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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It is finally here!! The Gathering Storm!!

When Robert Jordan died 2 years back, i thought that was the end of my favourite band of heroes in the Wheel of Time saga. Just yesterday i find out the book 12 is out and kicking all around the globe.

The Gathering Storm, Book 12 of the Wheel of Time series. RM100 + at Kinokuniya. Cant wait to get my own copy :)

I am not a good writer, but i still wanna say a little bit about the story.

It is a story about 3 kampung boy who was destined to lead the world against the shadows. Each of them is like a pillar supporting a pyramid. If any of them die, the pyramid will fall, and so does the world will fall to the darkness. Even with them around, humanity has only a slightest chance at victory, for the situation is very critical, the forces of shadows is overwhelming, and the world is not yet prepared.

Rand Al'Thor
(The Dragon Reborn)

He is the reincarnation of a the mightiest leader of mankind during the Age of Wonders. The prophecy mentioned him as the saviour of the world against the shadows. He will defeat the Dark One, and destroy the world in doing so.

He is the most powerfull user of the One Power (magics) alive. Able to defeat an army of 40,000 strong in a single channeling. But even without the One Power, he was trained in the swordplay to a Swordmaster level. A very dangerous man, especially since his sanity is in questions.

He leads with iron will, almost a tyrant, something that he think is necessary or humanity have no chance at all.

Matrim Cauthon
(The Gambler/Trickster)

This cheerfull, happy go lucky lad is probably the best general alive in the world. He died once, and came back alive with his memory filled with experiences of hundreds of generals who lived and died during the Warring States era.

In battle he rides atop his horse (named Pips), weilding his A'shandarei (a power wrought spear) accompanied by his unending streams of good luck that was his trademark. He is immune to the effect of the One Power and a very skilled fighter with either his spear of dagger, making him a very dangerous fighter.

He leads The Band of Red Hand, named after a legendary warband during the warring era. The Band never suffered any lost, and his followers loved him because of that. "It's time to toss the dice", the tagline of The Band associated to Mat's superbly good luck.

Perrin Aybara
(The Wolf King)

A former Blacksmith, now a King. He is said to be the saviour after the world is destroyed by Rand in the last battle. He is a wolfbrother, able to communicate with the wolves and calls for their aid in battles. He goes to battle with his axe in hand. Cleaving and chopping like madness everything in his path. No special training in combat, his brute strength is what makes him a great fighter.

He leads by his charisma. Whatever he said, people will believe, and people will follow. Loved by all, his charisma is overwhelming even to the leader of another country to kneel before him.

... ... ...

I dont know if i were able to spark any interest in you guys, i know i'm not a good writer so sorry if i messed up hahaha.

Aniway, update on Raven Guard Project --> nill :)
Too busy taking care of my kids.

That's it for this week. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Raven Guard Rhino - WIP

I hate painting vehicles, walkers and all large scale models. But there's no use complaing but to do it. And I have 9 vehicles (1 Razorback, 2 Rhinoes, 2 Predators, 1 Whirlwind/Predator, 2 Drop Pods and a Crusader) to paint for my Raven Guard. They are all currently in Pitch Black colour.

So i take one of my Rhinoes and begin painting. This is what i have achieved so far.

vs The 2nd Company Ultramarines

Sukai asked me for another game yesterday. The last time I fought him was using my Shrike's build vs his Eldrad list. It ended in a draw due to my mistake in the final round.

My guess is he will bring either his Eldar again (for payback) or his Ultrmarines (He just love his Calgar :) ). This time i wanna try different playstyle and so i choose Kantor instead to lead my Raven Guard.

Master Hafiz Samah - count as Kantor
5 Honour Guards in Razorback
10 Man Tacticals - Plasmagun, Lascannon, PFist & CombiMelta
10 Man Tacticals - Plasmagun, Lascannon, PFist & CombiMelta
10 man Assault Squad - TH&SS
10 man Assault Squad - TH&SS
Predator - Lascannon Sponsons
Predator - Lascannon Sponsons
Predator - Lascannon Sponsons

When he arrived at 7.00 pm, I saw that he brings his Ultramarines. But no Calgar this time. Instead, it was Cato Sicarius and his 2nd Company.

