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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kindred 3 and Golden Kriss

Kindred 3 (40k Doubles Tourney) and The Golden Kriss (Hobby Event) were held today. This is actually my 1st time participating in Kindred (I missed the previous 2) and my 2nd time into the Golden Kriss.

For Kindred, I teamed up with the Wolflord Syamael and this is the list that we came out with :
SplinterFangs (1600 pts SW+DE)

The scariest army in K3

Runepriest - Chooser of The Slain
Lonewolf - Wulfen
5 Grey Hunters - Meltagun (in Rhino)
3 x 6 Long Fangs - 4 Missiles, 1 Plasma Cannon Each

2 x 3 Trueborn - 2 Splinter Cannons (in Raider with Dark Lance)
5 DE Warriors - Blaster (in Raider with Dark Lance)
3 Reaver Jetbikes - Blaster
2 x Ravager - 3 Dark Lance
Ravager - 3 Desintegrator Cannons

The list looks scary, but actually a very big gamble on our part. As you can see, it was a pure shooty list. The only close combat unit in there is the Lone Wulfen hahaha. If we fail to stop the enemy from coming --> game over. And as usual, DE will suffer badly in Kill Points games while Long Fangs will be less effective in City Fight.

vs Blood Angels + Imperial Guard

The friendly Southeners
Syamael was the hero in this game when he succesfully Seize The Initiative. From then on, it was a straightforward game where we ended winning by capturing 2 objectives. My DE managed to capture Maphiston  in  the game, such a good fighter makes good money in the Gladiator Pit.

vs Blood Angels + Necrons

The Champions Army
We met Joe and Alvin in the 2nd round. It was a very close game. Such a small army, but very resilient against our shooting. Thanks to bad rolls on our part, we failed to stop their CC combo (Destroyer Lord + 6 Wraiths + Jump Priest) from reaching our line. By turn 5, Dante, Destroyer Lord and 2 Wraiths managed to contest our objectives and the game ended in their favour.

vs Grey Knights + Ultramarines

KP game, City Fight. Damn. It was a hard fought game for us. The marines hugged their 2+ cover (Bolster defense + Shrouding) terrain all the time (Of course lah since anything that came out will definitely die :lol:). By turn 3, I was getting bored all over, so I pushed my open-topped vehicles forward which brings the game to life. But it didn't end well for us coz the marines keeps on hiding. Meanwhile, their Dreadnought slowly killing my paper-thin vehicles. 

Luckily, the Grey Knights never heard of Lonewolf. Eager for easy KPs, they charged the Lonewolf out of cover. The Lonewolf was no match for them, but he did his job already (we NEED him to die anyway :lol:), pulling the GK unit (along with the cowardly Libby) into the open. Killing those two gives us enough KP to lead the game but they managed to pull a draw on the last turn.


We got 3rd place (I think :lol:). But the best thing, SplinterFangs won the Poeple's Choice Award! Wohoo!! That is way beyond our expectations. Thank you very much for all who voted us for this award.  


On the hobby side, I sent one entry per each 40k categories.

i. Single Model Category : Necron Harbinger of Despair --> Won Silver
ii. Unit Category : Nemessor Zahndrekh and his Lychguard Retinues --> Won Gold
iii. Large Model Category : Razorwing Jetfighter --> Won Gold

I was kinda expected that Zahndrekh and Lychguards are gonna do well in the Unit Category. But the Harbinger and Razorwing, was quite a shock if you ask me. Much to my surprise, Zahndrekh and the Lychguards even took home The Poeple's Choice Award.

Throphy family photo
To cut it short, this is another fun event held by Legio. Thanks to all the officers for making things happening here. I'll definitely join in next year.