychguards. The Immortals is a 'must buy' to complete my list since I use 10 Immortals with Tesla Carbine in my list. Plus, I need the Deathmarks head for Crypteks conversion.

As for the Lychguards, I bought them just to do the Cryptek conversions. But as I assembled the model, I realized that the Lychguards form is too solid and bulky to represent a Cryptek with just a 4+ armur. To me, Necron Warriors is a more suitable model for Cryptek. So I end up doing a Lychguard unit with Hyperphase Sword and Dispersion Shield instead, just in case I wanna try them someday. Seriously, they are nice looking models and I had great fun trying several pose during assembly. I'm full of spirit to paint them but alas, I'm running out of Chaos Black primer. Nothing can do but put them back in their case until I get myself some cans.

 Lychguards and Immortals

With that on hold, I took out my Necron Destroyer Lord instead. This guy is a beast in close combat and has been so far one of the most important element that allow me those wins. After the third game, I've decided to grant him with a facelift for his accomplishment so far. It took me one whole night to complete the facelift. I must say, I am very much happy with the outcome :-)

Destroyer Lord before facelift

 Destroyer Lord after facelift

That's all for now I guess. Thanks very much for your time here. Have fun :-)