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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Khorne Lord on Juggernaut

Hello guys,

Before I forgot, Gong Xi Fa Chai to all my Chinese friends. Sorry a bit late already. Too busy with my kids, balik kampung lagi, you know lah holiday kan.

Aniway, I arrived back home at around 7 pm yesterday and start working with the rider, The Khorne Lord. I used the same method as I did the Juggernaut, did some detailing and he's done.

While painting him, I did a playtest (World Eaters vs Dark Eldar) where he and his Khorne Biker retinues died by a thousand cuts. Simply said, he didn't do anything in the game before he died hahaha.

This is the setup I used :
Khorne Lord - Axe of Blind Fury, Bolt Pistol, Juggernaut, Sigil of Corruption, Meltabombs

That's all. Thanks for visiting :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tutorial : Easy Gold

I'm sure everyone knew how to paint gold already. Everyone has their own method of painting gold. For me, the step is as follows:

i. Chaos Black
ii. Tin Bitz
iii. Shining Gold
iv. Badab Black or Tamiya Smoke
v. Shining Gold
vi. Chainmail - Highlights

Normally, I would stop at step iii. But when I do characters or some particularly important piece, I would proceed to step iv and above. But this method are never fast enough. Getting even layer of Gold on top of Tin Bitz took so much time. Lucky I found a new method for painting gold. It helped me much in painting the Necrons and now I'm gonna share it to you all.

For this tutorial, I use a Juggernaut model. It will be the mount for my World Eater Lord with Axe of Blind Fury. Most Juggernaut I saw around here was painted in the usual Red with Gold trim. I want something unique for my Lord, so decided on gold. Pure Gold. Here is the step by step tutorial after applying Black Primer.

Step 1 : Tamiya Gold, spray all over the model
Step 2 : Badab Black, make sure it reaches all the deep recesses
Step 3 : Shining Gold, focusing on the raised area and it's done. Now can proceed to other details.
Finished look : Right view
Finished look : Left view
Added some more spikes
Hope this simple tutorial helps you all in your hobby. I'd like to end this post here, but look what I found just yesterday at Daiso ...
See how perfectly 10 man Bloodletters fit the display case. I'll be getting more of these soon.
... some display cases! It can fit one full squad of 10 man Tactical Squad. At RM5 a piece, it is very cheap. I took 4 back home and plan to get another 10 the next time I visit there. A very good buy, help protect our display pieces from dust. I'm sure you guys will like it too. 

That's all for today. Have a nice day :).

Monday, February 4, 2013

Huron vs Joe's World Eaters (1.5k Batrep)

I had one very bloody game yesterday and it was against Joe a.k.a The Chosen One and his band of scary World Eaters. 


Khorne Lord on Juggernaut - Blind Fury
5 Spawns
4 Terminators - 4 CMeltas
2 x 8 Berserkers (in Rhino)
10 Cultists
2 x Heldrake - Baleflamer (Ouch!!)
8 Havocs - 4 Missiles
8 Havocs - 4 Autocannons

HURON's CSM (me)
5 Terminators - Mark of Khorne, 5 CMeltas, Champ with Chainfist
10 CSM - 2 Plasmaguns, Champ with CPlasma, PAxe
- in Rhino with HavocML
2 x 10 CSM - 2 Meltaguns, Champ with CMelta, PAxe
- in 2 Rhino with CMelta

Heldrake - Baleflamer
3 Obliterators - MoNurgle
2 x Predators - Tri-Lasscannons

Mission : 5 (Emperor's Will or something), One objective each.
Deployment : Pitch Battle 
Night Fighting : 1st Turn.
1st Turn Goes To : World Eaters

The World Eaters shifted their mobile forces to the left, planning to attack Huron and the Obliterators that infiltrated to the left flank. 8 Berserkers jumped out of their Rhino and ran closer to the Obliterators. The other Rhino with 8 Berserkers, moved 18 inches towards the two Predators on my right. 
The 1st move by the World Eaters 
Their shooting wasn't so effective  (good cover saves on my part) and his attempt to assault Huron's unit with the Lord failed with a roll of 7 (after reroll). 

In respond, I moved all my troops to the left. I choose to ignore the Lord unit and focussed on killing the Troops. One unit disembarked and killed 4 Berserkers with Rapid Fire. Then the Obliterators took out two more Berserkers. Two more Rhinoes 'Flat Out' forward in attempt to block the Khorne Lord's path to Huron. That is a big mistake coz with that move, they are now easy target for the Vindicator. Like Joe, my shooting failed miserably. Both Predators shot at the coming Rhino and despite having 6 S9 shots, they only able to glance it twice, and even that was saved by smoke launcher + stealth (from nightfighting). 

Come the 2nd turn, all of his important reserves (not the cultist) came in and drops hell on army. The Vindicator leads the way with devastating shot at the 2 blocking Rhinoes, destroying both in a single S10 shot, the explosion killed one of my CSM and Pinned the Plasmagun unit (Sucks!) . Then came the 2 Heldrakes, their fiery breath incinerated 14 marines from both Meltagun units, easily reducing one unit to just 2 guys and the other one to 3.
The Terminators deepstriked right where they intended and destroyed one Predator.
The 2 Berserker survivors embarked their Rhino and moved forward to my objective, which was on the top most level of a ruin on my left. The other Berserker unit (on my right flank), disembarked and ran towards the last Predator. Everything spelt 'Doom' for Huron and his ragtag bunch of CSM. When the Khorne Lord and his Spawn retinue successfully assaulted Huron and The Obliterators, it almost sealed the game to Joe's win.. almost.. for Chaos Gods are fickle, and there's no way to really understand their sense of humour.

