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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dilemma : 13th Co. Space Wolves

What to do with my 13th Co. Space Wolves? I like the fluff and the codex is strong. But somehow I got bored with them. That's why they don't see much action nor painting love from me. I don't even know why I got bored with them. Maybe it's the grey color or the missiles or the Thunderwolves. I myself am not sure. With so many things to do in life and hobby, it's too easy to forget that I have another army unfinished.

The status of my 13th Co. SW as they are right now:

Painted :
Canis Wolfborn
4 Thunderwolves Cavalry - 1 Thunder Hammer, 3 Strom Shield
1 Rhino
5 Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs - 5 Missile Launchers
1 Grey Hunters with Meltagun
2 Wulfen

Unpainted/Unfinished :
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf Mount, Thunder Hammer (swapable to Frost Axe), Storm Shield
8 Grey Hunters - 1 Meltaguns, Power Axe, Standard
9 Grey Hunters - 2 Meltaguns, Power Axe, Standard
10 Grey Hunters - 2 Plasmaguns, Power Axe, Standard, Wulfen
10 Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs - 5 Missile Launchers
6 Long Fangs - 3 Heavy Bolters, 2 Plasma Cannons
1 Rhino - for weathering

Still a lot to do. What should I do? The best way to go is to play them more often and slowly regain my morale for painting. But the problem is that I wanna play World Eaters more. The CSM codex is still too new and is too much fun! Maybe I should play my 13th Co. using the CSM codex sometimess, as a Renegade Space Wolves (Skyrar's Dark Wolves?). Yup.. that could be a lot of fun :)

Okayh,.. I'd go with that.
I'll make finishing the 13th Co. SW as my 2013 Resolution and have fun while doing it.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very good luck in the new year. May only the best of things happens to us all.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Chosen 1.5k Tournament Result

Today's Chosen was a great event. The number of participants was good, despite 4 players had to pull out in the last minute. There's 9 active tables, meaning 18 players in total - a favoured number of Tzeentch. And as it turned out in the end, I think the Chaos God did influenced the outcome of this event :)

The Undying Legion of Isha's Dynasty performed quite well in this event. They defeated all enemies throwned at them, and without suffering much casualty. Wow! The result was way beyond my expectations. Here is the summary of my games in Chosen.

Game 1 : Necrons
Scenario : Big Guns Never Tire (4 Objectives), Dawn of War Deployment
Overlord + Cryptek + 13 Necron Warriors in Night Scythe
Cryptek + 14 Necron Warriors in Night Scythe
7 Necron Warriors
8 Necron Warriors
6 Wraiths
3 Annihilation Barges

- My Necrons begin the game agresively, killing my opponents' most dangerous unit, the Wraiths with Rapid Firing Gauss Blasters and Gauss Rifles.
- Doom Scythe came in the 2nd turn and took out 3 Annihilation Barges in a single Death Ray.
- By the end of my Turn2. There's only 1 enemy Necron left on table to deny me from auto-winning the game.
- Then their reserves came and took down the Doom Scythe. My ground troops, having no other target, hunt down the 2 Night Scythe with Rapid Fire shots and managed to take down one of them.
- My opponent knew that his Necrons are already lost, but he didn't back down and continue the fight till the end. His Overlord and unit disembarked from their Night Scythe to fight my Necrons to the death, but the time ended before we were able to deal the final blow in close combat.
Result : My Necrons won 5-1 in VP. I gain 16 points.

Game 2 : Space Wolves
Mission : Purge The Alien, Vanguard Strike Deployment
Wolf Priest (Saga of the Hunter)
2 x Rune Priest
2 x Dread with Twin-AC
10 GH in RHino 
10 GH + 1 WG (outflanking with Priest)
5 LFangs + 1 WGT with Cyclone
- LasPlas Razorback
5 LFangs + 1 WGT
- LasPlas Razorback

