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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plans for this and the next week

Nothing much of a plan actually. Just enough to keep my hobby going.
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Painting :
A drop pod for Brother Kumbang a.k.a. my Dreadnought. Currently at 50%. Next in schedule is a Predator. The progress is slow coz hey.. Family comes 1st :)
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Gaming :
I'll be going back to Tg. Malim this Friday evening. Luckily, Legio is along the route from here to there so i might be able to drop by and roll some dice. I'll bring my Dark Elves for some WFB action. My list as usual will be:
Heroes: Lord on Cold Ones, 3 Assassins
Core: 20 DE Warriors, 10 Dark Riders
Special: 18 Black Guards, 12 Shades, 5 Cold One Knights
Rare: a War Hydra

If there's no WFB player around, I'll play my RG instead :
HQ: Shrike
Elites: a Dreadnought, 5 Terminators
Troops: 20 Marines
Fast: 10 Jumpacks, 2 Attack bikes
Heavy: 3 Predators.

Any takers?

EDIT : Seems like i cannot make it to Legio this week. Got things to do with my wife and kids. Another week without gaming for me. You guys have fun alright..

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tactical Rhinoes completed

Two Rhinoes for my 2 Tactical Squads. Named "Jebat" and "Kasturi" after 2 of the legendary Malay fighters during the Kesultanan Melayu Melaka (how do we say that in English?).

Jebat and Kasturi patrolling the city

Parked side by side for a snack at nearby Mamak

Notice the differences?

Raven Guard insignia, the pride of the Chapter

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Assassin's Creed

I had a game with the Mad Doc Selvam's Dwarven army led by Thorek Ironbrow himself. Thorek and the Anvil of Doom is a nasty piece. This is the 1st time i saw AoD in play and was shocked to see it's effectiveness.

That 2d6 S4 Lightning and the ability to move units into charge is a nice ability that has a lot of potential in affecting the game. The best thing is that it is casted in the shooting phase, which means it can never be dispelled!!

But my Dark Elves learned well and fast. And lead by Dreadlord Akkarin, they fought the Dwarves find glory for Naggaroth. Akkarin himself slew the Dwarf Thane in a challenge. (Akkarin died a few seconds later from 20 angry dwarven axes hahaha)

My 3 Assassins proved their worth once again in this game. Entreri even Killing Blowed Thorek in their duel.

The dwarves completely annihilated. Only 11 Dark Elves dead (including Dreadlord Akkarin)It was a Massacre!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

RG vs Eldar

Sukai ask for another game vs my Raven Guard. It was a Seize Ground (5) mission, Pitch Battle deployment and i allow him to deploy 1st.

His luck was overwhelming with countless of successfull saves. His Avatar survives countless lasscannon, plasmagun and autocannon shots (even when not Fourtuned) suffering only 2 wounds when the game ended on turn 7.

Luckily Shrike and his band of fleeting Assault Marines succeed in their suicide mission to kill every single Eldar troops. This enabled me to win the game with a lead by 1 objective.

What's left on turn 7:
RG - 2 Attack Bikes, Dreadnought, Drop Pod, 3 Predators, 4 Tacticals.
Eldar - Avatar, Eldrad, 3 Banshees, an immobilised Serpent.

Another win for the Sons of Corax