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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dreadlord Akkarin

With the coming of the 8th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, I decided to stop all my 40k project and have a relook at my Dark Elves. There is still so much to do since last time half of the army was borrowed from Nik Kamal. Now that he is going back to Sabah, I need to finish my DE quick in order to participate in the future WFB event held by Legio.

The very 1st thing I look at is the Dreadlord Akkarin I painted for last year's tourney. A Dreadlord deserves better look than this. So I decide to repaint him to befit a magnificent Dreadlord of Naggaroth.

Having reread the DE Army Book a few time, I decide to paint the armour as "Armour of Midnight" own by Malekith himself. Black shining armour that glitters like the night sky even during the day using the same technique I used on the Raven Guard Master of The Watch. I hope I captures the essence of the armour correctly.

As for the blade, I painted it to be "The Crimson Death" - sword version. It can also be "The Destroyer" if I want to use this model to represent Malekith on Cold One.

At first I thought I wanna repaint the whole Cold One model too. But looking back at the number of unpainted model I have to paint, decided enough is enough lah.

I hope you guys like him. Have a nice weekend :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another month passed..

After a month I finally regain access to Blogspot. Yeay!! Not much time so I'll do a simple recap on what happened since my last post.

Legio Birthday Event, 3rd July 2010

Legio Birthday Bash - The Tournament of Skulls (1.5k) is a blast!! It was the very 1st time I entered my Raven Guard for a tourney and I must say, they performed quite well with a draw, a defeat and a lost. But winning is not the most important thing in this tourney, it is the slaughter that counts the most. My Raven Guard able to grab 8 Skull Tokens (lovely counters for my World Eaters - thanks Legio ;) ) even with my sloppy playstyle hahaha.

Best of all, my Raven Guard army won Best Appearance, Raven Guard Command Squad won Silver Medal for Unit Entry and The Master of The Watch --> People's Choice Award. All that extra effort, to be appreciated is a great boost to me. Not to mention even with just one win, my Raven Guard able to reach the 4th place in overall for the Tournament of Skull. It just proved that my decision to let go of my "Overly Competitive" approach and adapt to "Fun Hobby Gaming" as a right choice after all.

3rd Co. Raven Guard - Best Appearance

Shrike vs Defiler --> Shrike win!

The Chaotic Eldar --> Warning! These are not Eldar!

Proud winners of the 2010 Legio Birthday
(Me - the green shirt on the left)

Farseer Oliver - we all bow to your awesomeness!!

The 8th Ed., Warhammer Fantasy Battles
The long awaited "new" game system is finally here. Much changes has been done and I must say, I like them all!! It was a good move by GW after they almost kill the game with the 7th Ed. Too bad coz WFB has always been my favourite (several times more than 40k). And so i decided to put my 13th Co. Space Wolves project on hold and take out my Dark Elves instead. Time to battle with might and magic! Hopefully I can go grab some fantasy games soon.

Home Sweet Home
I will be moving to my new house in Putrajaya in a few days. New and bigger house = new and bigger hobby room for myself! Starting from next month, the new Skullthrone will be ready for action. I wellcome all who comes to Putrajaya to give me a call, and we can have a nice game or two :).

That's all for now guys. Cheers.