- SW targeted everything on the Wraith unit, killing 1 Wraith, and wounded my Destroyer Lord twice.
- My Necrons deepstriked right into enemy line and claim 1st blood by taking out both Razorbacks with Rapid Firing Gauss weapons.
- The Runepriest outflanked from my left, far away from the main battle on the right flank, allowing me to finish everything without having to worry about them.
- There's about 10 missile launcher in the SW line, my large Necron Warrior unit (in deepstriking formations) would be in big trouble if the SW chose to use the Frag Missile. But he choosed Krak missiles instead and Obyron easily bounced the AP3 missile, protecting the large warrior unit from harm. When all the shot finally over, the unit suffered 12 casualties in the same turn. Out of that number, 10 came back with Reanimation Protocol.
- With nothing like Thunderwolves or Wolfguards to stop them, the Necrons was neigh unstopable. They advanced systematically, destroying everything in their path. the SW are totally doomed.
Result : My Necrons won 12-0 in VP. I gain another 16 points.

Game 3 : Blood Angels
Mission : Relic, Hammer and Anvil Deployment
Reclusiarch with PFist + 5 Assault Terminators + Priest in Storm Raven
6 Sterguards in Drop Pod
5 Assault Marines in TwinAC Razorback
10 Assault Marines
3 HBolter Attack Bikes
Baal Pred

- Both my Deepstriking unit mishaped in their Alpha Strike, Zahndrekh's unit was sent to a corner of the table on my side, while Obyron's unit went into Ongoing Reserves.
- Thanks to that, the BA focussed on the only unit within their range, the Destroyer Lord + Wraiths, killing 1 Wraith, and reduce the Lord to just 1 wound.
- 2nd attempt at deepstriking (Zahndrekh and Obyron from Ongoing Reserves) was a success. Backed by the Doom Scythe and Wraith, my Necrons begin harvesting the souls of them BAs.
- Storm Raven came in and took down the Doom Scythe. But came my turn, 36 Gauss Rifle shots, powered by Tank Hunter skills from Zahndrekh, destroyed the Storm Raven in the air, killing 4 Terminators in the process.
- My Necrons continued to slaughter the BA in short range firefight and close combat. My Overlord was blessed with the Legendary Fighter Warlord Traits and he alone slain 4 characters (including the Reclusiarch) in multiple challenges.
Result : Necrons won by 6-0 in VP. I gain 17 points.

As mentioned in the opening, I suspect that Tzeentch has his play in the outcome of this event. Because the winner of The Chosen 1.5k Tournament in no other than Joe, The Exalted Champion of Tzeentch with his Daemonic Army of DOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!
Congratulations to King Joe for winning the title of The Chosen. To the organizers, thanks for the great event. We're looking forwards to the future events. To all the other participants, guys from Penang and Singapore, it's fun meeting you guys. Hopefully in time, us KL Players, under the Flag of Legio Malaysia, would be able to reply in kind and attend their event to the South/North. Yup.. hopefully that would happen :)
Okay.. that's all for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Chosen 1.5k Tournament

This weekend, Dec 15th 2012, Legio Malaysia will be hosting the yearly 40k tournaments. This is the most anticipated tournament in Kuala Lumpur since it was held by Legio Malaysia, and many would like their names to be writen in the Legio list of Champions, to be honoured for as long as Legio Malaysia exist. Such honourable feat is so hard to achieve, and I myself haven't had my name on it.
However this time around, I didn't actually enter for that honour but purely for fun. My Necrons hadn't seen tourney action for like 4-6 years, sleeping in their stasis crypt, waiting for a new codex. Now that they have one, I have no reason to not bring them on table, and let them experience the hardship of a tournament. 

This is my army, The Undying Legion of Isha's Dynasty, ready for battle:

Destroyer Lord
Nemessor Zahndrekh
Vargard Obyron
Harbinger of Despair
Necron Lord
10 Immortals
18 Warriors
6 Wraiths with 4 Whip Coils
Doom Scythe

This tournament was aptly named The Chosen. So my guess everyone will be going in full swing to attain that title. I doubt my necrons would do very well against all that, but even if we were to lose, we'll show them that we're no easy meat.

Who will be The Chosen One?

It is gonna be Joe and his scary Daemons, OR CikguDin with his uber skills? Could it be one of the Northern Tribesmen? Maybe this is the time for the Cheeze-God Peter to shine (finally). I simply have no clue, coz there's just too many serious contender this time around. One thing for sure, it is going to be a fun event!!

