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Friday, December 23, 2011

Necron Tactica : Nemessor Zahndrekh

Nemessor Zahndrekh

Zahndrekh is a good HQ choice in terms of pointcost and abilities. He has 3 special rules that are seriously good and comes with necessary wargear that compliment any unit he joins. I have used him in several early playtest and 2 friendly games. I must say, he is my favourite Necron HQ at the moment and this is how I used him in my game.

Using The Nemessor

Taking Nemessor is easy, but deciding what unit to accompany this guy will require some thinking. He is not a Phaeron, meaning that we should never attach him to a Warriors or any unit with Rapid Fire weapons. It is either assault weapon or simply forget about shooting. At the same time he wields a Staff of Light and carry one very important item that is the Resurrection Orb (RO). So what unit should we attach him to? For me, there's only 2 unit where we can maximize his potential without becoming a hindrance to the unit --> Immortals with Tesla Carbine and Lychguards. 

Zahndrekh and The Immortals

Tesla Carbines works great since it is Assault Weapon and the fact that Immortals are Scoring. Having RO in there makes it several times better at holding an objective. Give them Tank Hunters and they can help you stop Rhinoes or any light vehicles coming at them. Of course, AP- hurts but it worked in several playtests I did. Not good enough? Drop in a Harbinger of Destruction and you now have a mobile Lasscannon (with Tank Hunters) to add to the punch (Solar Pulse is a great help too). But my personal favourite is of course, The old school Immortal and Veil of Darkness (VoD) where the whole table is yours to play with (It was so much better when Gauss Blaster was Assault 2 though).

Zahndrekh and Lychguards

As for Lychguards, they make very good bodyguards for Zahndrekh. I usually take 7-8 Lychguards with Warscythe so they can take out anything from infantries to tanks. But it is difficult to get their points back since they don't have any shooting capabilities. Even worst, they aren't Scoring. Lychguard do seems useless, but it was with their help that I managed two massacre wins against GK and BT. 

Lychguards' place are within the enemy line. In order to do that, they always need a mean of which to transport them. Monolith and Night Scythe are a good and safe method, but I prefer Deep Striking (DS) them using the VoD. Cheap and has so far been nothing but effective. Since they don't have any shooting capabilities, you have no worry about them scattering out of range and can simply make them 'Run' during the Shooting Phase to spread out against enemy template. Give them "Counter Assault" if you have to for precaution.

But to what end? We all know DS them on enemy line will only make them die faster. That is partly true but here is the thing. DS-ing Zahndrekh and Lychguard is just part of a bigger plan :-) 

Vargard Obyron

Obyron's Ghostwalk Mantle allows him to DS anywhere within 6 inches from Zahndrekh without scatter. This is very good when used in combination with DS-ing Zahndrekh. When I use this ability, it is always to DS 20 Necron Warriors with attached Necron Lord (with RO). 40 S4 + 3 S5 AP3 = FUN!! If you are lucky like I was in the 2 games, Zahndrekh and HoD (AP1 Template) might also be in range to join the fun.

The 2nd Wave

In order to make the plan successfull, it is also very important to take the 2nd wave element into account. The 2nd wave must be something that fast and strong. In my case, I always take a Necron Destroyer Lord accompanied by 6 Wraith (with Whip Coils) for the 2nd wave. Scary stuffs there. Wherever you DS, make sure it is within reach of the 2nd Wave. The opponent will clearly see through it, and that will psychologically effect whatever decision he has to make later on.

What Comes After..

Comes the opponent's turn, they now have to deal with 2 fresh target + the 2nd Wave. Most opponent will concentrate on the much easier and more juicy target --> Necron Warriors. But trust me, unless you are playing against IG, there's nothing much that can take out 20 warriors in a single shooting phase. I have tried several times during playtests but never succeeded. Both my opponents did the same but the results are the same. The best course of action is to beat them in close combat and kill them by Sweeping Advance. But if they choose to go for close combat, there's Obyron in there that might be too strong to handle with his Cleaving Counterblow. Not to mention, they also have to risk being counter charged by the Lychguards and the 2nd Wave. So what is the best course of action? Let them decide.

