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Monday, February 22, 2010

Raven Guard Attack Bikes

My Attack Bikes have been performing well the past few games. So I decided to put my Predator on hold and paint the Attack Bikes instead. With my wife and twins around for the holiday, It took me 9 days just to finish this two bikes. But I am satisfied with the result.

So here it is. 2 Attack Bikes with MultiMelta.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Victory Unto Death!!

My Raven Guard won again. This time was against Andy's Eldar led by Eldrad. His list:
Eldrad and Seer Council in Serpent
Farseer and Banshees in Serpent
Dragons in Falcon
2x12 Guardians with ScatLass
2 Vipers
3 Warwalkers

My Raven Guard:
Dread in Drop Pod
5 Assault Termies - 2 LC, 3TH&SS
2x10 Marines - Plasmagun, Lasscannon, PFist+CombiMelta (in Rhino)
10 Assault Marines - TH&SS
2 Attack Bikes
3 Predators - Lascannon Sponsons

Mission: Seize Ground (5), Pitch Battle, Eldar goes 1st
i. Shrike lead the 5 Termies right in the centre of table. Fleeting gives them the 1st turn charge on 3 Warwalkers. Later, they were doomed and charged by furious Banshees. But luck is on my side that day and Shrike+2 Termies remains as the victor of the great melee.
ii. They were later shot by 2 Guardian squads, killing Shrike and a terminator. The lone Terminator Sargeant climbed a low mound and jump right on the Guardians. The high ground proves to be an advantage as he single handedly fought and win every round of combat. But the Guardians are too stubborn and held their ground.
iii. In the end, Eldrad, his Seer Council and 4-5 Guardians left alive while Raven Guard loses their Commander, 5 Terminators and 5 Marines.

Result: Raven Guard wins by 3-0 objectives. It was a great victory for the Sons of Corax.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drop Pod 01 : Extra Effort

I went to GC that Saturday. But I arrived too late (10.30 pm), there's no game to be had :(. Luckily, gaming isn't my only reason to be there. I was also there to get some hobby stuffs --> Iyanden Darksun, Adeptus Battlegrey, Sunburst Yellow and a Standard Brush.

Around 12.30, me, The Warboss Nik Kamal and Kai The Great Devourer lepak² at mamak with eating satay and chat about the new kids on the block --> The Tyranids!! Kai seems so happy with the new codex, I can only hope he'll pick up his brushes and begin painting his huge collection of Nids.

Arrived home at 2.00 am. My wife and kids were sound asleep and so i decided to do some painting while I can. I took out my newly finished Drop Pod and the Iyanden Darksun, and begin doing the yellow stripes. About an hour later, satisfied with the Drop Pod improved paint job, I went to sleep besides my babies.

Simple yellow stripes to improve the overall look

Monday, February 8, 2010

Iron Warriors for Sale!

This is some of Dean's Iron Warriors, the same one he used to win the finals vs Rizal's Dark Eldar in the 40k GT, GAMECON 2004. He wanna sell this army.

A Daemon Prince
Iron Warrior Warsmith - with Combi-melta, PW and Servo-arm
10 man Iron Warriors - 2 Plasmaguns
10 man Iron Warriors - 2 Flamers, Champion with PFist
5 man Havocs - 4 HBolters
5 man Havocs - 4 HBolters
5 man Havocs - 3 Missile Launchers, 1 Lasscannon
2 Obliterators
2 Obliterators

Dean's Iron Warriors

A good looking start for a CSM player who hates painting (like Ivan hahaha!). All you need is to find some transports for these troops and you are all set for a game. And like Dean, you'll sure win a lot with them heheh.

Interested? Contact me or Dean.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RG Drop Pod

The 1st of the 2 Drop Pods given to me by my wife a year back, finally completed. I use only a single Drop Pod in my current list, so this Drop Pod will be the only one painted for now.

This Drop Pod will be the ride for Brother Kumbang a.k.a. Dreadnought 01 in battles.

Raven Guard Drop Pod

With Deathwind Missile Launcher (can be replaced with Storm Bolter)

The White Raven