Damn I'm looking forward to it :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bloodthirster of Khorne

The coming Chaos Space Marine codex pulls my attention away from the other armies and now I'm concentrating on my favourite army of all --> The World Eaters.

I've done several adjustment to my existing models to fit the new 6th Edition and in preparation for the new codex, have some games of 6th Ed. (and WIN!! :lol:), paint more Red and even do some budget for the release :).

Today, I'll be showing you my Bloodthirster. I've bought this guy looooong time ago back in the 4th Edition. Back then the Bloodthirsters and Bloodletters are still part f the CSM codex and are always included in my list. Then the current codex came by and I had to shelve this model.

The coming af 6th Ed. and the new Ally rules allow me to include the Bloodthirster and Bloodletters in my list. So last Saturday I took out this model and start painting. It took  me a whole day to finish this big brute and took it to gaming on the next day.

I present to you all, the Bloodthirster of Khorne.

That's all. Happy painting :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Back from the warp.. AND VERY PISSED OFF!!

I've been away from the Skullthrone far too long already and it was all thanks to the 6th Ed. Reading, playtesting, making list, playtest again, back to reading and then playtesting other armies. These things has been keeping me away from the painting table. That, followed by holy Ramadhan and Aidilfitri further the delay for another month.
But now I'm back and to pay back for all the time lost, I've been doing 3 vehicles at the same time since last week.


The first one is the World Eaters Land Raider that I assembled some couple months back. The 6th Ed. hurt my Rhino-based WE so badly now I need a LR to help ease the pain. Here is how the thing look right now. The Red colour was Tamiya Italian Red over a Matt Black primer. I think I like the colour enough so the next step is to go into detail and adding some spiky bits here and there.


I bought this thing to be a Catacomb Command Barge since it was so cool in 5th. But then again, an Annihilation Barge is also a cool unit to have on table with its twin-linked Tesla Destructor. So I magnetised the cannon and the Command Console so I can change between them whenever I want. As for colour scheme, it was nothing grand like the Necron infantries. Just Tamiya Gunmetal over Matt Black primer followed by Light Gunmetal. It was later weathered with Dark Earth and Orange Rust weathering powder. All I need to do left is finish up the crews, paint all the green glowy bulbs and then it'll be good for gaming.


The Triarch Stalker is one fine looking model. The only problem with this thing is the pointcost and the fact that it only has one weapon to play with. BUt I would still take it to gaming just for fun. It follows the same colour scheme as the Barge.



Me and my brother Dean went to hobby with 1750 points list ready to spent the evening with. But people over here are getting so tourney oriented they no longer play 1750 points game. Everyone has been doing 1500 points since the next tourney (in November) will be set at that point. Come on lah Malaysians!! Why so serious?!? I even saw one guy playing Ork-IG Ally WAAC netlist on Friday. You know, the one with Nobz Bikers troops, and 5-6 Flyers.
What the hell.. I wish we were several years back in GC when Nik Kamal was around. Back then we used to play funky builds just for pure fun, trying out some stupid unit doing stupid things and laugh out loud. Nowadays it is all about optimising a list. Bring casual list and you are just asking to be bullied.



Just a couple days back, we celebrate our  MERDEKA!!. I love my country, I love Malaysia, I love my Jalur Gemilang. Our Jalur Gemilang was there right in front of my gate, standing straight against the wind since the 1st of August. I'm very proud of it.

So when the news shows some stupid fellas in yellow shirts holding some red-white flag to replace Jalur Gemilang, my blood boils. It felt like someone just spat over my face. If I ever saw that flag raised anywhere right in front of my eyes, I will take it down and if I have a lighter, burn it right there. If you guys really are Malaysians, I would expect you guys to do the same.

We wargamers knows and understand just how important a flag/banner/standard is. It is our honour. Spitting on it is like spitting on our honour. Our dignity. It isn't funny and very much unacceptable.

Barua betul!!




Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kindred 3 and Golden Kriss

Kindred 3 (40k Doubles Tourney) and The Golden Kriss (Hobby Event) were held today. This is actually my 1st time participating in Kindred (I missed the previous 2) and my 2nd time into the Golden Kriss.

