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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dilemma : RG or SW?

A Space Wolves with the Mark of Wulfen. But if you see carefully, He has the Raven Guard insignia on his shoulder pad. How come?
Actually, I am currently at a dilemma. I fell in love with RG back in the last codex because they are CC-based army. They can have up to 6 Jumpack squads and all units may take furious charge. Being a CC fan like i am, it was a very interesting army to build and play with. But then came the new codex, and all they have is "Fleet" which i dont want. Yes they are fast, but to what end? They are fast but lack the punch to deal the blow. And the option for CC punch is in the Vanguard, which to me is unplayable due to their high point cost.

Now came the new Space Wolves codex. And I saw once again, an opportunity for a good CC-based army. But i dont wanna go buy new minis since i dont have the time to assemble and paint them. Should i forsake my RG, and repaint them as SW?? Or should I keep them as Raven Guard, but play them using the SW codex??


Monday, October 19, 2009

In preparation for the Inquisition Wars

Last weekend was a blast! I had 5 games in total and all of it was fun. Knowing this was my only chance to play untill the tourney, i decided to have a go with my list. To see if my slightly fluffy list can still cause some havoc or not. My list is as follow:

Lord Ammar - Wings, Daemon Weapon, Combi-Melta
5 Terminators - MoKhorne, 4 CombiMelta, 1 HeavyFlamer, 1 Chainfist
8 Berserkers - Powerfist (in Rhino with Dirge Castor)
8 Berserkers - Powerfist (in Rhino)
8 Berserkers - Powerfist (in Rhino)
8 Raptors - MoKhorne, 2 Meltas, 1 PFist
Predator - Autocannon, HBolter, Havoc Missiles
Predator - Autocannon, HBolter, Havoc Missiles
2 Obliterators

The 1st game was in Friday at Legio. I fight a guy I never met before. His name is Izwan and he plays Black Legion. His plays Abbadon & Kharn list.
Mission : Annihilation
Deployment : Pitch Battle (see below), WE go 1st
Result : Black Legion annihilated on turn 5

I was supposed to play my 2nd game against a Saim Han army. Waited for 2.5 hours and then learned that the player had to play against Iqbal. I was quite dissapointed but what to do.. Eldar with their mindtricks.. I went back that night and pray for more games tomorrow.

The next day (Saturday @ GC).. The 1st game was against a very problematic army for my WE. It was a skimmer list. 4 Wave Serpent and 3 Falcon.
Mission : Seize Ground (4)
Deployment : Spearhead (See below), WE goes 1st
Result : Eldar win by 1 objective (turn 7).

3rd game was against Karim's Eldar. Too bad the boy need to go back early so we had to stop on turn 5. Else the result would be different.
Mission : Seize Ground (4)
Deployment : Spearhead (See below), WE goes 1st
Result : Eldar win by 1 objective.

Next is against Andy's Eldar.
Mission : Capture & Control
Deployment : Spearhead WE goes 1st
Result : WE win by 1 objective (turn 5).

On Sunday (@ GC) .. Finally I had the chance to go against the new uber Codex : Space Wolves. My opponent Syamil takes Njal Stormcaller to lead his army.
Mission : Capture & Control
Deployment : Spearhead (See below), SW goes 1st
Result : Draw (Turn 3).

It was a good fight for the Berserkers. But just when it was getting better and better, my opponent got to go. The picture below shows our Turn 3 (game ends). See how my WE are getting closer and closer. 2 more turns.. and the game is ours.
2 Wins, 2 Loses and a Draw. Not bad.. :)
WE Records: 7 Wins, 4 Loses, 2 Draws

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Got myself a Razorback

Bought a Razorback from my brother Din, still NIB and sealed for RM90. It will be the ride for Captain Amir Amzah and his Command Squad.

Never played a Razorback before, so i don't know how they fare in games. 40pts is cheap enough for a transport with TL-HBolter. I'd say yes to that anytime.

About the weapon option, I think I would just stick to the HBolter. The other weapon options are just way too expensive for an AV11 vehicle. 25pts for a TL-HFlamer(??) and that is the cheapest. Maybe i'll add in a Storm Bolter or Hunter Missile to it for added punch.

Cpt Amir (155 pts)
Command Squad (185 pts)
Razorback (40 pts)
Total: 380 pts

OK lah tu kot.. What i need now is a Rhino or 2 for my Tactical Squads.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vindicator for Sale!

This Vindicator has been around since those days when my brother (Din) plays the Iron Warriors. It was painted in the IW colours back then (By Dann if i'm not wrong). But even then, Din rarely play with it, prefering the Basilisk's Earthshaker Cannon compares to short ranged Demolisher Cannon. And this Vindicator sat there on the shelf for a very long time, collecting dust.
Back in the 3.5 CSM dex, my WE has no use for the Vindicator. But comes the 4.0 codex, i saw the Vindicator as a great assault vehicle to compliment my Rhinoes. Imagine 3 Rhinoes rushing forward, and a Vindicator in between throwing S10 shells. Nice.. But even my WE use the Vindicator only once in a while. It spent most of it's time inside the travelling box. I did spray it with the colour of the Blood God, but left the detailing for later.
For the last couple of weeks, I've been thinking to finish the Vindicator. I have even taken it out from the box. But then my wife deliver my twin, all the time i had for painting is spent looking after my babies.. It once again sit there on the shelf untouched.
Yesterday Din told me Vinder wants this Vindicator for his new SM army and wants me to post it here for Vinder to see. The picture below is for size comparison. It is slightly smaller than the current Rhino chassis. It is a metal model and a bit heavy. The chaos bits are all superglued to it, but since it is metal, taking it off and cleaning wont be a hard thing to do.
If it happens that Vinder dont want this Vindicator, it will be open for sale to all of you guys out there.
Chiow dulu bai..