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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dilemma : 13th Co. Space Wolves

What to do with my 13th Co. Space Wolves? I like the fluff and the codex is strong. But somehow I got bored with them. That's why they don't see much action nor painting love from me. I don't even know why I got bored with them. Maybe it's the grey color or the missiles or the Thunderwolves. I myself am not sure. With so many things to do in life and hobby, it's too easy to forget that I have another army unfinished.

The status of my 13th Co. SW as they are right now:

Painted :
Canis Wolfborn
4 Thunderwolves Cavalry - 1 Thunder Hammer, 3 Strom Shield
1 Rhino
5 Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs - 5 Missile Launchers
1 Grey Hunters with Meltagun
2 Wulfen

Unpainted/Unfinished :
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf Mount, Thunder Hammer (swapable to Frost Axe), Storm Shield
8 Grey Hunters - 1 Meltaguns, Power Axe, Standard
9 Grey Hunters - 2 Meltaguns, Power Axe, Standard
10 Grey Hunters - 2 Plasmaguns, Power Axe, Standard, Wulfen
10 Fenrisian Wolves
6 Long Fangs - 5 Missile Launchers
6 Long Fangs - 3 Heavy Bolters, 2 Plasma Cannons
1 Rhino - for weathering

Still a lot to do. What should I do? The best way to go is to play them more often and slowly regain my morale for painting. But the problem is that I wanna play World Eaters more. The CSM codex is still too new and is too much fun! Maybe I should play my 13th Co. using the CSM codex sometimess, as a Renegade Space Wolves (Skyrar's Dark Wolves?). Yup.. that could be a lot of fun :)

Okayh,.. I'd go with that.
I'll make finishing the 13th Co. SW as my 2013 Resolution and have fun while doing it.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very good luck in the new year. May only the best of things happens to us all.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Chosen 1.5k Tournament Result

Today's Chosen was a great event. The number of participants was good, despite 4 players had to pull out in the last minute. There's 9 active tables, meaning 18 players in total - a favoured number of Tzeentch. And as it turned out in the end, I think the Chaos God did influenced the outcome of this event :)

The Undying Legion of Isha's Dynasty performed quite well in this event. They defeated all enemies throwned at them, and without suffering much casualty. Wow! The result was way beyond my expectations. Here is the summary of my games in Chosen.

Game 1 : Necrons
Scenario : Big Guns Never Tire (4 Objectives), Dawn of War Deployment
Overlord + Cryptek + 13 Necron Warriors in Night Scythe
Cryptek + 14 Necron Warriors in Night Scythe
7 Necron Warriors
8 Necron Warriors
6 Wraiths
3 Annihilation Barges

- My Necrons begin the game agresively, killing my opponents' most dangerous unit, the Wraiths with Rapid Firing Gauss Blasters and Gauss Rifles.
- Doom Scythe came in the 2nd turn and took out 3 Annihilation Barges in a single Death Ray.
- By the end of my Turn2. There's only 1 enemy Necron left on table to deny me from auto-winning the game.
- Then their reserves came and took down the Doom Scythe. My ground troops, having no other target, hunt down the 2 Night Scythe with Rapid Fire shots and managed to take down one of them.
- My opponent knew that his Necrons are already lost, but he didn't back down and continue the fight till the end. His Overlord and unit disembarked from their Night Scythe to fight my Necrons to the death, but the time ended before we were able to deal the final blow in close combat.
Result : My Necrons won 5-1 in VP. I gain 16 points.

Game 2 : Space Wolves
Mission : Purge The Alien, Vanguard Strike Deployment
Wolf Priest (Saga of the Hunter)
2 x Rune Priest
2 x Dread with Twin-AC
10 GH in RHino 
10 GH + 1 WG (outflanking with Priest)
5 LFangs + 1 WGT with Cyclone
- LasPlas Razorback
5 LFangs + 1 WGT
- LasPlas Razorback

