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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Raven Guard VS Necro-Tau

I had my 1st game with the new Raven Guard today. It was a bloody battle against an alliance of Necrons and Tau. It was scary going against two of the most powerful armies at the same time hahaha!

The game was Big Guns Never Tire with 3 objectives. Necro-Tau begin the game with easy 1st Blood by destroying one of my Rhino. I was lucky the Riptide suffered gets hot, otherwise half of my Assault Marines would have gone already.

When my turn came I decide to focus on killing his heavy supports. Assault Marines successfully destroyed 2 Annihilation Barge but my Sternguards failed to harm the Riptide.

Later my Chapter Master entered combat with the Riptide and Tau Commander but this Tau knows how to fight. They were later supported by a Destroyer Lord and Wraiths.

My Chapter Master passed the Mindshackle Scarabs, took 2 wounds from Warscythe and hits back, killing the Destroyer Lord for good. But later he got killed by the Wraiths.

The rest of the game was quite balance but the NecroTau is slowly killing my Marines. With the help of 6 Assault Terminators my Marines able to hold the NecroTau from gaining too much ground. The game ended on turn 5 with the result 4-3 in favor of NecroTau

It was fun, and more importantly, I learned a few things today about Tau. They are powerful tools to be had by anyone. I need something to help me take care of the Riptide and Tau Commander. I am thinking Centurion Devastators with GravCannon instead of Assault Terminators. But they were sold out at Alvin's. Later lah.

Bought myself a Aegis Defence Line, that thing can be handy against the fliers. Gonna spend some time on it tonight. 

So, that's all for today guys. Have fun hobbying.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Death Spectres Librarian

Greetings it has been a long time since I last updated my blog. To be honest, I'm a bit sick with the 6th ed. My morale was low and not a single model painted fully since the last update. Then came the new Space Marines Codex.

I painted this guy during the Codex : Space Marines Release Event at Hobby Forge. I couldn't finish him in time and so lost the opportunity to grab one of three free codex offered to the winners. 

The good thing is that thanks to the event, I'm finally back to the painting table. Back home I spent some more time on him and soon after he is ready for action.

The kit is nicely detailed, but don't really like the 'Gandalf' pose. 

Aniway, enjoy the pics.

Edit : change the pictures already. The previous ones were too dark.