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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kindred II

Kindred II, a team tournament will be held at Legio on 16th April 2011. I was supposed to enter it with my brother CikguDin. Me with my 13th Co. to team up with his Blood Angel army. But alas, he cannot make it.

Luckily it wasn't long before i found a new partner --> Ivan, the People's Choice Award winner from the previous Kindred.

So this post is actually for him to have a look at my army scheme (especially the base) so he can synchronize it with his army plus some progress on my part.

To Ivan : As we can see from the pic below, my base consist of three parts --> soil, snow and grass. Vey simple to do and for you to follow.

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf

As for the Expendables, I've done painting them except for their bases. But wanna keep them secret until the day. So for now, be happy with their Battle Standard as preview.

The Expendables Battle Standard

Till next time.. adios.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Enslaving the Empire : DE vs Empire 2.5k Battle

It was my 4th WFB game against an Empire army that has so far lost only once in 10+ games. It will be a hard game. To win, i must not make any mistake.

The Empire army has no such thing as the invincible Steamtank nor the Handgunners. But they do have 2 Great Cannons and 2 Mortars to deliver death from afar. For my frail dark kin, the large mortar template was the bane of our existence while the cannon was the worst thing to hit our favoured pet, the War Hydra.

The Empire are no less threatening in close combat with 3 large blocks of infantries (Greatswords, Halberdiers and Swordsmen) backed by a level 4 Light Wizard to match the speed of my elves. And they were supported by about 15 Knights of Inner Circle (KoIC) or something with 1+ Armour Save lead by an Arclechtor.


DE list
lvl 4 Supreme Sorceress on Dark Pegasus
Master + 19 Black Guards
BSB on Cold One + 9 Cold One Knights
30 Black Ark Corsairs
2x5 Dark Riders
2x7 Shades
War Hydra

Empire list
lvl 4 Wizard Lord
lvl 2 Wizard
30 Halberdiers
30 Greatswords
30 Swordsmen
2 Great Cannon
2 Mortars


Dawn Attack

It was dawn when we strike at the Empire, and we were very lucky indeed. Our initial strike, lead by the Assassin and 14 Shades manage to destroy one of the great cannon. This was a crutial move that ensure the survival of our War Hydra. Meanwhile the Dark Riders perform a hit and run manuver to pull the enemy Greatswords (GS) to within The Black Guard (BG) charging range.

The BG's charge was as great as always, but The Greatswords, imbued with The Speed of Light is no easy meat with their WS of 10. But we the Dark Elves are much superior being, Our Tower Master easily slain the GS Champion in a Challenge followed by a Lvl 2 Sorcerer in the later turn. In the 2nd round of combat, the combat was joined by the charging KoIC lead by the . The Great Master Erwin Draco, wielding The Soulrender challenged the Archlector in a duel which last for several rounds.

It was then that our Noble Cold One Knights charged the KoIC from the flank, and the Black Ark Corsairs to the flank of the GS and almost seal the fate of the Empire. Almost. The KoIC was Unbreakable, while the GS was insanely courageous (double 1s!!) that day. Meanwhile, after trading blows for 3 rounds, Master Erwin's blade finally come into contact with the Archlector's neck.. severing it completely off his body. The Archlector's head will be another trophy to adorn his dining table.

By this time, the horde of Swordsmen is readying to flankcharge my CoKnight. But their advanced was distrupted by our wickedly beautiful High Sorceress. Having eaten The Black Dragon's Egg, she unleashed the Noxious Breath to the column of warriors, killing more than a third of the swordsmen. The swordsmen were not panicked, but they were so much affected by the Noxious Breath that they failed in their attempt to charge my CoKnights (Note: Unit suffering casualty from Noxious Breath must pass Ld check at -3 if they want to charge). Without the Swordmen to support them, the GS and KoIC cannot stand any longer and was massacred completely. The winner succesfully reform and readying themselve to charge the Swordsmen in the next turn.

The War Hydra was lucky to suffer no injury as of yet and still retain it's breath weapon at the highest level (Strength 5). All these time the Dark Riders has been trying to goad the enemy to within it's range, but not with great success. What they failed to do was done spectacularly by the annoyingly accurate Shades and their Repeater Crossbow. The Halberdiers finally have had enough being harrassed by these Shades and charged them. The Shades hold their ground and die instantly (7 against 27 halberdiers.. hahaha). But their sacrifices set up the Halberdiers flank directly in front of the War Hydra. The set up was perfect and the War Hydra happily burned some 20+ halberdiers to death with its breath weapon, followed by a charge later on to finish the remaining survivors.

Just as the sun is nearing it's peak, The CoK along with Master Erwin Draco simultaneously charge the Swordsmen unit (frontal charge). The frail Wizard Lord was no match against Master Erwin, his blade easily cleaved the wizard into two while the CoK skewer some Swordmen with their lances. It was brutal and the Empire survivors completely surrender to the might of the Dark Elves.

Later that evening, long column of human slaves can be seen herded towards the sea, where the Black Arks is waiting to take them back to the Land of Chill. They are now slaves to the Dark Elves, for the rest of their life (That is, of course.. if they survive the journey hahaha!)



The mortars were scary, even with just two can easily wipeout my Black Guards. But Arzmi made a huge mistake when he ignored them completely. It cost him the GS, KoIC, a lvl 2 Mage and the Archlector (Some 800 points in there i believe hahaha!). Now that he knew better, I dread the day when we meet again on the battlefield.

But for now, it was a spectacular win for me and my Fullmetal Sorceress. And the slaves.. simply said, Lord Malekith was happy :).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The 8th Edition WFB

I recently got to play 3 games of Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It was fun.. hell lot of fun compares to the previous Ed. The changes they made to the game was huge and it all makes the game more eventfull for both players.

The scenario and terrain special rules is great. It really brings out the mysterious aspect of the fantasy world that was lost all this time. Fantasy is after all, a word full of magic and the rules reflect it well enough. The terrain can be dangerous or hepfull, but you wont know it untill you sent your men to venture into it. Of course you can always play them as normal forest, river or hills, but where's the fun :)?

The movement phase is now several times easier than before. And there's just so many things you can do in the movement phase now compares to before. Tactica reform is faster and charging was made easier. The greatest change of all is the affect of terrain on movements. Gone were the days where moving through terrain is the worst possible thing to happen to your army, which resulted in most table being devoid of any terrain features --> damn boring.

Magic. The changes to the 8 lores of magic was great. Never have I thought I would use any of them before. Now lore of Shadows and Metal is amongst the best my High Sorceres have in her arsenal. The changes to magic phases also good in ensuring a balance magic phase for both player.

Close combat continues to be the game-winning aspect of WFB. Even better now, the owly troops finally had their chance in the game. They can actually turn the tabe around with the Horde, Step Up and Steadfast rules in play. Couple that with Okkam's Mindrazor and you'll see even the Dreaded Blood Knights flee from a mob of lowly troops. Lovely :)

After having 3 games, I'm now even more eager to have my next fantasy battle. It was just so fun and so much more to explore in the world of fantasy. And so I invite you all to have a try at The 8th Ed. WFB. It will be worth your time. Trust me :).