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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

3k Meeting Engagement - Settra vs Skragg The Slaughterer

Settra The Imperishable
Grand Hierophant Khatep
Tomb Herald – Great Weapon, Armour of Silvered Steel, Battle Standard Bearer (BSB)
Ramhotep The Visionary
39 Skeleton Warriors – Full Command
20 Archers – Full Command
2x10 Archers
5 Chariots – Full Command
30 Tomb Guards – Full Command, Halberd
9 Ushabtis – Full Command, Great Bow
Casket of Souls

Ogre Tyrant – Armour of Destiny
Skragg The Slaughterer
Bruiser BSB
Butcher – Level 2, Dispel Scroll
2x4 Leadbelchers
3x3 Bulls with Great Weapons
4 Bulls with Great Weapons
2x6 Ironguts
2x3 Mournfang Cavalry

I won the roll for deployment and chose the side away from the dangerous flowing river. Rolling for Reinforcement was quite bad as I rolled 1 for my Skeleton Warriors and the Ushabtis. I don't mind my Ushabti’s going into reserves, but the Skelleton Warriors were the centrepiece/anvil for my army. Without them, I now have to rely on my chariots to make the push from the centre going to the left where my Reserves will make appearance. Settra joined the Skeleton Chariots while Grand Hierophant Khatep and Herald BSB deployed within the 20 man Archers near the Elven structure (Elven Waystone, +1 to Channeling).

Both parties prepares for the Meeting Engagement
My opponent went for pincer move, sending two Heavy Mournfang Cavalry units to both flanks. Following close were small units of Ogre Bulls with Great Weapons and the Leadbelchers. Tyrant and Bruiser BSB each lead a well sized Ogre Ironguts blocks to the center. Scragg and one Ogre Bull unit were pushed into Reserves.

By default, the first turn would go to my Tomb Kings and I looked forward to my first Magic Phase without Scragg to deny me with his +4 to Dispell. But my opponent have 1/6 chance to Seize The Initiative ... and he rolled a 6!! Bugger!

Skragg came in from Reserves and joined the Ironguts block in the center lead by Bruiser BSB. Both Mournfang Cavalry circled to the flanks. The rest of the ogres moved closer, carefully crossing the dangerous river. In the Shooting Phase, both Leadbelcher units targeted my Skeleton Archers to the right and took out 5 skellies.

Come my 1st Turn, I sent the Skelleton Chariots for a 1st turn charge to the rightmost Leadbelchers unit. The ogres reacted by fleeing 8 inches and off the table. I redirected the charge to the closest unit within line of sight which was the Ogre Bulls to my far left. I only need 9 inches, and was confident the Chariots could make it with Swiftstride... but rolled super low. As a result, the charge failed and my wide chariot unit was left stranded within easy charging distance to the Ogres. Should have redirected to the unit directly in front to maintain formation. My Skeleton Warriors entered from the left and Ushabtis came from my right to guard the now exposed flank. My Tomb Guards Combat Reformed and move forward to deal with the Mournfang Cavalry coming from my left.

What a blunder!
Magic Phase. My opponent Dispel Scrolled the first spell from Khatep and the Grand Hierophant rolled low on his 2nd casting attempt (I totally forgotten Khatep can once per turn choose to reroll his casting attempt.. sayang betul). Settra attempted to cast a spell but failed to gather enough winds of magic. Shooting from Ushabtis and Archers killed 1 Mournfang.

The Ogres charged. Mournfang Cavalry to my right went for a rear charge but rolled low (phew!). Skragg, his Ironguts and the Ogre Bulls nearby performed a succesfull frontal and flank charge. Mournfang Cavalry to my left charged the Tomb Guards. Leadbelchers downed 4 more Archers from the depleted Skelly Archers unit.

Urgh ... it hurts!
Settra defeated the Irongut Champion in combat but the whole combat went to the Ogres with their strength boosted by a Blessing spell. The Chariots lost combat and was wipedout due to Unstable. Settra himself suffered 2 wounds from Unstable (Allocated to the Chariot of The Gods).

Nearby, the Tomb Guards with Halberd (boosted with WS7 from having Settra within 6 inches and Frenzy (and also Hatred but I forgot about it at this moment) from Ramhotep), defeated the charging Mournfang Cavalry. The Cavalry fled (7 inches) but was pursued (9 inches) and captured.