If the Warriors survived, there's nothing to stop them jumping around into rapid fire range each and every turn, wherever the Nemessor points them to.

Will It Really Work?

You'll never know until you've tried it. I've so far nothing but success. Nothing was more funny than Necrons beating BT and GK in combat. Maybe it is due to luck that I manage to win. But then again, luck is just another weapon to be used by a general.

Well.. that's all for the day. Never wrote something this long before . Dont know if it is gonna be of any use to you all. Just sharing my experience that is something different compared to how other people have been using him out there. 

Till next time.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

13th Co : Thunderwolf Cavalry

'One-eyed' Jandhuin (left) and Alaric 'Dragontamer' are two of the most trusted companions of Wolf Lord Ammar Bloodhowl. They are the Wolf Lord's shadow, always there at his side whenever he marches to battle.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

13th Co. Rhino

I went through some of my pic and realize I haven't post this rhino yet. It was done about half a year back. I had just received the FW weathering powder set that time and thought that it might be a good test model to try weathering techniques.

I considered it at 95% done. What needed is to paint the Storm Bolter and weather the tracks before it is done.

Hope you guys like it :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Stuff : 13th Co. Meltagunner

Painting several mummies in a row tends to get boring.. so I pick up one random model just for a change. A 13th Co. Meltagunner. Took me one and a half hour to finish and I think I like him enough. Enjoy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Mummy Returns!!

Damn the new Necrons is so much fun to play with. And two recent wins boost my morale to take out paintset and continue what I have left several years back.

First up is the Necron Lord. It was one of the earliest model painted by me when I entered this hobby. Since the new codex release, he has won me two massacre victories. So I think he deserves some love from me. I spent some 2 hours to facelift this guy and I must say, he now looks several times better than previously. Too bad I forgot to take pic of him before the facelift for comparison.
Next up is the Immortals.. just before I sent them sleeping years back, I have painted seven Immortals in mummy theme. I have now finished painting two more of them. Now there's only one left to paint for a complete squad of ten or 2x5 that I usually play.

And finally, the Destroyer. I never had more than two Destroyers back then. So when a buddy of mine offered 3 Destroyers + 1 Heavy Destroyers at RM185, I was quick to seal the deal. But we all know the current Destroyers sucks bad compares to their previous incarnation. So why bother?

Well.. The destroyers do be sucks, but not them Heavy Destroyers. S9 AP2 on Jump Infantry is not something to ignore, especially when you can give them "Tank Hunter" skills (Zahndrekh). So spent some time and did some conversion using the spare Gauss Cannons I have to make two more Heavy Destroyers with better looking (IMHO :)) Heavy Gauss Cannons. Now I have a fully kitted 5 man Destroyer Squad to accompany my Destroyer Lord in fun games.

I will begin painting them after the last Immortal was done.

I plan to bring my Necrons for the coming MaGaCon (I've not yet submitted any list!!!). But I can never complete my list in time because Hobby Forge ran out of stocks for Necron stuffs the last time I visit there. So I'll bring my World Eaters instead just for fun. There's no way they can easily compete against any recent codex out there.. but that will of course makes winning all the more sweeter isn't it :)

Have fun guys

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Batrep : Necron vs GK 1750 pts

Finally, The Undying Legion is back in action. They woke up a couple weeks back to find a Black Templar army occupying their tombworld. The Black Templar had no chance at all and were completely annihilated.

The sudden lost of a Templar post by a mysterious force brings about questions and queries amongs the Inquisition. Since the GK stock is now in abundance, it didn't take long for them to agree to send some Paladins to investigate and annihilate the menace once and for all.


Nemessor Zahndrekh
- Harbinger of Despair with VoD
- 8 Lychguard
Vargard Obyron
- Lord with Orb, Scythe
- 20 Warriors
Destroyer Lord
- 6 Wraiths
2x5 Immortals - Tesla
2 Heavy Destroyers

6 Paladins - Scoring
5 Paladins - Scoring
2x5 GKSS - Psycannon
10 man Purgation(?) Squad - Scoring


Seize Ground (3), Dawn of War, GK goes first.

