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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Centurion Devastator Squad - 3/3

The Centurion Devastators Squad is done and ready for action. Here is the last guy.

It isn't going to be complete without a group photo

Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Hobby Forge and Force Recon 1k Tournament


Last Saturday (Oct 26th) saw the grand opening of the new Hobby Forge at Zenith Corporate Park. It was a good move as the location at Cova Square was too secluded and bad for business. Here the potential is bigger and I wish all the best to Alvin.

A very nice place to hang out and roll dices
From the picture (bottom right - yellow signs), you can see a mamak restaurant where I had a nice roti telur banjir that day :). Come and visit this place and you'll want to drop by again later.


I entered with a Daemons of Khorne themed list. A sucker for Close Combat, I tried making a 1,000 points CC-oriented list of all my armies but can't seems to get any that may work at that point level. Then I remembered I have some daemons ally back home and a thought occurred to me. Why not use them as a proper army on their own?

It didn't take long for me to make a list because the Daemon stuff I own are small, so I'm just going to make use of what I have. It is a very straight forward, Khornate and simple list based on the Maximum Threat Overload principal which I think is the only way CC-oriented armies may work competitively at 1,000 points.
Bloodthirster | Greater and Exalted Gifts
2x10 Bloodletters
2x Daemon Prince | Khornate, Wings, Armour, Exalted Gift
Will it work? Theoretically yes that is a scary list, but with almost no shooting at all and such a small number of models, only actual gaming may tell. So let us proceed with the game.

1st Game : Purge The Aliens, Vanguard Strike Deployment
Opponent : Dark Eldar (Coven list)

The 1st game was where beginners luck (my 1st time playing Daemons kan :)) played their role. One of my DPrince got Wind of Chaos gifts and I rolled 9, 12, 9, 9, 9 for Strength throughout the game. On the other hand, my opponent suffered several streams of bad luck, rolling low on so many important rolls. 
2nd turn - right before the slaughter began
My monsters killed everything except 5 man Wracks and a Raider to win me my 1st game.

2nd Game : Crusade, Dawn of War Deployment
Opponent : Eldar (Death by Thousand Cuts list)

Count the number of shots I have to go through. With Guide and Prescience
This Eldar list was one of the army that I don't want to face in the tourney. It has super number of shots with rerolls (I hate psychic powers!). I won the 1st turn, summoned a Portalglyph and pushed my monsters forward. Split one of the Prince to hunt down the Fire Prism and it was a huge mistake as now the Eldar war host could focus on my Warlord and Prince (They died in the 1st shooting phase).
The other Prince took out the Fire Prism and destroyed one of the Eldar troops that was holding an objective before he died.

After that the Eldar started advancing forward to try annihilate my troops holding on to an objective. At the same time, the Portalglyph kept on spawning Daemons every turn. Suddenly a Wave Serpent (5 Dire Avengers inside) skimmed nearby and I sent one Bloodletter to deal with it. Boom! It exploded and the passengers were pinned right in the middle of the table. With that the game turned into my favour since I hold 1 objective (3 VP). If I could hold it until the game end..

.. but then a Viper and 2 Warwalkers successfully moved into LOS and eliminate my remaining troops.

3rd Game : Scouring, Vanguard Strike Deployment
Opponent : Thousand Sons (Infiltrating Rubrics Marines)

This is one funny game. The opponent infiltrated Ahriman and 2x8 Thousand Sons 18 inches away from me while his DPrince (Warlord) flew from behind. Came my turn, I assaulted Ahriman unit with Bloodthirster and a Prince while the other Prince assaulted another unit nearby.

Both Prince fought unit Champions from both units and won. Bloodthirster on the other hand, killed like only 3 marines before dying to the Black Staff of Ahriman + Iron Arm (1). There goes my Warlord, and now I have a feeling that I'm going to lose the game with his Warlord flying above throwing S5 AP3 flames (Burning Brand + Gift) on my Troops. But the opponent got greedy, cast Boon of Mutation on his Warlord, and rolled 22 --> Spawnhood!! 

From then on everything went smoothly, my DPrince killed Ahriman and wiped out all the Rubrics.

4th Game : Relic, Dawn of War Deployment
Opponent : Space Wolves (Thunderwolves)

This game was mine from the very moment my opponent was announced. Not because the opponent was a bad player tactically, but the fact that his list couldn't ever beat my list without extreme luck. I knew this because my own 13th Co. Space Wolves always got bullied by Daemons back home.
There's no stopping from the carnage that is sure to come
This was basically what happened. I rolled 11 for Warp Storm table and killed his Rune Priest (First Blood) just like that. Then destroyed the Thunderwolf unit with simultaneous charge of the FMCs. Bloodthirster slain the Thunderwolf Lord in challenge, then proceed to hunt down the dreads and troops. Opponent conceded.

Result : 3 Wins and 1 Lost

I'm pretty happy with the result, it was a fun experience. I never thought 1k point games can be so fun like this. Anyway, the tournament was won by once again, our Chosen Joe Soon and his Necron army. Congratulations to Joe.

Then there was the Lucky Draw!!... Sadly, I didn't win anything. But it was fun, and I'm sure everyone felt the same from all the smiley faces I saw when I walked out the door.

Yup.. everyone had their share of fun that day
Some new faces throwing dices at the cool 4x4 tables for beginners
Again, a special thanks to Hobby Forge and Legio Malaysia for providing us a cool new place to hang out and roll some dices!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Daemon Prince of Khorne

A few days back, I answered the Call of Chaos VI and made a pledge to paint 1 Daemon Prince and 16 Bloodletters before 15th January 2014. Seems like more than enough time to finish them.

But I will need to finish the Daemon Prince and 10 Bloodletters by the next weekend for The Force Recon 40k Tournament.

So I had to take a slight detour from completing my Centurion Devastators and focus on them daemons. I began painting the daemons on Friday and by last night the Daemon Prince was completed. Here he is..

Next.. 10 Bloodletters. I don't think I have enough time so will try my best to at least fill the 3 colours minimum for painting requirements.

That's all. Have fun!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Centurion Devastator Squad - 1/3

Not so into detail this time. I just want to finish this unit as quick as possible.

1 down, 2 more to go.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

2nd game with the Raven Guard

I had another game yesterday. It was a fun Killpoint game versus a unique Thousand Sons army lead by Ahriman. All those AP3 bolters are scary and my marines suffered quite badly during the first two turns. 

I made a huge mistake during deployment. In result, my Assault Marines required 3 turns to reach the enemy. Thousand Sons with access to multiple biomancy spells reducing my troops Strentgh and Toughness, took a lot of strength from my Raven Guard.

The 3rd turn was where it all begin. My assault was a success, taking out a squad of Thousand Sons and Horrors. My Chapter Master killed a Tzeentch Sorcerer while a Veteran Assault Sergeant killed a Herald of Tzeentch.

But one thing happened that prevent this from being a complete rout of the Thousand Sons. I rolled double 1 for Assault Terminators that was charging Ahriman and around 10 Rubric Marines. (See how close it was from the picture below). Otherwise things would've turned out better for my Raven Guard. 

With that failed charge, the Thousand Sons able to take out the Terminators with shooting and assault in the next turn. The rest of the game saw both of us tried our best to beat each other in combat.

The game ended in the 5th turn where my Raven Guard lost 4-9. Another lost but it was one fine game I truly enjoy.

Hopefully my Raven Guard can do better next time.