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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Akkarin, Warmaster of The World Eaters

Not much was known about the current Warmaster of the World Eaters Legion. The fact is, no one who has ever lay their eyes on him able to escape with their lives. He is the most favoured champion of Khorne since Angron, and the sign of His favour can be seen upon the Warmaster.

Type : Special Character, Independent Character

Stats : WS7 BS5 S8 T5 I6 W4 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++

Special Rules :
1. Insurmountable Rage :
Khorn's rage knows no boundary. He sometimes channeled it to his Champions and the gift was known to many as Rage of Khorne. But for Akkarin, the bond was so strong that even he sometimes had difficulty to control it.
Akkarin has D6 additional attacks. On a roll of 1, the rage is just too much that he lost his grip on reality and will make no attack at all. Instead, he suffers 1 wound with no armour save.

2. Essence of The Unbound :
During Angron accendancy into a Daemon Prince, he set 8 of his favourite Chosens to a contest of might, of which the winner will be his successor.. and shall be given a chalice full of blood. The blood of Aangrath The Unbound.
Akkarin has drank from the chalice. His mortal body is now infused with the essence Aangrath The Unbound. He has S8, T5 and W4. Furthermore, he is immune to Instant Kill.

3. The Brass Armour of Khorne :
The armour was forged on the Deamon World of Khorne. It's durability is unlike any other forged in the material world.
The Brass Armour of Khorne is a suit of terminator armour that confers 4+ invulnerable save. It also count as a Personal Icon.

4. The Blood Talons
The essence of the unbound has mutated his arm several times the size of a normal space marines that his pair of lightning claws can no longer fit his arm. It was during the Battle at Ghemehaal, Akkarin barehandedly crushed a Death Company Dreadnought and took the Blood Talon for himself.
Akkarin may reroll any failed roll to wound in close combat

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doomsday at Ghemehaal

Apocalypse game of 50,000 points. The largest 40k held at Legio so far. It was a classic battle of Good versus Evil. My World Eaters Legion was there with their Maelstrom of Gore. It rains blood..

Behind the enemy lines.. right before the 1st cannon was shot

The mighty Emperor Titan of the Chaos Legion. Even a Stompa pale in comparison.

The Ravenwing leads the attack.. destroying 2 Baneblade in a single turn. Later the Doomsay Device (The Blue Lightning thing) explode killing some 75% of them. The survivors were stomped to death by the Warhound. None of the Ravenwing survives this battle.

My Kamen Rider Lord charges the Assassin but failed to kill him. Later Draigo of The Grey Knights join the combat, easily killing the Kamen Raider in a single stroke.

The Red Tide

Imperial Fleet targetting the red stompa with Precision Strike but the big red bully escape unharmed.

Khorne Terminators flank march, kill the Master of Ravenwing, and wrecked the basilisk

White Scars Vanguard Veteran, swarmed by the Berserkers

This is my World Eaters Legion, their kill count and their status at the end of the battle:

Kharn The Betrayer + 8 Berzerkers:

Kills : Deathwing Terminator, Korsarro Khan and White Scars bikers
Status : Unit destroyed by shooting

Lord Ammar + 8 Berzerkers:

Kills : Raven Guard Vanguard Vets, Grey Hunters and a Leman Russ.

Status : Contest the sexy objective on the left flank.

Lord Amirul + 8 Berzerkers:
Kills : Destroys a White Scars Vanguard Vets

Status : Entire unit killed by Paladins

Prince Ariakas

Kills : A Predator

Status : Killed by Paladins

Kamen Rider Lord

Kill : None

Status : Killed by Draigo

8 Khorne Terminators

Kills : Master of Ravenwing, Basilisk

Status : Killed by Paladins

8 Berserkers (Subhan's)

Kills : Deathwing Terminators + Character

Status : Hungry for more kills

8 Berserkers (Subhan's)

Kills : White Scars

Status : Killed by Paladins

8 Khorne Bikers

Kills : 2 Land Speeders

Status : Killed by White Scar Vanguard Vets

8 Khorne Raptors

Kills : 4-5 Land Speeders, Long Fangs

Status : Killed by Sky Claws led by a Priest

Predator 1

Kills : 2 Land Speeders

Status : Weapon Destroyed

Predator 2

Kills : none

Status : Destroyed


Kills : 2 Land Speeders

Status : Aiming for more target

Doomsday Device

Kills : Countless..

Status : Meltdown and explode, causing S10 AP3 hits to every model within 18 inches radius.

Brass Scorpion of Khorne 1

Kills : 2 Long Fangs Unit, a Predator

Status : Destroyed by Paladins

Brass Scorpion of Khorne 2

Kills : 2 White Scar Bikers Units

Status : Destroyed by White Scars

For full battle report. Go to..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sun Pirates

My Dark Eldar Kabal of The Black Sun a.k.a. the Sun Pirates. This is the 1st army I have that is not MEQ in armour saves/stats. So i need to really master them before I take them to actual space raid.

I've done several playtesting against my own existing armies. I lost through several early testplay. It was difficult being fragile and naked (especially them wyches). But nowadays (20+ playtest already), the Sun Pirates has grown so much in experience that they never lost any recent playtest.

The list that I used in the most recent playtesting is as below:

Archon Huskblade, Combat Drugs, Ghostplate Armour, Soul Trap, Shadow Field
5 Incubi
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon, Enhanced Aethersails, Nightshield

3 Trueborn 2 Splinter Cannons
Venom with 2 Splinter Cannons

3 Trueborn 2 Splinter Cannons
Venom with 2 Splinter Cannons

5 Warriors Blaster
Raider with Dark Lance, Nightshield

5 Warriors Blaster
Raider with Dark Lance, Nightshield

5 Warriors Blaster
Raider with Dark Lance, Nightshield

10 Wyches 2 Shardnet & Impaler, Hekatrix with Agonizer
Raider with Disintegrator Cannons, Aethersails

3 Reavers Heatlance

3 Reavers Heatlance

Ravager - 3 Disintegrator Cannons, Nightshield, Flickerfield

Ravager - 3 Disintegrator Cannons, Nightshield, Flickerfield

Ravager - 3 Dark Lance, Nightshield, Flickerfield

The 1st playtest is done and it was a massacre win againsts my World Eaters. The Trueborn unit turns out to be the most cost effective unit in the game. Working together they killed anything with Toughness value that came into their view, leaving nothing for my DC Ravagers to shoot at as they come from reserve.

So for the next playtest (against either RG or 13th Co.), I'll change the Ravager trio setup to 1 with 3 DCs and 2 with DLs too boost my anti-armour capabilities.

This below is the model that I have right now. As you can see, several unit is still missing but it wont be for long.

The Sun Pirates