For Kindred, I teamed up with the Wolflord Syamael and this is the list that we came out with :
SplinterFangs (1600 pts SW+DE)

The scariest army in K3

Runepriest - Chooser of The Slain
Lonewolf - Wulfen
5 Grey Hunters - Meltagun (in Rhino)
3 x 6 Long Fangs - 4 Missiles, 1 Plasma Cannon Each

2 x 3 Trueborn - 2 Splinter Cannons (in Raider with Dark Lance)
5 DE Warriors - Blaster (in Raider with Dark Lance)
3 Reaver Jetbikes - Blaster
2 x Ravager - 3 Dark Lance
Ravager - 3 Desintegrator Cannons

The list looks scary, but actually a very big gamble on our part. As you can see, it was a pure shooty list. The only close combat unit in there is the Lone Wulfen hahaha. If we fail to stop the enemy from coming --> game over. And as usual, DE will suffer badly in Kill Points games while Long Fangs will be less effective in City Fight.

vs Blood Angels + Imperial Guard

The friendly Southeners
Syamael was the hero in this game when he succesfully Seize The Initiative. From then on, it was a straightforward game where we ended winning by capturing 2 objectives. My DE managed to capture Maphiston  in  the game, such a good fighter makes good money in the Gladiator Pit.

vs Blood Angels + Necrons

The Champions Army
We met Joe and Alvin in the 2nd round. It was a very close game. Such a small army, but very resilient against our shooting. Thanks to bad rolls on our part, we failed to stop their CC combo (Destroyer Lord + 6 Wraiths + Jump Priest) from reaching our line. By turn 5, Dante, Destroyer Lord and 2 Wraiths managed to contest our objectives and the game ended in their favour.

vs Grey Knights + Ultramarines

KP game, City Fight. Damn. It was a hard fought game for us. The marines hugged their 2+ cover (Bolster defense + Shrouding) terrain all the time (Of course lah since anything that came out will definitely die :lol:). By turn 3, I was getting bored all over, so I pushed my open-topped vehicles forward which brings the game to life. But it didn't end well for us coz the marines keeps on hiding. Meanwhile, their Dreadnought slowly killing my paper-thin vehicles. 

Luckily, the Grey Knights never heard of Lonewolf. Eager for easy KPs, they charged the Lonewolf out of cover. The Lonewolf was no match for them, but he did his job already (we NEED him to die anyway :lol:), pulling the GK unit (along with the cowardly Libby) into the open. Killing those two gives us enough KP to lead the game but they managed to pull a draw on the last turn.


We got 3rd place (I think :lol:). But the best thing, SplinterFangs won the Poeple's Choice Award! Wohoo!! That is way beyond our expectations. Thank you very much for all who voted us for this award.  


On the hobby side, I sent one entry per each 40k categories.

i. Single Model Category : Necron Harbinger of Despair --> Won Silver
ii. Unit Category : Nemessor Zahndrekh and his Lychguard Retinues --> Won Gold
iii. Large Model Category : Razorwing Jetfighter --> Won Gold

I was kinda expected that Zahndrekh and Lychguards are gonna do well in the Unit Category. But the Harbinger and Razorwing, was quite a shock if you ask me. Much to my surprise, Zahndrekh and the Lychguards even took home The Poeple's Choice Award.

Throphy family photo
To cut it short, this is another fun event held by Legio. Thanks to all the officers for making things happening here. I'll definitely join in next year.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hobby Forge's Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Celebration!

The 6th Edition 40K is just around the corner. Everything I heard about it so far has been to my liking. Damn excited to get my hands on the copy.

Anyway, Hobby forge is having a small event to celebrate the release. Here is the info taken from wargamersmalaysia.com.


Date : Saturday, 30th of June 2012
Time : 3:36pm

If Hobby Forge receives 33 pre-orders of Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Hardcover Rulebook, the 33 people will receive the Psychic Power Deck worth around RM 50 or so for free!

This event is for those who pre-ordered the new Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Hardcover Rulebook.

What are you supposed to do.
1. Collect your pre-ordered Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook, and study it! (Do come at 12pm to start early.)

2. Exactly at 3:36pm (3+3=6, get it?), I will gather the crowd and ask 6 questions regarding the new rules! They may be easy peasy, or insanely difficult, it's random.
That's why you need to make sure you come early to read up the rules in the book!