Deployment :
GK - 5 GKSS occupied the landing platform, securing one objective early on. Both Paladins and a GKSS will deepstrike.
Necron - 2 Immortal units deploy together just 18 inches away from the GKSS on the platform. Destroyer Lord hide behind the watchtower.

1st turn : At Dawn
GM leads the Purgation Squad into battle at the centre of table. But it was the Immortals who drew the 1st blood, killing 3 GKs with their Tesla Carbine.

2nd turn : Veil of Darkness
Using psychic communion, the GK forces held their reserves for another turn. The Necrons took the chance and deepstrike some 20 Warriors and 8 Lychguard near the Purgation Squad. The whole army concentrated their firepower at the Purgation Squad, killing all but a TH guy and the GM while the Destroyer Lord finished the GK on the platform.

3rd Turn (GK) : "Let The Cleansing Begin"
All the reserves drops in and let loose their firepower, killing 1 Lychguard, 1 Immortal and cause 2 wounds to Zahndrekh. The GM + TH Guy assaulted the Warriors + Obyron. Psychostroke Grenades failes but his attacks killed 3 Warriors. In retaliation, the Necrons slew the TH Guy.

3rd Turn (Necron) : Necron Assault !?!
Obyron use Ghostwalk Mantle to pull the Warriors from combat and with the support of the Immortals, they concentrated on the 5 man Paladins, killing 1 model and wounded 3 more. Zahndrekh and the Destroyer Lord leads the Lychguards (Furious Charge) and Wraiths to assault the big Paladin unit, but the Lychguards failed to reach due to Sanctuary. This allows the GK able to win combat easily. They even managed to kill the Destroyer Lord (He came back though), but the Wraiths stay to fight for another round.

4th Turn (GK) : Psychostroke Madness
The GM assaulted the Warriors from behind and rolled 6 for the Psychostroke grenades. At the same time, the 4 man Paladins simultaneous charged the Warriors and Lychguards, and this allows Obyron the escape the effect of the Psychostroke grenades. GM killed 4 Warriors, Paladin killed Zahndrekh while the Warriors butchered each other down to 5 models. The Lychguards managed to kill 2 Paladins but their lost is too great this time. Obyron and Lychguard flee from combat, but the Warriors held their ground with a magnificent "Insane Courage" (Must be the after effect of the Psuchostroke grenades :lol:)

On the other side, the Destroyer Lord took over the mind of a TH wielding Paladin with the Mindshackle Scarabs, and together they killed the Librarian and 2 Paladins. In return, the Paladins killed 2 Wraiths.

4th Turn (Necron) : Necron Warriors Can Fight !?!
The Lychguard rallied and secure the middle objective. Meanwhile one Immortal squad captured the objective on the platform. Somehow the Warriors managed to kill one Paladin and win combat but the GM and lone Paladin held their ground. Meanwhile, the other fight continued with the Paladins being reduced to 2 models.

5th Turn : Total Annihilation
The last strike squad charged the Destroyer Lord in a desperate attempt to save the Paladins but to no avail. The Destroyer Lord killed 3 GKSS, while the Wraiths massacred the Paladins and sent the GKSS running away from battle. Meanwhile, the warriors keeps the GM and lone Paladin (the only GK models left on table) busy for another turn. Came Necron turn, the GK conceded.


Necron win by annihilation and controls 2 objective. It was a great and fun game where all my gamble paid of. I truly enjoyed this one.

Thanks Edward, it's a great game :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

WIP - Razorwing Jetfighter

I've been lazy.. but that doesn't mean I didn't do anything. Here goes my Razorwing Jetfighter. A try at Camo Pattern inspired by Alvin's Raptors (digital camo).

Mine was nothing digital.. too much work. I need something simple but workable. I think I like it enough to take it for a game soon enough.

