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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nemessor Zahndrekh

I've never played any game without him, so finishing him up is top priority. Everything else got to be put on hold.

I wonder what should I do next. Obyron? Maybe I should continue with that RG VenDread. But then again, my World Eaters may need that Land Raider for War Without End.

Ahh.. So many things to do, but so little time. Have fun guys.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

13th Co. Long Fangs

I has been quite some time since I last did a SW. So last week I decided to finish one squad of Long Fangs before I continue with the project that I'm doing. I tried my best to finish them as fast as possible and one week later, the whole squad was done. If everything went according to plan, they too, will make an appearance in the upcoming event :)


Meanwhile, the World Eaters has been doing a few friendly match with my other armies. It is in preparation for the War Without End (WWE) project that I sent them to. The one and only Chaos army in the project, they're going to face a lot of armies from newer and stronger codex. I'm really excited to see how they will perform :).

Aniway, a good friend Vuel asked me to post some pictures of the Berserkers with the Brass Etched Khorne icon. Well, here is one squad, the other two unit is currently locked in combat so no picture of them.

That's all for now. Have a nice day guys.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Blessings of Khorne

Since the huge defeat at MaGaCon.. my World Eaters has been tending their wounds in their home base (that is the cabinet). This weekend somehow my daughter managed to breach the defence of my Hobby Room and wreck the World Eaters homebase. Luckily the damage wasn't so bad and soon after with a sad feeling I began rearranging them back onto the shelf.

Then it came to me, since they're out already why not pit them against one of my armies. And so I play them against my Raven Guard in a Seize Ground, Spearhead game where they were sorrily beaten due to bad armour save (it keeps on happening again and again). It makes me wonder, why was it that my World Eaters so bad at Armour Saves?

I look at them Berserkers, wonder for a few minutes and saw how their left shoulder pad was not marked with any World Eaters nor Khornate Icon. Without much thought I take out the Khornate Brass Etched I have and start working. Cutting those brass bits, curved them to fit the shoulder pads, glue them in place, and simple wash with Badab Black took me some 3-4 hours to finish all 24 of them.

Once they're done, I sent them to battle once more against the RGs (Annihilation, Dawn of War). The result was marvelous. Suffice to say, the number of Armur Saves they made is beyond my expectation. The game ended with them beating the RGs 9-7 in KPs. It's the Khorne's blessing I tell you :lol: I was so happy with the result I end up painting 3 more Raptor models so that I can play my favourite setup of 2x5 Raptors with 2 Meltaguns.

The next hobby session, I might end up bringing them to play. But before that, I'll do several playtests. The list I'm currently trying is :

Winged Khorne Prince
5 Khorne Terminators - 3 CombiMeltaguns, 1 HFlamer, 1 PFist
8 Berserkers - Power Fist (in Rhino)
8 Berserkers - Power Fist (in Rhino)
8 Berserkers - Power Weapon (in Rhino)
5 Raptors - 2 Meltaguns
5 Raptors - 2 Meltaguns
Predator - Autocannon, Lasscannon Side Sponsons, Havoc Missile Launcher
Predator - Autocannon, Lasscannon Side Sponsons, Havoc Missile Launcher
2 Obliterators 
Total : 1750 points



About the RG Venerable Dread, I'm done with the Plasma Cannon Right Arm. The White Raven is of course, a freehand. Next in line will be the Left Arm. I'm actually waiting for some Forgeworld bits for this model. Hopefully it arrive in time.

Okay guys.. have fun :)