3. The first person who answers gets a random gift from the new 6th Ed release (it may be the dice set, the objectives, the tokens, whichever).
One person may only win 1 gift and may not answer further questions. This is to give the others some chance to win too.

4. This short event shouldn't last more than 20 minutes, and it is meant to promote the fun and enthusiasm of the hobby for everyone in Hobby Forge.


According to Alvin, as of today, he already received 26 preorder. It means that there's only 7 more to go for us to get the psychic power decks for free (it costed around RM40 without tax). That easily equals to about RM1320++ savings for our local gaming community. That's huge if you ask me (especially since my car got involved in an accident just last week!)

So what are you waiting for? Call Alvin and order a copy for yourself!!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vargard Obyron

This Jedi is the best weaponmaster of the Necron race. A very good character especially when played along with the Nemessor. Makes people think twice when they wanna charge the Nemessor and whatever unit he is with. The Vargard special rules is just so awesome :-)

Same with the Nemessor, I've never played any game without this guy. The setup I've played him with so far are:
  1. Obyron + 20 Warriors + Lord (ResOrb)
  2. Obyron + 10 Gauss Immortals + Lord (ResOrb)
  3. Obyron + 5 Deathmarks + 2 Harbingers of Despair
Next time, I wanna try him with dedicated close combat units such as Lychguards or the Canoptek Wraiths.

Happy painting guys..

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nemessor Zahndrekh

I've never played any game without him, so finishing him up is top priority. Everything else got to be put on hold.

I wonder what should I do next. Obyron? Maybe I should continue with that RG VenDread. But then again, my World Eaters may need that Land Raider for War Without End.

Ahh.. So many things to do, but so little time. Have fun guys.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

13th Co. Long Fangs

I has been quite some time since I last did a SW. So last week I decided to finish one squad of Long Fangs before I continue with the project that I'm doing. I tried my best to finish them as fast as possible and one week later, the whole squad was done. If everything went according to plan, they too, will make an appearance in the upcoming event :)


Meanwhile, the World Eaters has been doing a few friendly match with my other armies. It is in preparation for the War Without End (WWE) project that I sent them to. The one and only Chaos army in the project, they're going to face a lot of armies from newer and stronger codex. I'm really excited to see how they will perform :).

Aniway, a good friend Vuel asked me to post some pictures of the Berserkers with the Brass Etched Khorne icon. Well, here is one squad, the other two unit is currently locked in combat so no picture of them.

That's all for now. Have a nice day guys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blessings of Khorne

Since the huge defeat at MaGaCon.. my World Eaters has been tending their wounds in their home base (that is the cabinet). This weekend somehow my daughter managed to breach the defence of my Hobby Room and wreck the World Eaters homebase. Luckily the damage wasn't so bad and soon after with a sad feeling I began rearranging them back onto the shelf.

Then it came to me, since they're out already why not pit them against one of my armies. And so I play them against my Raven Guard in a Seize Ground, Spearhead game where they were sorrily beaten due to bad armour save (it keeps on happening again and again). It makes me wonder, why was it that my World Eaters so bad at Armour Saves?

I look at them Berserkers, wonder for a few minutes and saw how their left shoulder pad was not marked with any World Eaters nor Khornate Icon. Without much thought I take out the Khornate Brass Etched I have and start working. Cutting those brass bits, curved them to fit the shoulder pads, glue them in place, and simple wash with Badab Black took me some 3-4 hours to finish all 24 of them.

Once they're done, I sent them to battle once more against the RGs (Annihilation, Dawn of War). The result was marvelous. Suffice to say, the number of Armur Saves they made is beyond my expectation. The game ended with them beating the RGs 9-7 in KPs. It's the Khorne's blessing I tell you :lol: I was so happy with the result I end up painting 3 more Raptor models so that I can play my favourite setup of 2x5 Raptors with 2 Meltaguns.

