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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another Eldar host

On Sept. 26th (Saturday), i finally got my chance to go to GC. So i grab my WE bag and went for a game. There's quite a crowd in there but they are all either into Spacehulk, D&D, painting or plainly just hanging around for fun.

I asked around and finally got a game. Against a new player with his Eldar forces. His army was majority still under painting. He has enough models assembled for a 1750 game so we game in no time :).

Game: Secure and Control, Pitch Battle

World Eaters - Lead by Lord Ammar
Winged Lord - Stomped to death by a Warwalker :lol:
5 Termies
3x8 Berserkers
3 Rhinoes - 1 destroyed
2x5 Raptors
1 Lass-Pred - destroyed
2 Dakka-Pred - 1 Destroyed

Black Primed Eldar Craftworld
Banshees (in Serpent)
Dragons (in Falcon)
Dire Avengers (in Serpent)
2x10 Guardians - 1 unit flees
6 Jetbikes
2 Vipers (in a squadron) - 1 destroyed
2 Warwalkers - 1 destroyed

Turn 1: The table setup was biased towards the Eldar (I was the one who set it that way hahah). That red-shirt guy is my opponent. I go 1st and speed towards his line.
End of WE's Turn 2: Both Raptor Squads and Termies came too early. Predators pound one Guardian Squad, forcing the survivors to flee. Eldar circled around towards the left, aiming for my lone Lass-pred.
End of Eldar's Turn 3: 1 Lass-pred, 1 Dakka-pred, 1 Rhino destroyed. WE controlled both objectives.
End of WE's Turn 4: Lots of bad rolls, Lord Ammar fought a Warwalker and rolled 1 for his DW. Later he was stomped to death. WE controlled 2 objectives.
End of Turn 5 (End game): Eldar do what they always do in the 5th turn. Contest objectives. I see it long before it happens, but dont think the distance is enough for him to reach both objectives. Failing that, i believe i can win in Turn 6. But then the game ended with a roll of 1.
Result: The game ended in a draw.
Lesson learned: Try to avoid wrong judgement.
WE record: 5 wins, 1 draw, 2 loses.

I am a father!!

It was on September 18th, 2009, Friday at 11.03a.m. , my wife gave birth to a girl. Later at 11,28a.m. another baby was born. This time, a boy. The girl was named Alya (Height) Batrisyia (Intelligent/clever) and the boy Ammar (Strength of faith) Bakhtiar (Happiness).

From left - Alya & Ammar

From now on, Lord Aslan is no more. He is now Lord Ammar.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Aidil Fitri!!

Selamat Hari Raya to all!!

For all the mistakes i've done, all the wrongdoings, all the things coming out of mouth which is not nice, all the arguments during games, all the TAs (lol), and everything..

Maaf Zahir & Batin.. My sincere apology from the very bottom of my heart.

Drive safely..

What? The car? Yes.. i painted it myself. Boltgun metal followed by a layer of Tamiya Smoke :lol:

WE Terminator Lord Graviax (CMON)

This is by far, the coolest WE Lord I have sver seen. In fact, the coolest model in Terminator Armour.

I found this almost a year back. Since then, this model has been my inspiration to go better myself in this hobby.

Truly a masterpiece.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Me and my World Eaters

I have been playing the World Eaters for 5 years now. It all began when i found 2 boxes of Berserkers under my bed. They belongs to Din, I was (at that time) living in his house. I already have a Necron army that time, but i don't Necrons are my style. I prefer Close Combat more than anything else. Necrons are just not belong to that category. Din allows me to have those Berserkers and so began my descent into the Realm of Khorne.

As with all of His champion, I struggled much to make my WE live up to their reputation. It was hard, the Blood Frenzy almost makes the army unplayable. My list During the early years is as below:

8 Possesed of Khorne Powerfist, Rage o Khorne (Rhino)
8 Berserkers (Rhino) Powerweapon
8 Berserkers Powerfist, Rage
8 Bloodletters
total: 1.5k

I lose almost all my games. It was very disencouraging to go forward. The worst defeat is when i fought this boy Kareem. I lost and then only we all learned that the boy was using a 1k list. I was a laughing stock for months. I quit playing WE for a while due to that and concentrate on my Necrons which was having a stream of success, even reaching Finals in GC Tourney (where i lose to Din).

But once again, i longed for brutal close combat actions. Which brings me back to my WE. I do some research and later learned about "The Red-tide". It involes utilising very aspect of Blood Frenzy for total anihilation, or simply annihilated. All this time i've been trying to control the Blood Frenzy, and i was shown the error of my way. I must completely accept the gift of Blood Frenzy, fully accept the gift of the Blood God. There is no gray area in the realm of Khorne, there is either Red.. or nothing at all.

