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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fateweaver - The Oracle of Tzeetch

Din passed this model 2 years back. To be painted for an Apocalypse game. But the game was cancelled and this guy stay in my bits box until i found him just recently.
Then i realize, this guy could be the only actual model of The Fateweaver ever produced!
And so decided to paint him.
I begin painting him as soon as i finished my Master of The Watch. I painted him blue, the color of tzeetch and add in some glaze of purple and green for more magical arcane look. Hope you like the result as much as i am :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Master of the Watch - Final!!

Master of The Watch,
Raven Guard Chapter

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Monday, August 10, 2009

Master of the Watch - Update 11th August

After such a longtime..
Axehead done..
Jumpack at 60% done..

Sunday, August 9, 2009

RG vs Eldar

Eldrad and The Phoenix Lord Asurmen led their warhost to the East. Captain Ahmad Sarji and Captain Athrun Eddie must try all their best to stop them.

Game: 7th August 09, Capture and Control, Dawn of War.

Captain Sarji (Shrike) - Killed Asurmen
Captain Athrun (Lysander) - Death or Glory.. Dead
5 Assault Termies
5 Termies (CML) - Destroyed by Asurmen
10 Sternguards (in Drop Pods) - 1 man left standing
3x5 Scouts - 1 Unit destroyed
2x1 Typhoon LS - 1 LS destroyed
2 Attack Bikes - Unit Destroyed


Asurmen - Killed
5 Harlequins
5 Dragons - destroyed
2x10 Avengers - destroyed
2 Serpent - destroyed
3 Walkers - destroyed
1 Wraithlord
1 Falcon - destroyed

Result: Win by 1 objectives
Lesson Learned:
i. Lysander for Death or Glory = dead Lysander. But can work maa.. :)
ii. Scouts can't shoot. hahaha!

RG records: 1 win

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Addition to my Dark Elves

The War Hydra
The best rare choice a DE general can have. I'll try and fit in 2 of them :)

Cold One Knights
Nice and Deadly. If only i don't roll stupid that is.
Another must have in my Dark Elves.

Monday, August 3, 2009

WE vs Eldarbots

The Craftworld Bumblebee has defeated (mostly TAed) all that rise against them. It's time for my WE to try and stop them.

Game: 1st August, Seize Ground (4 Objectives), Dawn of War.

2 Prince - Both Dead
5 Termies - Destroyed
3x8 Berserkers - 1 Squad left
3 Rhinoes - 2 Destroyed
2x5 Raptors - Both units destroyed
2x2 Oblits - All killed


Eldrad - Dead
8 man Seer Councils - 2 Left
2x5 Dragons - 1 Exarch left
2x5 Avengers - 1 Exarch left (game winner!!)
1 Serpent - Weapon destroyed
2 Walkers - 1 destroyed
2 Wraitlord

Result: Lose by 1 objectives
Lesson Learned:
i. Finish the Avengers before everything. I failed on that.
ii. Go buy a new set of dice.

Record (Since 20th July): 4 wins, 2 lose

Legio WFB Tourney 2009

The 1st Legio Tourney was so much fun, it was beyond my expectation. Only 14 players participate (9 S'poreans and 5 M'sians), but it was hell lot of fun indeed. The S'poreans are cool and friendly, and that was one of the most important factor for a good gaming experience.

Nik Kamal, Me, Asco and Jospoon with Team S'pore (Where's Christ Koh?). The winner at the front are for (from left - right) Best Painted, Best Overall, and Best Sports.
My Army, the Anti-magic Dark Elves
1st game - vs a Tzeentch Daemon army. I won a Minor Victory by capturing 2 table quaters. And oh.. i do capture the shard and my CoK champ became a lvl 1 Sorcerer.. Yeay!! :)
My 2nd game - vs the hated High Elves (with Tyrion). I slaughtered everyone in his army, but his Deathstar beat my Deathstar (worth double the points) and we drew.
My 3rd game - vs the my worst enemy, The Undead. Never won an Undead army since the last DE book. Never faced one with the New DE. Don't have any magic to counter his invocation, dont have the necessary skills to beat the player. And so, a solid lost against the Undead.
My result is 1 Win, 1 Draw & 1 Lost. Not bad i think , especially since this was my 5th, 6th and 7th game with the new DE :)

The best painted army
This Ogre Tyrant is prolly the best painted figure in the tournament. His army was well painted too. Too bad his army wasn't 100% painted, else the best painted awards should be his.
Nik Kamal's Vlad and his Zombie Host.
Congatulations to Legio for a simple, yet truly fun event. Ave Legio!!