The next hobby session, I might end up bringing them to play. But before that, I'll do several playtests. The list I'm currently trying is :

Winged Khorne Prince
5 Khorne Terminators - 3 CombiMeltaguns, 1 HFlamer, 1 PFist
8 Berserkers - Power Fist (in Rhino)
8 Berserkers - Power Fist (in Rhino)
8 Berserkers - Power Weapon (in Rhino)
5 Raptors - 2 Meltaguns
5 Raptors - 2 Meltaguns
Predator - Autocannon, Lasscannon Side Sponsons, Havoc Missile Launcher
Predator - Autocannon, Lasscannon Side Sponsons, Havoc Missile Launcher
2 Obliterators 
Total : 1750 points



About the RG Venerable Dread, I'm done with the Plasma Cannon Right Arm. The White Raven is of course, a freehand. Next in line will be the Left Arm. I'm actually waiting for some Forgeworld bits for this model. Hopefully it arrive in time.

Okay guys.. have fun :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Dressed to Kill

 The Deathmarks of Isha's Dynasty is completed at tabletop standard. Ready for action.

The combo was 5 Deathmarks with 2 Harbingers of Despair attached (they benefit from the Hunter From Hyperspace special rules). So in general, there's 10 Sniper shots + 2 template weapon (ignore armour, cover and Feel No Pain) from the unit, all wounding on 2+ (at their one selected target). I'll attach Obyron to the unit for super accurate Deepstriking combo with Zahndrekh.

I've had two testplay with them. From the playtest, I've found several weakness on them. But I'm keeping it to myself for now.

Now that they're done, I'll continue working on the VenDread. Cheers :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

WIP Dread.. and more


The work on the awesome RG Vendread models continues at a very slow pace. Hopefully I can finish it in time for the upcoming event.
The whole part from the waist and below was done
The Raven Guard insignia on the left leg 
The right leg

I've been playing my DE for a couple of months already. They are fun to play, very much different than my other armies (MEQs). One thing for sure, the Raider and Ravagers is prone to be blown up spectacularly during the game. Because of that, I take up a few CDs from some very boring movies I had and turn them into these easily portable and practical craters for use in game. I'm almost eager to use them in the next game hahaha.
DE specialty.. explosion!!
Having read the Necron FAQ, i've had an idea how to fully utilised the Deathmarks' Hunter From Hyperspace special rules. So without giving much thought, I stop my RG VenDread project for a while and jump over to completing this 5 models. The colour scheme is very much different that the other Necrons. They are assassins after all, so don't need any colour other than black. With such a simple colour scheme, I think I can finish themvery quick and continue the RG Vendread in no time.
The Deathmarks of the Isha's Dynasty.
For some reason, I had difficulty putting comments to other's blog post. Have been trying to post comments since 3 pm but none gets through. Maybe something to do with my browser or internet connection. I've had the problems with IE since half a year ago, never thought the same problem would occur when using Safari.

That's all for today.. Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 9, 2012

WIP - RG Venerable Dread

I know I haven't been active these lately. But no.. I've not been lazy. Although my time is very limited, I managed to finish 13 Raider/Ravager crew for my Dark Elves. There's 4 more crews to go but I've been bored already with them and hop on to another project. Something that has been put on hold for about 2 years already.. The Raven Guard Venerable Dread.

Assembling was fun. I love doing movable joints coz I really enjoy doing cool poses with my minis. So I spent quite some time magnetizing the shoulders, waist,  elbow (left arm), the banner and the head. Once everything was done. I straightaway proceed to painting.

 The progress so far..
I did it from below. Both feet was done, currently painting the legs. 
I'm aiming for realistic shining metal look. I think I achieved it somewhat.
Stay tune for more update :-)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Razorwing Jetfighter - Final

Last week (Friday, Feb 2nd) I took my Dark Eldar to Legio where they successfully raid a settlement guarded by the BA Golden Boys. The game was very much one sided and by Turn 7, there's nothing left for the BA on the table. On my side, I lost 3 units of 3 Reaver Jetbikes and a Raider. A total massacre..

*** *** ***

It was more than half a year back when I posted the WIP of this fighter plane. Some days back I began final touch up on it, do the base and voila! It is done. 

I'll bring it to play the in the next gaming session.