Dont know what to do with the base though.. bye.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Dark Eldar Raiders

A Raider is compulsory for every DE raid, hence the name. They are fast (the 2nd fastest transport in the game), has a small footprint (easy to hide), good for assault (being open-topped) and carries a Dark Lance/Disintegrator Cannons as standard.

It is to me, a vehicle with the coolest design ever to come from GW. I like every aspect of it, from gameplay to it's look, and currently have 5 of it to have fun with.


At 60 points they are very expensive for a AV10, open-topped vehicle. But then again, when you take into consideration, the cost for Dark Lance or DC into account and then you'll realize that a Raider actually costed 35 pts naked, not so bad for a Fast Skimmer if you ask me.

Weapon of choice

It is hard to choose between Dark Lance and Disintegrator Cannon because i really like both weapons. The former is good for anti-armour while the other is bane of all kinds of MEQ.
Things that influence my weapon choice is the current meta of the game. If say I foresee a lot of armour to handle, of course it will be stupid not to maximize on the Dark Lance. But in all the game I've had far, I always include 2 with Disintegrator Cannon to help with crowd control.

Colour Scheme

As you can see from the picture below, I go for the standard looking colour scheme in the rulebook. For now, my aim is to complete the army as fast as possible for the upcoming Ghemehaal campaign. So I'm not going to do any highlights on it until I have a fully painted army ready. After that.. maybe if I don't jump to another project, I will return to them and finish things properly.
That's it for today. Next I am going to share several tactics that I have about using a Raider. But that is for another day.

Till then.. happy gaming :)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Akkarin, Warmaster of The World Eaters

Not much was known about the current Warmaster of the World Eaters Legion. The fact is, no one who has ever lay their eyes on him able to escape with their lives. He is the most favoured champion of Khorne since Angron, and the sign of His favour can be seen upon the Warmaster.

Type : Special Character, Independent Character

Stats : WS7 BS5 S8 T5 I6 W4 A4 Ld10 Sv2+/4++

Special Rules :
1. Insurmountable Rage :
Khorn's rage knows no boundary. He sometimes channeled it to his Champions and the gift was known to many as Rage of Khorne. But for Akkarin, the bond was so strong that even he sometimes had difficulty to control it.
Akkarin has D6 additional attacks. On a roll of 1, the rage is just too much that he lost his grip on reality and will make no attack at all. Instead, he suffers 1 wound with no armour save.

2. Essence of The Unbound :
During Angron accendancy into a Daemon Prince, he set 8 of his favourite Chosens to a contest of might, of which the winner will be his successor.. and shall be given a chalice full of blood. The blood of Aangrath The Unbound.
Akkarin has drank from the chalice. His mortal body is now infused with the essence Aangrath The Unbound. He has S8, T5 and W4. Furthermore, he is immune to Instant Kill.

3. The Brass Armour of Khorne :
The armour was forged on the Deamon World of Khorne. It's durability is unlike any other forged in the material world.
The Brass Armour of Khorne is a suit of terminator armour that confers 4+ invulnerable save. It also count as a Personal Icon.

4. The Blood Talons
The essence of the unbound has mutated his arm several times the size of a normal space marines that his pair of lightning claws can no longer fit his arm. It was during the Battle at Ghemehaal, Akkarin barehandedly crushed a Death Company Dreadnought and took the Blood Talon for himself.
Akkarin may reroll any failed roll to wound in close combat

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Doomsday at Ghemehaal

Apocalypse game of 50,000 points. The largest 40k held at Legio so far. It was a classic battle of Good versus Evil. My World Eaters Legion was there with their Maelstrom of Gore. It rains blood..

Behind the enemy lines.. right before the 1st cannon was shot

The mighty Emperor Titan of the Chaos Legion. Even a Stompa pale in comparison.

The Ravenwing leads the attack.. destroying 2 Baneblade in a single turn. Later the Doomsay Device (The Blue Lightning thing) explode killing some 75% of them. The survivors were stomped to death by the Warhound. None of the Ravenwing survives this battle.

My Kamen Rider Lord charges the Assassin but failed to kill him. Later Draigo of The Grey Knights join the combat, easily killing the Kamen Raider in a single stroke.