So far was quite even. But things weren't looking so good for Settra, surrounded like that.

My 2nd turn, Tomb Guard reformed and readied for the next turn and move the Skelleton Warriors forward. Magic phase was good, casted 1 hex (-1 S and T) to Skragg unit, 1 blessing (Boosted Righteous Smiting). Ushabtis and The 20 man Archers killed 3 Leadbelchers. The 10 man Archers killed one Bull from the unit to my left. 

"I am Settra. I do not serve ... I rule!"
Surrounded by 10 Ogres, 2 of which was experienced fighters, even the mighty Settra was having difficulties. He killed one Ogre and wounded another. With insane skills he defended against the attacks from Skragg's unit, suffering only 2 wounds. But later 6 great weapon attacks came from his blindspot (the flank), went through his protection ward, wounded him 3 times and slain the mighty King of Kings (and I just realized I forgot to do The Curse effect to the Ogre Bulls). Skragg and his unit reformed to face my 10 Archers. The Ogre Bulls went the other way, to flank-charge my main Archers unit. 

My General dead. Dang.. Now the Ogres were well in the lead.

Skragg's unit destroyed the 10 man Archers in front of them and overran into the woods. 

The Ogre Bulls flank-charged the Skeleton Archers, but their attempt to break the formation was denied by the Herald BSB. Great Weapons clashed and one Bull fell dead from the encounter. The last surviving Bull ran away.

The rest of the Ogres came closer, preparing themselves for combat in the next turn.

My 3rd Turn. Khatep casted High Level Righteous Smiting successfully but his 2nd spell, a Hex (-1 S and T) was dispelled. Archers and Ushabtis killed one Mournfang Cavalry and wounded the last guy in the Shooting Phase.

Tomb Guards charged to the flank of Skragg's unit. Boosted with Righteous Smiting, Frenzy and Hatred (I wished Settra was still around for WS7), they defeated their enemy and forced a Break Test with a huge -7 modifiers to Skragg's unit. Finally, a major breakthrough for my Tomb Kings were within my sight bwahahaha! My opponent took out his dice and rolled, failed (Wohoo!), then rerolled the test for having BSB ... Insane Courage!!! (WHAT??!!!?)

Now I'm dead.


The Ogre Tyrant and his Ironguts slammed into the Skeleton Warriors. Only the Champion survived the onslaught. On the right flank, the last Mournfang Cavalry charged my Archers, but was slain by the Herald BSB. 

It is not over yet!
At the centre, Bruiser BSB and Skragg defeated the Tomb Guards, causing them to lose their Frenzy.

In my Turn 4. Casket of Souls took out the last Leadbelcher with Unleashed Souls. Then Ushabtis and Archer wipedout the 4 man Ogre unit at the center with their arrows (Thanks to the Righteous Smiting).

The Combat Phase saw Hierotitan killed the lone Ogre Bull in front of it while the the Ogre Tyrant took out the Skeleton Warriors. Bruiser and Skragg continued their fight with the Tomb Guards.
Aaah.. Penat!
It was a long tiring game (3+ hours since we began) and I need to break my fast in about fifteen minutes, so we decided to end it here and started counting our Victory Points. The Ogres scored 1,076 points from kills while my Tomb Kings scored 1,046 points. A draw?! But the Ogres also managed to slay my General (100 points) and captured 2 Banners (25 points each). With that the Ogre Kingdom won a Solid Victory with 180 points.

Wow.. what a great game.

The redirection in the First Turn was a huge gamble that I lost. If the Chariots made it, they would have easily destroyed the Ogre Bulls and then reform and sweep the Ogres from the left flank. But I lost the gamble, along with my expensive General.

I need to have a proper look at my Tomb Kings Army Book again as I kept forgetting important stuffs like Khatep's rerolling ability (He failed twice!) and Ramhotep's amazing buffs.

My TK fought well despite losing their High King early on. We almost win but that Insane Courage! in the 3rd Turn was truly the lifesaver for the Ogres. Well done to my opponent. It was a very fun game.

That's all for today. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.



Aliff Azman said...

AWesome fantasy game! the size of those army are huge!

spunkybass said...

3k is nice!!! Good batrep for a hard-fought battle indeed. I like how the battlefield looks - painted models really help

Lord AK said...

Thanks bros. Yah.. painted minis memang cun and makes better pictures in batreps. Need to speed up my painting the Sigmarites!

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