Khorne Lord and Huron fought in a duel. Huron is good, but he is no match against the mighty Khorne Lord.  He managed to wound the Khorne Lord twice but the Sigil of Corruption stopped the Tyrant's Claw from causing any harm. In return the Khorne Lord attacks him with 10 attacks and easily slain the Tyrant of Badab. For that kill, they blessed the Khorne lord with the much sought after Gift of Mutations, but the gift was so much more than the Lord could ever handle. He keeps on mutating and mutate until there's nothing left of the Lord but a pile of mindless mass known as the Chaos Spawn. Without the Lord, the Obliterators had no difficulty at all to slaughter the spawns (including the SpawnLord) over 2 more close combat rounds.

That incident brought hope to my CSMs. But it soon goes down when both my reserves (Heldrake and Terminators) failed to come in my 2nd Turn, allowing Joe to hunt down my armies at leisure with his own Heldrakes. Having nothing to lose, I moved all my surviving troops (except the plasmagun unit that was pinned) forward towards the enemy line, putting all effort to take down the Vindicator. One unit embarked the last Rhino while the other unit moved out from the crater and succesfully assaulted the tank. However,they only managed to glance the thing with krak grenades. On my right, the lone Predator moved 12 inches and shot Lasscannons at the Black Heldrake, hit once, but rolled 1 for armour penetration! 

The World Eaters totally dominating the 2nd Turn

In the 3rd turn, his cultist came in from the table edge to take hold of his objective. His 2 Heldrakes easily took out the Plasmagun unit, incinerating all with the Baleflamers. The rest of them took their time killing the remaining CSMs. By the end of his 3rd Turn. Joe successfully killed all my troops and destroyed all my vehicles. The only unit I have left was the Obliterators which finally able to kill all the spawns. With only one unit, there's no way I can stop the World Eaters who so far lost only the Lord and his spawn retinues. Not to mention his Berserkers are nearby, ready to capture my objective. It is a good time to concede.

But there's no way I'll do that! And so I picked up 2 dices and rolled for my reserves. A 4 and 6. Good. It's time to fight back!!

The Terminators deepstriked right in between the Vindicator and Havocs. They wrecked the tank with CombiMeltas and braced themselves for the incoming missiles from the Havoc. My Heldrake swoops in and killed 6 Berserkers with Vector Strike and Baleflamers. The Oblits moved back to guard my objective while shooting Assault Cannons to the rear of a Heldrake.

Scared of the Heldrake, the 2 Berserkers embarked on their rhino and moved towards my objective. Meanwhile, 2 more Berserkers (from the 1st unit) start climbing the ruins and capture my objectives. Joe attempted to bring down my Heldrake and Terminators with shooting and Vector Strike but nothing much happened except taking one Hull Points off my Heldrake. The Black Heldrake (facing my left flank table edge) was sent into Ongoing Reserves.
The reinforcement finally came.. but was it too late already?
Believing the Obliterators to guard my objective, I sent the Heldrake to take out the Cultists. It burned 8 Cultists to ashes and sent the survivors running off the battlefield. In attempt to close the gap towards the cultist (just in case the Heldrake failed), the Terminators assaulted a Rhino nearby, easily wrecked it with Power Axes and Chain Fist. The Obliterators cleared my objective from the 2 Berserkers with Twin-linked Plasmaguns.

The Black Heldrake suddenly came in and Vector Strike my Heldrake, it caused one glance but was denied by the Daemonic Aura. The Missile Havocs failed to kill any of the Terminators with shooting while the Autocannon Havocs targetted the Heldrake. This time there's a penetration, but it was also denied by the Daemonic Aura. The 2nd Heldrake hovered near the Obliterators, but failed to break through the Fleshmetal.
The World Eaters starting to feel the sting of retaliation
My Heldrake continued to wreck havoc in the enemy line, killing 5 marines from the Autocannon Havoc Squad in the ruin to the right flank with Vector Strike and Baleflamer. Meanwhile the Terminators succesfully assaulted the Missile Havoc squad nearby, killing 6 marines and sent the remaining 2 survivors off the battlefield. My Obliterators shoot at the hovering Red Heldrake, immobilising it twice with twin-linked meltaguns.

The last 2 Berserkers starts climbing the ruins to capture my objective, but they were later killed by the Obliterators with twin-linked plasmaguns. There goes the last troops in the game. The game ended in turn 6.
The bloody battle finally came to an end
World Eaters - 3 VPs (1st Blood, Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker)
Huron's CSM - 2 VPs (Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker)
WE win by 1 Victory Point

Damn it was one fine game. Joe's army was very scary with 2 Heldrakes and the fast Khorne Lord. 30++ marines stood no chance against two of them, that's why I limit myself to just one Heldrake. A game would be too easy otherwise.

Thanks to the Chaos Boon Table turning the Khorne Lord into a Spawn, my CSMs managed to crawl back from total defeat and fought back strongly. Who would have thought that with just 3 units they were able to hurt the World Eaters badly throughout the 2nd phase of the game.

In the end, it all comes down to First Blood. I had the chance for it in the 1st Game Turn, when Joe failed in his Alpha Strike. But I wasted the opportunity with poor execution on my part. Should have disembarked all my men and shoot all available Bolters/Plasmaguns towards the Berserkers. So Joe won the game fair and square.

It was a good game. Both of us are very clear on most of the rules (occasional arguments do happens but very minimal) making it a very nice and smooth game.

That's all for today. It's a long one, so thank you very much for reading.