The Red Tide

Imperial Fleet targetting the red stompa with Precision Strike but the big red bully escape unharmed.

Khorne Terminators flank march, kill the Master of Ravenwing, and wrecked the basilisk

White Scars Vanguard Veteran, swarmed by the Berserkers

This is my World Eaters Legion, their kill count and their status at the end of the battle:

Kharn The Betrayer + 8 Berzerkers:

Kills : Deathwing Terminator, Korsarro Khan and White Scars bikers
Status : Unit destroyed by shooting

Lord Ammar + 8 Berzerkers:

Kills : Raven Guard Vanguard Vets, Grey Hunters and a Leman Russ.

Status : Contest the sexy objective on the left flank.

Lord Amirul + 8 Berzerkers:
Kills : Destroys a White Scars Vanguard Vets

Status : Entire unit killed by Paladins

Prince Ariakas

Kills : A Predator

Status : Killed by Paladins

Kamen Rider Lord

Kill : None

Status : Killed by Draigo

8 Khorne Terminators

Kills : Master of Ravenwing, Basilisk

Status : Killed by Paladins

8 Berserkers (Subhan's)

Kills : Deathwing Terminators + Character

Status : Hungry for more kills

8 Berserkers (Subhan's)

Kills : White Scars

Status : Killed by Paladins

8 Khorne Bikers

Kills : 2 Land Speeders

Status : Killed by White Scar Vanguard Vets

8 Khorne Raptors

Kills : 4-5 Land Speeders, Long Fangs

Status : Killed by Sky Claws led by a Priest

Predator 1

Kills : 2 Land Speeders

Status : Weapon Destroyed

Predator 2

Kills : none

Status : Destroyed


Kills : 2 Land Speeders

Status : Aiming for more target

Doomsday Device

Kills : Countless..

Status : Meltdown and explode, causing S10 AP3 hits to every model within 18 inches radius.

Brass Scorpion of Khorne 1

Kills : 2 Long Fangs Unit, a Predator

Status : Destroyed by Paladins

Brass Scorpion of Khorne 2

Kills : 2 White Scar Bikers Units

Status : Destroyed by White Scars

For full battle report. Go to..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Sun Pirates

My Dark Eldar Kabal of The Black Sun a.k.a. the Sun Pirates. This is the 1st army I have that is not MEQ in armour saves/stats. So i need to really master them before I take them to actual space raid.

I've done several playtesting against my own existing armies. I lost through several early testplay. It was difficult being fragile and naked (especially them wyches). But nowadays (20+ playtest already), the Sun Pirates has grown so much in experience that they never lost any recent playtest.

The list that I used in the most recent playtesting is as below:

Archon Huskblade, Combat Drugs, Ghostplate Armour, Soul Trap, Shadow Field
5 Incubi
Raider with Disintegrator Cannon, Enhanced Aethersails, Nightshield

3 Trueborn 2 Splinter Cannons
Venom with 2 Splinter Cannons

3 Trueborn 2 Splinter Cannons
Venom with 2 Splinter Cannons

5 Warriors Blaster
Raider with Dark Lance, Nightshield

5 Warriors Blaster
Raider with Dark Lance, Nightshield

5 Warriors Blaster
Raider with Dark Lance, Nightshield

10 Wyches 2 Shardnet & Impaler, Hekatrix with Agonizer
Raider with Disintegrator Cannons, Aethersails

3 Reavers Heatlance

3 Reavers Heatlance

Ravager - 3 Disintegrator Cannons, Nightshield, Flickerfield

Ravager - 3 Disintegrator Cannons, Nightshield, Flickerfield

Ravager - 3 Dark Lance, Nightshield, Flickerfield

The 1st playtest is done and it was a massacre win againsts my World Eaters. The Trueborn unit turns out to be the most cost effective unit in the game. Working together they killed anything with Toughness value that came into their view, leaving nothing for my DC Ravagers to shoot at as they come from reserve.

So for the next playtest (against either RG or 13th Co.), I'll change the Ravager trio setup to 1 with 3 DCs and 2 with DLs too boost my anti-armour capabilities.