Have a nice day :-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lychguard with Dispersion Shield : Completed

Finally.. The Lychguard with Dispersion Shield unit is done. Took me quite a long time to finish just 5 models. I'm glad it is finally over.
The 5th Lychguard
Lychguards of the Isha's Dynasty
Comments/Critiques? Thanks for visiting :-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 4th Lychguard.. and 2 Wins


Another day passed by, another Lychguard done. One more to go, then can proceed to next project.


In theory, my Necron infantry list that relies so much on Deepstriking will have small chance to win against any IG Tank Company. Knowing that, I want so much to see how would I fare against them. So when I heard that Brother Lan, a Veteran IG player, will come with his famed Brandenburg Armoured Company to Legio last Friday night, I took a visit there to fight him. Hopefully he hadn't start any game when I arrived.

I was lucky, and soon after I arrived, the dices start rolling.

Game : Annihilation, Pitch Battle. IG goes 1st (Necron failed to seize the initiative)

Deployment : See all those tanks? I dont really remember his setup. All I remember was 3 Leman Russ Squadrons (Squadron1 : 2 Battle Tanks; Squadron2 : Battle Tank + Executioner; Squadron3 : Battle Tank + Vanquisher(?)), 3 Chimeras and a Devildog. He actually has another list with 9 Leman Russ, but forgot how the list goes. Lucky me hahaha.

I split my Necrons into 2 groups and deployed far from the Tanks to benefit from the Solar Flare. I need to survive the Alpha Strike to have any chance against this army. My plan worked, and the only casualty from the 1st Turn shooting was one Immortal with Tesla Carbine. 

In my turn, I Deepstriked Zahndrekh and his Lychguards retinue right in front of a Leman Russ Squadron1 near the ruins. They scattered 8 inches to the left, safe from harm. Obyron and his Immortals with Gauss Blasters followed nearby. The Destroyer Lord, Wraiths and Scarabs closed in from behind. 

In shooting phase, the Immortals Wrecked one Battle Tank (Glance 6 on squadron) and Damaged the Battle Cannon of the other one (Glance 5). On the other side, my Heavy Destroyers (with Tank Hunters) failed to penetrate Leman Russ (Squadron2). 

Now most of my heavy hitters are already within his defense line. In fact, the Lychguards and Wraiths units are within charging distance in my next turn. So when his 2nd Turn came, he did what IG hates the most -move his vehicle beyond my charging range. That act cuts down his firepower by 1/3. Hurray!!

In his shooting phase, the Devildog melted 5 Immortals with it's Melta Cannon (4 came back). The Leman Russ Squadron2 targeted my Wraiths unit, instakilling 2 and wound another. It also caused 7 wounds to the Scarabs but was saved magnificently. The last Squadron3 tries to claim one KP by killing the small 4 man Immortal squad but they were survived by the cover. 

My 2nd Turn. I sent the Lychguard to finish the closest Battle Tank but their march was stop by the terrain (difficult terrain check - 1 and 2). Obyron pulls his Immortals towards the Devildog, causing Crew Shaken, Immobilised with several Glancing shots. Heavy Destroyers (with Tank Hunters) destroyed (Explode) the Battle Tank that form Squadron2 with the Executioner. Meanwhile, the rest of my army closed in. 

IG 3rd Turn. He moved his vehicles a bit (Great!) and shoot. This time, he was targeting the Heavy Destroyers, killing 2 (1 came back). The rest of his shooting failed to do anything.

When my turn came, he received a call from his wife. Seems like he had a visitor and had to go back in 5-10 minutes. So I had to do my 3rd turn very quickly, sending my Lychguards to take out 3 units simultaneously (They Wrecked the Devildog, Blew a Leman Russ, and Damaged (2 weapon destroyed and Immobilised a Chimera). The Immortals Deepstriked nearby and destroy (Explode) the 2nd Chimera.

Meanwhile The Wraiths, lead by the Destroyer Lord managed to reach the Executioner, but failed to cause any damaged. With that the game ended.

Result : Necrons win by 3 KPs.


2nd game was vs my good old time buddy Danntoh with his Eldar.

Game : Annihilation, Spearhead. Necron won the 1st turn, but gave it to the Eldar.

I gave the 1st Turn to the Eldar because I need to see his deployment. I have my strategy ready, but since he also plays Necrons, he might have a counter to it already. 

