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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Lychguard with Dispersion Shield : Completed

Finally.. The Lychguard with Dispersion Shield unit is done. Took me quite a long time to finish just 5 models. I'm glad it is finally over.
The 5th Lychguard
Lychguards of the Isha's Dynasty
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The 4th Lychguard.. and 2 Wins


Another day passed by, another Lychguard done. One more to go, then can proceed to next project.


In theory, my Necron infantry list that relies so much on Deepstriking will have small chance to win against any IG Tank Company. Knowing that, I want so much to see how would I fare against them. So when I heard that Brother Lan, a Veteran IG player, will come with his famed Brandenburg Armoured Company to Legio last Friday night, I took a visit there to fight him. Hopefully he hadn't start any game when I arrived.

I was lucky, and soon after I arrived, the dices start rolling.

Game : Annihilation, Pitch Battle. IG goes 1st (Necron failed to seize the initiative)

Deployment : See all those tanks? I dont really remember his setup. All I remember was 3 Leman Russ Squadrons (Squadron1 : 2 Battle Tanks; Squadron2 : Battle Tank + Executioner; Squadron3 : Battle Tank + Vanquisher(?)), 3 Chimeras and a Devildog. He actually has another list with 9 Leman Russ, but forgot how the list goes. Lucky me hahaha.

I split my Necrons into 2 groups and deployed far from the Tanks to benefit from the Solar Flare. I need to survive the Alpha Strike to have any chance against this army. My plan worked, and the only casualty from the 1st Turn shooting was one Immortal with Tesla Carbine. 

In my turn, I Deepstriked Zahndrekh and his Lychguards retinue right in front of a Leman Russ Squadron1 near the ruins. They scattered 8 inches to the left, safe from harm. Obyron and his Immortals with Gauss Blasters followed nearby. The Destroyer Lord, Wraiths and Scarabs closed in from behind. 

In shooting phase, the Immortals Wrecked one Battle Tank (Glance 6 on squadron) and Damaged the Battle Cannon of the other one (Glance 5). On the other side, my Heavy Destroyers (with Tank Hunters) failed to penetrate Leman Russ (Squadron2). 

Now most of my heavy hitters are already within his defense line. In fact, the Lychguards and Wraiths units are within charging distance in my next turn. So when his 2nd Turn came, he did what IG hates the most -move his vehicle beyond my charging range. That act cuts down his firepower by 1/3. Hurray!!

In his shooting phase, the Devildog melted 5 Immortals with it's Melta Cannon (4 came back). The Leman Russ Squadron2 targeted my Wraiths unit, instakilling 2 and wound another. It also caused 7 wounds to the Scarabs but was saved magnificently. The last Squadron3 tries to claim one KP by killing the small 4 man Immortal squad but they were survived by the cover. 

My 2nd Turn. I sent the Lychguard to finish the closest Battle Tank but their march was stop by the terrain (difficult terrain check - 1 and 2). Obyron pulls his Immortals towards the Devildog, causing Crew Shaken, Immobilised with several Glancing shots. Heavy Destroyers (with Tank Hunters) destroyed (Explode) the Battle Tank that form Squadron2 with the Executioner. Meanwhile, the rest of my army closed in. 

IG 3rd Turn. He moved his vehicles a bit (Great!) and shoot. This time, he was targeting the Heavy Destroyers, killing 2 (1 came back). The rest of his shooting failed to do anything.

When my turn came, he received a call from his wife. Seems like he had a visitor and had to go back in 5-10 minutes. So I had to do my 3rd turn very quickly, sending my Lychguards to take out 3 units simultaneously (They Wrecked the Devildog, Blew a Leman Russ, and Damaged (2 weapon destroyed and Immobilised a Chimera). The Immortals Deepstriked nearby and destroy (Explode) the 2nd Chimera.

Meanwhile The Wraiths, lead by the Destroyer Lord managed to reach the Executioner, but failed to cause any damaged. With that the game ended.

Result : Necrons win by 3 KPs.


2nd game was vs my good old time buddy Danntoh with his Eldar.

Game : Annihilation, Spearhead. Necron won the 1st turn, but gave it to the Eldar.

I gave the 1st Turn to the Eldar because I need to see his deployment. I have my strategy ready, but since he also plays Necrons, he might have a counter to it already. 

He deployed as picture. Which means I can proceed with my plan and deploy my army as usual. My attempt to Seize Initiative failed with a roll of one.

The game begin with a Solar Flare activated to stop his shooting. With that, he decided not to move much and let me come at him.

When my turn came, I Deespstriked my Lychguards right in front of his Dark Reapers but scattered 7 inches to the right (in front of the Falcon). Obyron and Immortals followed nearby and blasted the Dark Reapers down to 2 man. Heavy Destroyers moved forward and with Tank Hunter skills, Immobilised a Wave Serpent (5 Fire Dragons inside). The Destroyer Lord, Wraiths and Scarabs closed in from behind.