The Ultramarines 2nd Company:
Cato Sicarius
Ortan Cassius
5 Terminators - CycloneML
5 Assault Terminators - 2 LC, 3 TH&SS
10 Tacticals - Meltagun, Lascannon, Tank Hunters (in Rhino)
10 Tacticals - Plasmagun, Missile Launcher
10 Tacticals - Flamer, Missile Launcher (in Rhino)
Land Raider

Game: Seize Ground (5), Dawn of War

i. LR survived 4-6 LC per turn unscathed. Luckily, my Sargeant manage to destroyed it on turn 4 with his Combi-Melta;
ii. Honour Guards destroyed by Sicarius and Cassius.
iii. Cassius vs Master Apis.. Master Apis wins!!
iv. Sicarius vs Master Apis!!.. Master Apis Victorius!!

Result: RG Win 2-0

Victory Unto Death!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mechanizing My Raven Guard

I finally have enough tanks for my Raven Guard. 1 Razorback, 2 Rhinoes, 2 Predators and a Whirlwind.
The Whirlwind is taken from my World Eaters Legion's Predator. When in need, it can undergo weapon swap into the 3rd Predator.

My Raven Guard
Raven Guard is a chapter that excels in guerilla warfare, in scare tactics, in reconnaisance and sabotage. It is true and nothing but the truth in there. But there is another side of the story about the Raven Guard. There is more to Raven Guard than just Scouts, Drop Pods, Jumpacks and Lightning Claws.

Deliverance, the home planet of The Raven Guard Chapter has the capacity of a small forgeworld. It has the capacity to produce all these wonderfull weapons and tanks. As an Army General, isn't it weird for me to not utilised all these wonderfull resources?

In a battle, my Raven Guard strikes hard from the very beginning. Before the battle, Captain Ahmad Sharji lead his band of infiltrators deep into the enemy lines. Waiting for the dawn, when it was the best moment to strike.

As soon as The Blessed Brother Kumbang landed in his Drop Pod, Captain Ahmad Sarji and his Jumpackers will hit hard on the enemy's weakest element. This will draw the attentions away from the Rhinoes that suddenly came out of their concealment, bearing the Tactical Squads. The 2nd Assault Squad and Attack Bikers close behind.

Meanwhile, missiles after missiles shots came out of nowhere into the enemy line, pinning the infantries and further adding to the confusion. And to the eyes of the doomed enemy, multiple green streaks of Lasscannons can be drawn from far away, blasting their tanks and APC into charred remains.

When it work, the battle usually ended fast. Just nice for the Subuh prayer :)

That is how my RG works.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

3 fun games, but no pics?

My battery went out, so no pic to show. I played 3 fun games, 2 with my Raven Guard and a fantasy game with my DE.

1st game : Raven Guards vs Orkses
Mission : Annihilation, Dawn of War
- Shrike + 20 Assault Marines (2 TH&SS) charged 8 Nobz (2 PK, 1 Painboy) + Warboss. Result: Dead Shrike and 13 other marines. Only 2 nobz dead.
- Lone Assault Sargeant fought 5 Nobz+Warboss in the 3rd round of combat. He survived 4 normal and 6 PK attacks!!
Result : RG has 2 Preds and 2 Tacticals Squad left while the orkses, a Warboss and 4 Nobz. But still, RG lost by 1 killpoint.

2nd Game : Dark Elves vs Tzeentch-Khorne Chaos list (Joe's)
Highlights :
- Joe's roll sucks bad. 1 and 2 all the way early in the game. That greatly reduced the effectiveness of his heavy magic army.
- My roll was too good to be true. They are damn high even in Leadership test. i failed almost all my psychology test and test for rally. Even my Lord and Cold One Knights failed their stupidity check at the most crutial turn
- My CC Assasin single handedly took out 5 man Maruder horsemen (1st turn charge) , 3 man Khorne Knights (2nd Turn) and another 3 man Chaos Knights (4th Turn). Hatred + Rune of Khaine + Killing Blow rocks!!
- Gateway is a scary magic. Casted on 15+, and Joe never rolled a misscast in all 6 turns, on the 5th turn Joe used that magic to send my Assasin and a unit of 5 Shades (who finally succeed to rally)to oblivion.
- In the end The Chaos Horde was pushed to just the High Sorcerer and 2 Marauder horsemen.
Result : A minor victory for the Dark Elves

3rd Game : Raven Guard vs Eldar (Jain Zar & Eldrad)
Mission : Seize Ground (3 Obj), Spearhead
Highlights :
- Shrike + 10 Jumpackers infiltrate and cause havoc in the eldar enemy lines. It took both Jain Zar's squad and Eldrad's Dire Avengers to finally end the chaos and slay Shrike.
- 10 man Dire Avengers with Defend, Shimmershield and fortuned.. Damn keras!!
Result : Raven Guard win controlling 2 objectives. The Eldar hold none.

I really need to get a new battery pack for my cammera.