He deployed as picture. Which means I can proceed with my plan and deploy my army as usual. My attempt to Seize Initiative failed with a roll of one.

The game begin with a Solar Flare activated to stop his shooting. With that, he decided not to move much and let me come at him.

When my turn came, I Deespstriked my Lychguards right in front of his Dark Reapers but scattered 7 inches to the right (in front of the Falcon). Obyron and Immortals followed nearby and blasted the Dark Reapers down to 2 man. Heavy Destroyers moved forward and with Tank Hunter skills, Immobilised a Wave Serpent (5 Fire Dragons inside). The Destroyer Lord, Wraiths and Scarabs closed in from behind.

Eldar 2nd Turn. 5 Dire Avengers came in from reserves and tried to take out the Heavy Destroyers. They failed. Dark Reapers, Falcon, Rangers and Wave Serpents attempt to take down the Lychguards. They killed several but only one permanently downed. His Autarch, leading a group of Howling Banshees attempt to assault the Lychguards, but failed due to low roll through difficult ground.

During my turn, one Tesla Immortal unit came in from reserve and the rest of my Necrons closed in. The Immortals Rapid Fired the Banshee unit but they survived with Fortuned. Heavy Destroyers (with Tank Hunters) destroyed the Pulse Laser from the Falcon, before the Lychguards finally destroyed (Explode) it with 14 penetration hits. The Wraiths and Destroyer Lord simultaneously assaulted 2 units, destroying the Dark Reaper unit and the immobilised Wave Serpents (Explode).

The Eldar strikes back in the 3rd Turn with a Tank Shock to the Lychguards and Immortals. The Immortals held their ground but the Lychguards ran away (WTH!!). 2nd Dire Avengers unit came in from reserves and shot down all of my Heavy Destroyers. To stop the Wraiths, Eldar sent out 2 Fire Dragon units with their instakilling weapons. They failed, killing only one wraith.

The Assault Phase see much action when the Autarch lead his Banshees towards Obyron and his Immortals. However, the mistake Dann made earlier that turn (he Doomed my fleeing Lychguards instead of the Immortals) took a toll on his assault. They killed 4 Immortals (all came back) but took 3 casualties from Obyron. The Immortals lost but easily passed the break test at Ld9.

Nearby, the Wraithlord had no choice but to try and stop the Wraiths with assault. But it's mind was easily controlled by the Destroyer Lord with his Mindshackle Scarabs. The Wraiths wound it once before the Destroyer Lord deliver the killing blows with his Warscythe.

In my turn, the Necrons continue to push the Eldar with close combat madness. My Scarabs (downed to 2 bases) Wrecked the last Wave Serpent with the combination of Entropic Strike and Tank Hunters Veteran Skill. The Wraiths went on to destroy one Fire Dragon unit while the Destroyer Lord joined Obyron in the fight against the Banshees. This time Obyron managed to slay the Autarch while Destroyer Lord and Immortals kills 3 more Banshees. Necron won the combat by 3 but the Banshees and a lone Sorcerer held their ground. 

The 4th Turn. The Eldar can already see their doom. So they try to grab some KP before the game ends. Fire Dragons claim one KP from the Scarabs, but everything else failed. Assault phase saw the combat ended with Destroyer Lord killing the Banshees while Obyron beheaded the Sorcerer.

When my turn came, the Lychguards passed their test to rally. I told Dann what I'm gonna do next and he conceded the game.

Result : Necrons wins 11 KPs (including Rangers and Fire Dragons) to 2 KPs

Overall, it was a fun hobby night for me and my Necrons. It has been 5 months since I last visit Legio Malaysia. The place is as good as I remember, with 1st class terrain and all. Hopefully I can visit Legio more often in the future. For those who hadn't been there, I greatly recommend a visit and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Next game, I'll be playing a new list with the Dispersion Shield. Till then, have a nice day.

Thanks for reading :-)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lychguard with Dispersion Shield : 3rd of 5

I thought I can finish the remaining 3 Lychguards in a week. But my time is very limited and I only manage to do one more Lychguard. So my plan to play different Lychguard setup this week was stalled. Anyway.. here is the 3rd one. 

Have a good weekend :)