This below is the model that I have right now. As you can see, several unit is still missing but it wont be for long.

The Sun Pirates

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Canis Wolfborn

Canis Wolfborn.. The model is damn expensive. So I think might as well paint him a bit nicely lah. But time is short.. KII is closing in very fast. And the quality was greatly reduce. I hope you guys like him :)

The damn claw sure looks like boxing gloves hahaha..

Sunday, April 3, 2011

KII : Update

I have submitted my list and there's no turning back. With everyone keeping their list a secret, I wont reveal it until KII over. Suffice to say here that my 750 list consist of 28 models and up untill today, I only manage to finish 7 of em. Only 14 days to go, and there's still so many things to do. Again I said I wont reveal my list, but it has been so long since my last post. So guys, I'll post some picture of them here just to keep this blog going. This guy below.. will join me in KII.

To the rest of KII participants.. happy painting :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kindred II

Kindred II, a team tournament will be held at Legio on 16th April 2011. I was supposed to enter it with my brother CikguDin. Me with my 13th Co. to team up with his Blood Angel army. But alas, he cannot make it.

Luckily it wasn't long before i found a new partner --> Ivan, the People's Choice Award winner from the previous Kindred.

So this post is actually for him to have a look at my army scheme (especially the base) so he can synchronize it with his army plus some progress on my part.

To Ivan : As we can see from the pic below, my base consist of three parts --> soil, snow and grass. Vey simple to do and for you to follow.

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf

As for the Expendables, I've done painting them except for their bases. But wanna keep them secret until the day. So for now, be happy with their Battle Standard as preview.

The Expendables Battle Standard

Till next time.. adios.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Enslaving the Empire : DE vs Empire 2.5k Battle

It was my 4th WFB game against an Empire army that has so far lost only once in 10+ games. It will be a hard game. To win, i must not make any mistake.

The Empire army has no such thing as the invincible Steamtank nor the Handgunners. But they do have 2 Great Cannons and 2 Mortars to deliver death from afar. For my frail dark kin, the large mortar template was the bane of our existence while the cannon was the worst thing to hit our favoured pet, the War Hydra.

The Empire are no less threatening in close combat with 3 large blocks of infantries (Greatswords, Halberdiers and Swordsmen) backed by a level 4 Light Wizard to match the speed of my elves. And they were supported by about 15 Knights of Inner Circle (KoIC) or something with 1+ Armour Save lead by an Arclechtor.


DE list
lvl 4 Supreme Sorceress on Dark Pegasus
Master + 19 Black Guards
BSB on Cold One + 9 Cold One Knights
30 Black Ark Corsairs
2x5 Dark Riders
2x7 Shades
War Hydra

Empire list
lvl 4 Wizard Lord
lvl 2 Wizard
30 Halberdiers
30 Greatswords
30 Swordsmen
2 Great Cannon
2 Mortars


Dawn Attack

It was dawn when we strike at the Empire, and we were very lucky indeed. Our initial strike, lead by the Assassin and 14 Shades manage to destroy one of the great cannon. This was a crutial move that ensure the survival of our War Hydra. Meanwhile the Dark Riders perform a hit and run manuver to pull the enemy Greatswords (GS) to within The Black Guard (BG) charging range.

The BG's charge was as great as always, but The Greatswords, imbued with The Speed of Light is no easy meat with their WS of 10. But we the Dark Elves are much superior being, Our Tower Master easily slain the GS Champion in a Challenge followed by a Lvl 2 Sorcerer in the later turn. In the 2nd round of combat, the combat was joined by the charging KoIC lead by the . The Great Master Erwin Draco, wielding The Soulrender challenged the Archlector in a duel which last for several rounds.

It was then that our Noble Cold One Knights charged the KoIC from the flank, and the Black Ark Corsairs to the flank of the GS and almost seal the fate of the Empire. Almost. The KoIC was Unbreakable, while the GS was insanely courageous (double 1s!!) that day. Meanwhile, after trading blows for 3 rounds, Master Erwin's blade finally come into contact with the Archlector's neck.. severing it completely off his body. The Archlector's head will be another trophy to adorn his dining table.

