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Monday, January 27, 2014

Be'lakor VS DE Coven

Be'lakor learned about a powerful Daemon Weapon unearthed at the planet XXX, and that a Raven Guard force was sent to retrieve or destroy it if they had to. So he sent out a small band of Chaos Space Marines to open a Portalglyph on the planet, connecting straight to the Realm of Khorne. Across the portal, was Be'lakor and a mighty Daemonic Legion of Khorne, ready to step foot on the material plane and claim the artifact before the Raven Guard's arrival.

Be'lakor's Daemonic Legion
Bloodthrister (S8 Lance, Grimoire)
2x10 Bloodletters
15 Flesh Hounds
DPrince (Axe of Khorne, Warp Tether)

CSM Prince (Blindfury)

However, Be'lakor wasn't the only one who learned about the event. Danntoh, Ancient Haemonculus of the Silent Scorn Coven also had his eye on it and had began extracting it when the Daemonic Legion step through the portal. 

The Silent Scorn Coven
Ancient Haemonculus (Huskblade, Shard)
Haemonculus (Venom Blade)
8 Grotesques
3 Splinterborn in Venom
5 Wyches in Venom
10 Warriors in Raider
2x5 Wracks in Raider
10 Scourges (4 Splinter Cannons)
Razorwing Jetfighter 

10 Guardians (Star Cannon)

.. and so the war began.


Mission : Emperor's Will, Vanguard Strike Deployment, DE went first.

Deployment and Scouts Redeployment
I failed to Seize The Initiative. DE focussed everything on killing the closest threat, my Flesh Hounds. The number of Poisoned and Dark Matter shots were overwhelming, but so were my 5++ rolls. When the dust is cleared, there's 6 more Flesh Hounds on table.

Bloodthirster Grimoired Be'lakor (now with 2++) and all the FMC flew towards the objective, followed by the Flesh Hounds. The CSM on my home ground embarked into the Bastion. Be'lakor did some magic but nothing really worked well. Bloodthirster used the lance attack to destroy a Raider (First Blood!), killing 4 DE Warriors inside and 2 Eldar Guardians nearby.

2nd Turn. DE focused on taking down Be'lakor and the Bloodthirster. They killed the Bloodthirster, while the Dark Prince wounded twice and was grounded. Then the large Grotesques unit assaulted, but Be'lakor was invincible with his 2++. He instead instakilled 3 Grotesques with 3 Smash attacks.

Be'lakor holding up against the Grotesques
Be'lakor casted Terrify on the Scourges and they fled 7 inches (on 3d6) towards the table edge. Just 2 more inches and the unit would've  been destroyed already. Hadesdrake took out 2 HP off the Razorwing. Both Bloodletter units deepstriked near the bastion, going for the enemy objective.

Close combat was awesome. Flesh Hounds destroyed the DE Warriors, DPrince destroyed the Eldar Guardians while Be'lakor and CSM Prince slaughtered the Grotesques (but still stuck in combat)

Blood for the Blood God! Skull for the Skullthrone!
3rd Turn. Razorwing missed when shooting at the Hadesdrake with Dark Lance. DE killed a DPrince and some dogs. Be'lakor and CSM Prince destroyed the Grotesques and all 3 ICs attached to that unit.

Be'lakor again attempted to Terrify the Scourges to run off table. But this time they held their ground. Hadesdrake destroyed the Razorwing with Vector Strike, then shoot the Autocannon at a Raider, but was saved by jink. The dead DPrince returned to battle from my left. In close combat, 3 Flesh Hounds destroyed the Scourge unit while CSM hack apart a Venom, killing 2 of 5 Wyches inside.
The Bloodletters taking hold of the artifact (enemy objective) while the carnage continued
4th Turn.  With shooting, DE killed the dogs, but failed to harm Be'lakor. 2 units of 5 Wracks and the Wyches assaulted the CSM Prince. Despite having 11 attacks, the Prince killed only 5 Wracks. The Wracks striked back with their poisoned weapons and slain the mighty prince.

Hadesdrake destroyed a Raider with Vector Strike. DPrince destroyed a Wrack unit, also with Vector Strike. Be'lakor attempted to assault the last Raider but failed charge.

5th Turn. Venom killed Be'lakor. It's passengers, the Splinterborn took out the DPrince in the air. Hadesdrake came over and destroyed the last Raider with Hades Autocannon. 1 Wracks survived the explosion. The 5 CSMs disembarked from the Bastion and went for my home objective.

The final hour
6th Turn. DE got nothing to do, so they shot the Bloodletters, killing a few but still many left to hold the objective. Came my turn, we decided to stop since we already knew the outcome.

Dark Eldar - Slay The Warlord
Daemons - 2 Objectives + First Blood + Slay The Warlord + Line Breaker (WINNER!)

In this game, I have to say the Flesh Hounds performed greatly, soaking wounds early on and destroyed 2 units while being at below 1/3rd of their strength. 
Hadesdrake were also good, just as how it performed in my several play tests back home. 

Alright. That's all for today. Thanks for reading.

Have a nice day guys.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First attempt at a Raven Guard Sniper

I have two Sniper team in my current Raven Guard list. The setup was 4 Sniper Rifles and 1 Heavy Bolter with Hellfire Shells per squad.

In my attempt to revive the World Eaters and come up with a good Raven Guard list at the same time, I've been doing many play test games back home. I never put high expectation on the Snipers, but they always did more that what I hoped for, killing Be'lakor, taking out Khorne Bikers, Khorne Lord and more marines.

So I decided to proceed with painting them and this is my first attempt.

FW RG Brass Etch makes life much easier. Every RG player should have one
The Camo Cloak was a blend of Adeptus Battlegray, Astronomicon Grey and Rakarth Flesh strokes.
I went for Urban Camo to fit my RG theme
I received some good input from guys at the Hall of Heroes, so I'm going to redo the base to dark greyish urban colour, same as the rest of the Raven Guard.

Thanks for visiting. Have a nice day :-)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Raven Guard Typhoon Speeder Squadron

The recent addition to my Raven Guard.. a Typhoon Speeder (the right Speeder in the picture). Together with the 1st Typhoon I did several years back (here), they form a formidable squadron that dish out 6 S5 AP4 shots at 36 inches and 4 S8/4 AP3/6 shots at 48 inches. Not bad for just 150 points.

Cheap, fast, and effective. I love them already :-).

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cypher : Lord of The Fallen


In the end, I keep him as he is yesterday, with the addition of a skull at the left leg since Cypher has metal skull on one of his legs. The skull was cut out from a Berserker leg. Painted him in my usual painting style (nothing grand), and..

.. he's done.
I'm quite happy with the plasma glow effect
Green lens looks good on pistols
The Cypher's Sword swinging behind his back
Again.. the Cypher's Sword
Cypher.. is ready for battle
Next is to see how he would perform on table. But this week I want to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles. So I'm gonna have do some play test on my own back home. Maybe against the World Eaters since they haven't seen battles far too long already.

That's all for today, thanks for visiting. Have a nice day :-)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WIP : Cypher

I've ordered the Cypher model through Alvin, but somehow I ended up doing this guy yesterday. The idea is to make a model that people can easily recognize as Cypher, with more dynamic pose (this guy has I8!) with lots of movement. Even the Cypher's Sword is hanging to enhance the sense of movement.

I like the result, though I think the model would be nicer if I use a Berserker running leg instead. Painting is about 50%.

I might make some changes today. But if I don't, expect me to finish painting this guy by tomorrow. Till then, have a nice day.

Thank you.