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Sunday, July 26, 2009

VS The Nightbringer

My WE comrade was TAed by the forces of the Ancient One. Khorne demands his Champion to reclaim the honour of his Skullthrone.

Game: 25th July, Capture & Control, Spearhead

2 Prince - Both Dead
5 termies
3x8 Berserkers - 1 Squad Destroyed
3 rhinoes - 1 Destroyed
2x5 Raptors - All killed
2x2 Oblits - All killed


The Nightbringer
9 Immortals
2x10 Warriors - All killed
2x3 Wraith - All killed
8 Scarabs - All killed
3 Destroyers - All killed
Monolith - Immobilised

Result: Necrons phase out on turn 6. WE control both objectives.
Lesson Learned:
i. When you have 2 options: to lose or go for a draw. Might as well gamble everything for a win.
ii. Nightbringer.. nuff said

Record (Since 20th July): 4 Wins, 1 lost

WE - Internal Dispute

Some minor Lords have the guts to replace me as the current Champion of Khorne.

Game: 25th July, Seize Ground (5 Objectives), Pitch Battle.

2 Prince - Both Dead
5 Termies - Destroyed
3x8 Berserkers - 4 Left
3 Rhinoes - 1 Destroyed
2x5 Raptors - 1 unit destroyed
2x2 Oblits - 2 killed


2 Prince - Both Dead
3x10 Berserkers - 5 Left
3 Land Raider - 2 Destroyed, 1 Immo

Result: Win by 1 objectives
Lesson Learned:
i. DP should charge Berserkers, Not another DP.
ii. Berserkers charge will kill a DP easily.
iii. Don't look down on 30 Berserkers.

Record (Since 20th July): 3 wins, 1 lose

VS The Mech Guards

Play vs a Veteran IG player. My fellow WE player have just fought him into a draw with his 3 Land Raider List. I'll show him how a true WE fights :)

Game: July 24th, Seize Ground (5 Objectives), Pitch Battle

2 Prince
5 termies
3x8 Berserkers
3 Rhinoes - 1 Destroyed
2 Raptors
2x2 Oblits

Command (in Chimaera) - Destroyed
Veteran Guards (in Chimaera) - Destroyed
Veteran Guards (in Chimaera) - Destroyed
Veteran Guards (in Chimaera) - Destroyed
Veteran Guards (in Chimaera)
Veteran Guards (in Chimaera)
Devildog - Destroyed
3 Leman Russ - All Destroyed

Result: Win by 2 objectives
Lesson Learned:
i. No mercy, no respite. The way of the warrior.

Record (Since 20th July): 2 Wins

Eldrad's Revenge

The same opponent i beat last Monday came back for a revenge. This time Eldrad was backed by the Asurmen, Phoenix Lord of The Dire Avengers

Game: 25th July, Annihilation, Pitch Battle


Asurmen - Killed by Prince
5 Dragons (Serpent) - Serpent destroyed
5 Harlies - Dead from Accident
2 x 10 Avengers (Serpent) - 1 unit slaughtered
3 Walkers - Destroyed
Falcon - Destroyed

Prince - Dead
5 Termies - Killed
3x8 Berserkers - 1 Unit Destroyed
3x Rhinoes - 2 Destroyed
5 Raptors - Killed
2x Preds
2 Oblits - Killed

Result: Lose by 1 KP
Lesson Learned:
i. Don't forget to charge. It may cost your win :)
Record (Since 2oth July): 2 Wins, 1 Lost

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WE vs Eldrad's Host

2 Prince Khorne, Wings (both killed)
5 Termies Khorne, 4 Combis, 1 HFlamer
3x8 Berserkers PWeapon & Rhino (2 Rhinoes Destroyed)
5 Raptors 2 meltas
2x2 Oblits (3 oblits dead)
1 Pred AutoCan, LassCan (Immobilised)


Eldrad (Shot to pieces)
Autarch (Eaten alive)
2x5 Dragons (All gone)
9 Spiders (A bloody mess)
2x10 Avengers (in Serpents) (Both Serpents Destroyed, 1 Avenger squad destroyed)
3 Walkers - Scatlass
1 Falcon - Pulse (Weapon Destroyed)
Wraithlord - Lance

Game: Annihilation, Spearhead
Result: Win 8 - 5 = 3 kill points

Lesson Learned:
i. Beware of mindwar.
ii. Bring camera.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

World Eaters Terminators

Mark of Khorne
4 Combi-meltas
1 Heavy Flamers
They are supposed to be my killer units, shock troops.
But they failed miserably in the last KO tourney.
I hope they perform better in the next game.

I take the whole of last week to paint these guys (in preparation for GC Knockout Grand Prix), and therefore had to push my RG MoTW for later. I will continue with the MoTW tonight.