By this time, the horde of Swordsmen is readying to flankcharge my CoKnight. But their advanced was distrupted by our wickedly beautiful High Sorceress. Having eaten The Black Dragon's Egg, she unleashed the Noxious Breath to the column of warriors, killing more than a third of the swordsmen. The swordsmen were not panicked, but they were so much affected by the Noxious Breath that they failed in their attempt to charge my CoKnights (Note: Unit suffering casualty from Noxious Breath must pass Ld check at -3 if they want to charge). Without the Swordmen to support them, the GS and KoIC cannot stand any longer and was massacred completely. The winner succesfully reform and readying themselve to charge the Swordsmen in the next turn.

The War Hydra was lucky to suffer no injury as of yet and still retain it's breath weapon at the highest level (Strength 5). All these time the Dark Riders has been trying to goad the enemy to within it's range, but not with great success. What they failed to do was done spectacularly by the annoyingly accurate Shades and their Repeater Crossbow. The Halberdiers finally have had enough being harrassed by these Shades and charged them. The Shades hold their ground and die instantly (7 against 27 halberdiers.. hahaha). But their sacrifices set up the Halberdiers flank directly in front of the War Hydra. The set up was perfect and the War Hydra happily burned some 20+ halberdiers to death with its breath weapon, followed by a charge later on to finish the remaining survivors.

Just as the sun is nearing it's peak, The CoK along with Master Erwin Draco simultaneously charge the Swordsmen unit (frontal charge). The frail Wizard Lord was no match against Master Erwin, his blade easily cleaved the wizard into two while the CoK skewer some Swordmen with their lances. It was brutal and the Empire survivors completely surrender to the might of the Dark Elves.

Later that evening, long column of human slaves can be seen herded towards the sea, where the Black Arks is waiting to take them back to the Land of Chill. They are now slaves to the Dark Elves, for the rest of their life (That is, of course.. if they survive the journey hahaha!)



The mortars were scary, even with just two can easily wipeout my Black Guards. But Arzmi made a huge mistake when he ignored them completely. It cost him the GS, KoIC, a lvl 2 Mage and the Archlector (Some 800 points in there i believe hahaha!). Now that he knew better, I dread the day when we meet again on the battlefield.

But for now, it was a spectacular win for me and my Fullmetal Sorceress. And the slaves.. simply said, Lord Malekith was happy :).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 8th Edition WFB

I recently got to play 3 games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It was fun.. hell lot of fun compares to the previous Ed. The changes they made to the game was huge and it all makes the game more eventfull for both players.

The scenario and terrain special rules is great. It really brings out the mysterious aspect of the fantasy world that was lost all this time. Fantasy is after all, a word full of magic and the rules reflect it well enough. The terrain can be dangerous or hepfull, but you wont know it untill you sent your men to venture into it. Of course you can always play them as normal forest, river or hills, but where's the fun :)?

The movement phase is now several times easier than before. And there's just so many things you can do in the movement phase now compares to before. Tactica reform is faster and charging was made easier. The greatest change of all is the affect of terrain on movements. Gone were the days where moving through terrain is the worst possible thing to happen to your army, which resulted in most table being devoid of any terrain features --> damn boring.

Magic. The changes to the 8 lores of magic was great. Never have I thought I would use any of them before. Now lore of Shadows and Metal is amongst the best my High Sorceres have in her arsenal. The changes to magic phases also good in ensuring a balance magic phase for both player.

Close combat continues to be the game-winning aspect of WFB. Even better now, the owly troops finally had their chance in the game. They can actually turn the tabe around with the Horde, Step Up and Steadfast rules in play. Couple that with Okkam's Mindrazor and you'll see even the Dreaded Blood Knights flee from a mob of lowly troops. Lovely :)

After having 3 games, I'm now even more eager to have my next fantasy battle. It was just so fun and so much more to explore in the world of fantasy. And so I invite you all to have a try at The 8th Ed. WFB. It will be worth your time. Trust me :).