Eldar 2nd Turn. 5 Dire Avengers came in from reserves and tried to take out the Heavy Destroyers. They failed. Dark Reapers, Falcon, Rangers and Wave Serpents attempt to take down the Lychguards. They killed several but only one permanently downed. His Autarch, leading a group of Howling Banshees attempt to assault the Lychguards, but failed due to low roll through difficult ground.

During my turn, one Tesla Immortal unit came in from reserve and the rest of my Necrons closed in. The Immortals Rapid Fired the Banshee unit but they survived with Fortuned. Heavy Destroyers (with Tank Hunters) destroyed the Pulse Laser from the Falcon, before the Lychguards finally destroyed (Explode) it with 14 penetration hits. The Wraiths and Destroyer Lord simultaneously assaulted 2 units, destroying the Dark Reaper unit and the immobilised Wave Serpents (Explode).

The Eldar strikes back in the 3rd Turn with a Tank Shock to the Lychguards and Immortals. The Immortals held their ground but the Lychguards ran away (WTH!!). 2nd Dire Avengers unit came in from reserves and shot down all of my Heavy Destroyers. To stop the Wraiths, Eldar sent out 2 Fire Dragon units with their instakilling weapons. They failed, killing only one wraith.

The Assault Phase see much action when the Autarch lead his Banshees towards Obyron and his Immortals. However, the mistake Dann made earlier that turn (he Doomed my fleeing Lychguards instead of the Immortals) took a toll on his assault. They killed 4 Immortals (all came back) but took 3 casualties from Obyron. The Immortals lost but easily passed the break test at Ld9.

Nearby, the Wraithlord had no choice but to try and stop the Wraiths with assault. But it's mind was easily controlled by the Destroyer Lord with his Mindshackle Scarabs. The Wraiths wound it once before the Destroyer Lord deliver the killing blows with his Warscythe.

In my turn, the Necrons continue to push the Eldar with close combat madness. My Scarabs (downed to 2 bases) Wrecked the last Wave Serpent with the combination of Entropic Strike and Tank Hunters Veteran Skill. The Wraiths went on to destroy one Fire Dragon unit while the Destroyer Lord joined Obyron in the fight against the Banshees. This time Obyron managed to slay the Autarch while Destroyer Lord and Immortals kills 3 more Banshees. Necron won the combat by 3 but the Banshees and a lone Sorcerer held their ground. 

The 4th Turn. The Eldar can already see their doom. So they try to grab some KP before the game ends. Fire Dragons claim one KP from the Scarabs, but everything else failed. Assault phase saw the combat ended with Destroyer Lord killing the Banshees while Obyron beheaded the Sorcerer.

When my turn came, the Lychguards passed their test to rally. I told Dann what I'm gonna do next and he conceded the game.

Result : Necrons wins 11 KPs (including Rangers and Fire Dragons) to 2 KPs

Overall, it was a fun hobby night for me and my Necrons. It has been 5 months since I last visit Legio Malaysia. The place is as good as I remember, with 1st class terrain and all. Hopefully I can visit Legio more often in the future. For those who hadn't been there, I greatly recommend a visit and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Next game, I'll be playing a new list with the Dispersion Shield. Till then, have a nice day.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Lychguard with Dispersion Shield : 3rd of 5

I thought I can finish the remaining 3 Lychguards in a week. But my time is very limited and I only manage to do one more Lychguard. So my plan to play different Lychguard setup this week was stalled. Anyway.. here is the 3rd one. 

Have a good weekend :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lychguard With Dispersion Shield : 2nd 0f 5

The time taken to finish this guy is almost the same as the first one. It may took me a whole week to finish the remaining three models. Hopefully I can keep my morale high and complete them before the next game.

Feedback and suggestions is wellcomed. Thanks for visiting.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Lychguard With Dispersion Shield (Trial Shot)

I've played 6 games with my Necrons since they came back from their slumber. In all those games, I've been playing 6-8 Lychguards with Warscythe as Zahndrekh's bodyguard. I think it's about time to try different setup.

Like mentioned in earlier post, I've assembled 5 Lychguards with Dispersion Shield. But the project was put on hold because I ran out of Chaos Black spray at that time.

Last week I visit Hobby Forge twice, had 3 games of Necrons and grab myself the much needed can of Chaos Black spray. Since then I've been painting Lychguards at every opportunity I had. Untill yesterday, I've painted the legs for all 5 Lychguards.

Today.. one of them is finished.

The model is so full of details it took me 4-5 hours just to finish painting the upper body and shield. But then again, this is a trial shot model, longer time is needed experimenting with colours. The next one won't be taking that much time I think.

Nothing much left to say, so I guess that's it for now. Enjoy the pic.

Thanks for your time here. Have fun :-)