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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lorkir Fellheart

Hi all,

I remember last year when Alvin ask me about this guy and I said, "He is useless". Well.. I changed my mind about him already. This guy simply rocks in the 8th ed.

With boost in Terror rules and the rise of big blocks of troops, his Helm of The Kraken (Terror and Regeneration)and The Red Blades (Attacks = 3 + enemy ranks) is now very effective and his Slaver (double victory points for captured units) rules may turn the game result from Draw to Win. All this makes him a worthy buy at 250pts.

As I am about to paint my Black Ark Corsair, might as well start with this guy. Even if I don't usually play him, I can always use the model as the Unit Champion. I dont like the colour scheme in the DE Army Book (too many colours) and choose a full red colour scheme instead as to look more like an Octopus.

Lorkir Fellheart - Captain of The Tower of Blessed Dread

Not bad eh.. :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Supreme Sorceress on Dark Pegasus

Supreme Sorceress
Level 4
- Dark Magic
Pendant of Khaeleth - reverse ward save based on enemy's Strength
Dispell Scroll - automatically dispell a spell
Black Dragon's Egg - one use, gains T6 and Noxious Breath for a turn
Dark Pegasus
Total : 405 points

Some more pic (WIP)..

Coming soon..

The Straw Hat Pirates?!?

Witches of Khaine

12 Witches of Khaine with Full Command and Banner of Murder (Armour Piercing).

I dont really like the GW witches. Not sexy enough, unlike the artworks of them in the rulebook. So for my witches, I used the Lanyfs model instead. Nothing screams SEXY louder than these models!! :)

Painted 10 girls, but then decided I wont be using them in favour of Shades and Cold One Knights. So enough lah for now.

"One pretty lady - fun at the party,
Two pretty ladies - trouble in the house,
Twelve pretty ladies - run to the hills!!"

Full Command
The Blonde got Manbane on her weapon