- SW targeted everything on the Wraith unit, killing 1 Wraith, and wounded my Destroyer Lord twice.
- My Necrons deepstriked right into enemy line and claim 1st blood by taking out both Razorbacks with Rapid Firing Gauss weapons.
- The Runepriest outflanked from my left, far away from the main battle on the right flank, allowing me to finish everything without having to worry about them.
- There's about 10 missile launcher in the SW line, my large Necron Warrior unit (in deepstriking formations) would be in big trouble if the SW chose to use the Frag Missile. But he choosed Krak missiles instead and Obyron easily bounced the AP3 missile, protecting the large warrior unit from harm. When all the shot finally over, the unit suffered 12 casualties in the same turn. Out of that number, 10 came back with Reanimation Protocol.
- With nothing like Thunderwolves or Wolfguards to stop them, the Necrons was neigh unstopable. They advanced systematically, destroying everything in their path. the SW are totally doomed.
Result : My Necrons won 12-0 in VP. I gain another 16 points.

Game 3 : Blood Angels
Mission : Relic, Hammer and Anvil Deployment
Reclusiarch with PFist + 5 Assault Terminators + Priest in Storm Raven
6 Sterguards in Drop Pod
5 Assault Marines in TwinAC Razorback
10 Assault Marines
3 HBolter Attack Bikes
Baal Pred

- Both my Deepstriking unit mishaped in their Alpha Strike, Zahndrekh's unit was sent to a corner of the table on my side, while Obyron's unit went into Ongoing Reserves.
- Thanks to that, the BA focussed on the only unit within their range, the Destroyer Lord + Wraiths, killing 1 Wraith, and reduce the Lord to just 1 wound.
- 2nd attempt at deepstriking (Zahndrekh and Obyron from Ongoing Reserves) was a success. Backed by the Doom Scythe and Wraith, my Necrons begin harvesting the souls of them BAs.
- Storm Raven came in and took down the Doom Scythe. But came my turn, 36 Gauss Rifle shots, powered by Tank Hunter skills from Zahndrekh, destroyed the Storm Raven in the air, killing 4 Terminators in the process.
- My Necrons continued to slaughter the BA in short range firefight and close combat. My Overlord was blessed with the Legendary Fighter Warlord Traits and he alone slain 4 characters (including the Reclusiarch) in multiple challenges.
Result : Necrons won by 6-0 in VP. I gain 17 points.

As mentioned in the opening, I suspect that Tzeentch has his play in the outcome of this event. Because the winner of The Chosen 1.5k Tournament in no other than Joe, The Exalted Champion of Tzeentch with his Daemonic Army of DOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!
Congratulations to King Joe for winning the title of The Chosen. To the organizers, thanks for the great event. We're looking forwards to the future events. To all the other participants, guys from Penang and Singapore, it's fun meeting you guys. Hopefully in time, us KL Players, under the Flag of Legio Malaysia, would be able to reply in kind and attend their event to the South/North. Yup.. hopefully that would happen :)
Okay.. that's all for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Chosen 1.5k Tournament

This weekend, Dec 15th 2012, Legio Malaysia will be hosting the yearly 40k tournaments. This is the most anticipated tournament in Kuala Lumpur since it was held by Legio Malaysia, and many would like their names to be writen in the Legio list of Champions, to be honoured for as long as Legio Malaysia exist. Such honourable feat is so hard to achieve, and I myself haven't had my name on it.
However this time around, I didn't actually enter for that honour but purely for fun. My Necrons hadn't seen tourney action for like 4-6 years, sleeping in their stasis crypt, waiting for a new codex. Now that they have one, I have no reason to not bring them on table, and let them experience the hardship of a tournament. 

This is my army, The Undying Legion of Isha's Dynasty, ready for battle:

Destroyer Lord
Nemessor Zahndrekh
Vargard Obyron
Harbinger of Despair
Necron Lord
10 Immortals
18 Warriors
6 Wraiths with 4 Whip Coils
Doom Scythe

This tournament was aptly named The Chosen. So my guess everyone will be going in full swing to attain that title. I doubt my necrons would do very well against all that, but even if we were to lose, we'll show them that we're no easy meat.

Who will be The Chosen One?

It is gonna be Joe and his scary Daemons, OR CikguDin with his uber skills? Could it be one of the Northern Tribesmen? Maybe this is the time for the Cheeze-God Peter to shine (finally). I simply have no clue, coz there's just too many serious contender this time around. One thing for sure, it is going to be a fun event!!

Damn I'm looking forward to it :)