And the next time i brought my WE, my list is as follows:
Daemon Prince with Speed, Armour, Aura, Resilience & 2 CCWeapon
16 Berserkers + Spawn PWeapon, DChain, Talisman of Burning Blood
16 Berserkers + Spawn PFist, Rage, ToBB
5 Bloodletters
5 Bloodletters
Dakka Pred

The list is a very fast-moving list. Talisman of Burning Blood ensures that my Berserkers always move more than 6 every turn. Deployed as fast as possible to enemy lines, they can reach the enemy during the 2nd turn (if luck permits). All the meanwhile, my Daemon Prince speeds towards enemy from the flank. And then came the Daemons..

I remember my very 1st game was vs Dann's Legion of The Damned. It was a very rare day when Rizal came to GC.. I remember Rizal have a look at my army and say how my Berserkers are so dead, facing Defilers and Leman Russes without any cover (It was in fact the truth of the situation). And then it ended ... I can still remember the sweet taste of victory when it is all finally over. The Red-tide has won!! It is truly the way favoured by Khorne.
(note: Dann challenges me later and he won the 2nd game :). But i cares not).

Since that day, i have fought countless of battles with my Red-tide, sometimes lost, but mostly a win. It was either win big, or lose big. But every game was as fun as the next. The best game was definitely against Warlord Nikolork's Green-tide.. Green Tide vs Red Tide. No-one remembers the number of attacks we delivered that day, but it reaches close to a thousand!! And our poster decorated the wall of GC for years to come....

Then came the new Codex..

...to be continued.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My office was decorated by the supporting staffs for the Merdeka Celebration. There was quite a few leftovers meterials that interest me much. I know i can come up with something using the leftovers.

So last night, after finishing another Firedrakes, i decided to have a break from painting and built this ruin of a house. I am greatly satisfied with the result as you can see below..

The eldar can't help themself to try out the new ruins..
Now what it need is a paintjob. I need to go and buy some spray. Adios.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fire Dragons

I am quite bored of painting marines already. Luckily there's some eldar models to paint. It was Din's Firedrakes for his Eldarbots. He is currently painting his Eldarbots for the November RTT. But we were afraid that he couldn't finish before time, so i agreed to finish some of his models. Some more, he don't know how to paint good yellow. My WE are fully painted and ready, so i better help him.

Here are they, 5 Firedrakes lead by Exarch with Firepike.
I take this opportunity to try out new painting method for the eyes. I don't know what they call it, but i've seen it a few times over the Net. I like the result very much.
6 Finish. 9 more Firedrakes to go.. :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Winged Lord

I always liked the idea of a winged Lord. In the CSM FAQ, it was mentioned that that a winged Lord still count as infantry instead of jump infantry. The gift of wings simply allows the Lord to move as jump infantry, but he will still count as infantry for all other purpose. Which means that he can still ride inside a Rhino. Yeay!! The only drawback is that it must be WYSIWYG. The Lord MUST have a wing on his back, no jumpack "count as" wings or something.

So i decided to make a winged Lord for my World Eaters. And after a week, i give you all..

Lord Aslan of The World Eaters :
Daemon Weapon with built in Plasma Pistol, Melta Bombs, Wings. Soon, the Daemon weapon will have a combi-melta installed to it.

Last Saturday, He lead my WE in a fight to death against Dann's Eldar.
Game: Seize Ground (3 Objectives), Spearhead. The Eldar goes 1st.

Lord Aslan's Warhost
Lord Aslan - Dead (Spiders)
5 Terminators - 2 remains
3x8 Berserkers - all killed (Banshees & Spiders)
3 Rhinoes - 1 Destroyed, 1 immoed
5 Raptors - take out Falcons, Rangers and the Serpent


Craftworld Biel Tan - "Whisperblade"
Avatar - Destroyed (Preds)
Farseer - Dead (Lasspred)
Fire Dragons - All killed (Termies)
Banshees - All killed (Preds)
5 Dark Reapers - All Killed (Preds & Termies)
5 Rangers - All Killed (Raptors)
2x6 Avenger Squad - All killed (Termies & Preds)
1 Wave Serpent - Destroyed (Raptors)
Warp Spiders - Last man flees (Preds)
Wraithlord - Destroyed (Preds & Berserkers)
Result: The Eldar got TAed on turn 6. WE wins.
Lesson Learned: i. Predator rocks!!

WE records: 5 Wins, 2 Loses

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prince Akkarin - Finally

-Daemon Prince of Khorne-
Prince Akkarin has slaughtered countless enemies for the Skullthrone. From lowly nurglings to mighty Asurmen, The Phoenix Lord of Dire Avengers to the mighty Baneblade of the Emperor. His big black sword - Zikryl - forever hungry for more blood.
He had died so many times by counltless methods mostly from cowards who only knows to kill from afar. Each and everytime, Khorne willed him to live and continue spreading chaos across the universe. Never shall he know sleep until Khorne Himself is no more.